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Clayton Hutson Live Entertainment Music Producer

In a recent interview, Clay Hutson sat down with Stephen Callahan and shared what it takes to become a music producer and sound designer in today’s competitive music industry. It can be said that Clay Hutson goes beyond the regular activities of producing sounds for his gigs and works more on an aesthetic level of creative craftsmanship. Hutson tries to create something unique and beautiful for his clients and their fans. One of the driving influences of spending long days working for his musical clients is his desire to produce every show as an altogether different harmonious environment and as something fans experience with their whole being. There is so much that goes into a show. When and only when all the parts have come together does Clay Hutson signs off with his clients. He instinctively knows when it is time for the concert to kicks off and for the artist to walk on stage. It takes this kind of passion, dedication, and coordination to every gig for Clay Hutson to feel satisfied with his work.

Clay Hutson explained during his recent interview that the idea for his production company came after many years of practical performances and touring. Over the span of several years, Hutson gives credit to the invaluable experience he gained along the way to his successful career. It was because of these formative years that now allow him to dominate every aspect of the musical production of his shows. One of the companies he previously worked were experiencing financial hardships and acted as a signal for Hutson to break out on his own. His breakaway came at a time in which he felt well prepared to compete on his own and create a music space for himself as a music producer. While Hutson spends most of his time during a tour organizing the various parts of the multiple activities which need to be coordinated, he enjoys working with each member of his team. Hutson believes it is the people who surround you who help you carry out your vision for the tour which makes things possible. It is important to have a very hands-on relationship with his team from multiple details which need to be orchestrated before the tour begins with the final events and details which complete every tour date.


Clay Hutson


Hutson has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’ Roses and Garbage and One Republic. Clay Hutson will be managing the Halsey Tour thru various cities around the world: Las Vegas, London, Montreal, Indianapolis, Buenos Aires and Jakarta, among others. Learn more: http://www.g1limited.com/news.php?id=46

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