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Clay Hutson Biography

Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and a top-notch producer. He has worked with internationally recognized musicians. He owns a music business which he started after working for some musical firms. He had been forced into the entrepreneur world by the financial struggles of his last employer. Based on the experience he had gathered over the years, he began his own business. The idea worked out perfectly to his surprise.


Clayton’s services are high-end but economical at the same time. Hutson stands with his clients from step one to last. From making strategies, budgeting and implementing the strategies, his support is delightful. He provides all services required to make an event successful. His passion and ambition keep him moving. Client reviews about Clayton are satisfactory to mean that he is good at what he does.


When a famous musician hits the road, the reception of his tour by the masses is unpredictable. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the tour is received positively. That can be done through working with good support staff to give the star’s fans amazing live shows. Halsey just hit the road on her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour in support of her latest album. The pop musician is expected to visit Latin America and Asia in this tour.


Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is her birth name, but Halsey is her stage name. The pop star chose to work with Clayton Hutson in her tour. She chose him for his unshakeable supporting musical acts and his high tech modern musical equipment. He also can harness these elements to give a good show.


Halsey’s musical career started off on social media where she released her music. She came into the spotlight after signing with Astralwerks in 2014. She has risen in the music industry over four years hitting the top notch with the hit “Bad at Love.” Some artists will be joining her on stage on tour. Kehlani will swing in the Australia and New Zealand tour and Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony in Latin America. Jessie Reyez performs in North America and Niki in Asia.


Halsey believes that hiring the right manager, Clayton Hutson is a step towards giving her admirers just what they need. His work is impressionable. His experience of running a business makes it easy for him to run a touring team. Both Halsey and Hutson use the social media for their work to a great extent. Learn more: http://www.artistdirect.com/artist/clay-hutson/3218396

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