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CloudWick Announces A General CDL Availability

In May 2018, CloudWick made it known publicly that they were going to allow the general availability of their CDL platform. This availability is to help analysts, security vendors and data scientists build and operate machine learning and advanced analytics algorithms.

The option to capture, store, process and analyze billions upon billions of packets, flows, events, logs and metadata with old technology is not feasible. The use of the CloudWick platform allows these fields to economically work with the SIEMs of today.

Co-Founder Speaks Of Announcement

The CDL co-founder of the company is Mark Schreiber. He spoke of the company’s work with Intel. They worked to define the necessary requirements of the new age SIEM. It needs to be able to effectively and efficiently support big data capabilities. These are crucial for advanced machine learning and advanced analytics vendors. This development took more than three years to accomplish.

What Is CloudWick CDL?

CDL is a platform used for big data security. It uses Hadoop, Apache, Spark, Solr and Hbase in order to deliver a security platform that is top in its class. It can offer options such as turning several 100 Gbps of word packets into HDFS, taking 10s of millions of data logs and flows and turning them to HDFS and the self-service ETL and parsing for NetFlow, packets and logs.

CloudWick Understands Need Of Engineers For Machine Learning

The company is well aware of the growing demand for machine learning engineers. They also see a rise in demand for analytical services. To help with this need, they have responded by expanding their team in order to efficiently handle this increase in demand. The CEO of the company said they had to initially train extra help internally to make up for the lack of experienced and trained resources in the field.

The company has offered ongoing predictive analytics and machine learning development programs. They are currently accepting applications for enrollment in their summer intern program. This internship was created to help computer science students after graduation. The program seeks to help those students specialize in machine learning and predictive analytics fields.


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