A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

China Orphan Adopted In Singapore

Keyaun is getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family. A couple from Singapore fell in love with him after they saw a documentary about children in China with disabilities. Keyaun was born with no ears. He has had a fascination with airplanes ever since he was young.

Keyaun grew up in foster care. He was heartbroken when he watched other children get adopted. He wondered if he would ever have a family of his own. Keyaun’s dream of having finally came true after he turned 8. Dr. Lim Poh Liah and Mr Yap Von Hing fell in love with Keyaun when they saw him on television.

The couple already had three children who were almost grown. They were looking forward to being empty-nesters. However, that changed when they saw the documentary about children with disabilities. Many of the children are abandoned because their parents cannot afford to take care of them.

Keyaun was abandoned when he was just a few days old. He was 7-years-old during the time that the documentary aired and was considered by many to be too old to adopt. Children in China are no longer eligible for adoption once they turn 14. In the documentary, Keyaun stated that even though he wanted to be a part of a real family, he was not going to rush it.

Dr. Lim was touched by Keyaun’s world. She and her husband decided to fly to Beijing to meet Keyaun. He was just as eager to meet the couple as they were to meet him. They kept in touch via letter for months. He was officially adopted on January 29, 2018.

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