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Clayton Hutson is the invaluable Support that Halsey Needs on Her Tour

Clayton Hutson is quickly becoming a household name since he hit the big stage. On his part Halsey has learned on the job that maintaining her life as a star is a side job of its own; only this time, the job is not for income. She has relied on the support of her staff to cope with the fast lane life and demands from her fans and followers. In particular, Halsey has learned that acquiring high tech music equipment, a tour manager and supporting performance acts are all part of the necessary ingredients to achieve success. She thanks her luck for having met Clayton Hutson who is now his tour manager.



Halsey May be Bad at Love but Shines on the pop Scene



There is no doubt that Halsey whose real name is Nicolette Frangipane is a gifted musician. It is said that Halsey embodies popular contemporary music. She rose to stardom in a rather unusual way. Unlike other musicians, Halsey who says she was inspired by the music of such greats as AlanisMorisette, Tupac, Nirvana, and Coldplay started her journey to stardom by selling her music on social media. He luck came knocking at her door when she was signed by Astralwerks in 2014. She had her first heat that was among the top ten within a span of three years.



Touring the South



Halsey is set to embark on a tour of the South American region and Asia. Her tour, which will be under the management of Clayton Hutson is running under the Title of her recent album. According to the organizers, Halsey is set to arraign a host of female performers during her performances. Atlantic Records artist Kehlani will also be joining Halsey on the tour. Learn more: https://about.me/claytonhutson



Clayton is Up to the Task



Clayton Hutson says that being at the helm of such a huge is not a threat. He has been there before, he says. Clayton Hutson is sufficiently experienced. He has been a manager with reputable names including Gun N’Roses, Prince, Kelly Clarkson and Pink. Clayton Hutson also has experience in running a major business. He is slated to borrow from his business background in his new role as the World tour manager for Halsey

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