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Clay Hutson; Reshaping the Music Industry

Music is too big a world to succeed in alone. From getting the right tune to focusing on the right group or audience, it has become increasingly important for every musician irrespective of whether they are a novice or upcoming artists to hire a professional manager with high qualifications. One such professional is Clay Hutson, an individual who has shaped his artistic career around helping musicians in many ways including managing road tours and setting up the stage to deliver the best results possible. Hutson lives in Nashville, and he owns a company that services clients in different units of entertainment including stage management.


Hutson is an alumnus of the Central Michigan University. Also, he attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he began taking a keen interest in music and how to succeed in it. After school, he started venturing into music gigs with the hope of becoming a revolutionary music producer.


Over the years, he has worked behind the scenes while his work speaks volumes about his ability to incorporate various ideas into one successful venture. Besides, Hutson’s input in the industry can be felt through his past experiences as he has worked with different high-profile artists including Pink, Kelly Clarkson as well as Guns N’ Roses. In as much as he has accomplished a lot in his career, it is essential to highlight the beginning of his career.


Hutson began his career in the field of engineering where he worked in the sound engineering department. As the years went by, he started working in the tour producing department as a manager. His roles revolved around streamlining the music tours and making sure that they were successful. Perhaps that marked the peak of his career because after serving for a few companies, his name transformed into a major brand that supported many musicians as well. For instance, he was lucky enough to work with OneRepublic as the tour manager. While serving them, he adopted strong skills that helped him to manage the stage and give them the best representation on stage.


Hutson is majorly driven by his passion for helping people in the society. His willingness to elevate their lives by supporting their businesses is genuinely appreciated by some of the musicians who have made it big because of his impact on their career. With his input in their lives, they have gained more confidence as they perform on stage. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/clayton-hutson-1a2e

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