Securus Technologies Successfully Tests Drone Detection System

It seems that prisoners inside their cells have also been using drones for their own purposes. There are reports indicating that some public officials were alarmed with recent developments showing that drones have also emerged as a threat at jails and prisons. Apparently, there are people who have been using drones to deliver illegal contraband to jail inmates. Thankfully, reports are also saying that Securus Technologies, a tech company based in Carrollton, has an answer that may stop this threat from growing. Securus has recently announced that it has successfully completed its pilot programs that are utilizing technology for drone detection. The aim of these programs is to deter contraband delivery to prison inmates.


Securus Technologies is a company that offers software solutions for public safety. Its representatives say that this recent development shows that drones are not only emerging as threats to public safety officials but to prisoners as well. People outside of prisons are now using them to deliver contraband such as drugs, cellphones, pornographic reading materials and many more illegal items to prisoners. A USA Today report indicated drones have been used in the last five years in attempting to deliver contraband to prison inmates in federal prisons. The same report also said that similar attempts were recorded in state facilities. Criminals are now realizing the potential of drones as tools in accomplishing their bad deeds, the report added.


The report also said that in March 2015, a Victorville, California high-security inmate recruited a person to sneak in two cell phones into the prison facility by using a drone. Apparently, a prisoner was able to retrieve the items since the drone delivery was not detected until five months later, the report added. In a separate press release, Securus Technologies reported that its staff has worked closely with its technology partners for 18 months to investigate what is required to design, install and deploy its pilot programs for drone detection. The tech company claimed that resources, investments and trials will eventually make improvements on the technology. They are satisfied with the results of their pilot programs and claimed that they were outstanding. Through these pilot programs, Securus Technologies were able to identify new methods and tactics of detection to enhance prison security, the press release added.


The use of drones to smuggle contraband to prisoners and jail inmates shows the high level of innovation and initiative that criminals are capable of in trying to trick the current security measures deployed in the country’s prison facilities. With Securus’ drone detection technology, this threat may be completely stopped. This system of detecting drones utilizes the infrastructure called DAS or digital antennae structure. It is similar to the Wireless Containment System designed by Securus Technologies. This company’s experience in serving the needs of the country’s prison system has helped them fine tune the development of drone detection technology.


The Ultimate Merger

Securus Technologies is a company that supports the penal system in the United States. They offer high-level voice chat services to their clients, who just so happen to be inmates currently living within the United States prison system. Regardless of their current status, Securus Technologies identifies these people as reliable and loyal customers, and they want to offer the highest level of service. The services include the best possible forms of technology, as well as the highest level of payment methods. In order to try to meet these new levels, Securus has decided to purchase another company, GovPayNet.


GovPayNet is a company that is well-known on the internet for its ability to accept multiple payments over the internet. Their flexibility is what caught the eye Securus Technologies, who plans on using this company in order to provide their customers with the ability to pay in multiple formats. This will no doubt make it much easier for Securus customers to make their payments on time, and to have peace of mind knowing that their payments will be sent through a reliable source. It is no telling when Securus Technologies is planning on utilizing GovpPayNet, but one thing is for sure, this is just another step in the right direction for the technology giant. When the merger does finally occur, Securus technologies will be able to offer their clients many different Avenues of payment options, something that other companies within the industry sorely lack.


For more information on the GovPayNet buyout, please follow the following link:


Creating A Safer World: Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the leaders in civil and criminal justice solutions. These solutions are very advanced in their actions, and they cover a wide range of industries. Here at Securus, we take safety and security to another level. This field of work is our actual forte. Preventing and solving crimes is what Securus is all about. Corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety all benefit from what we bring to the table. To simply state it, we serve over 3,450 institutions across the U.S. Yes, these are actual statistical figures that posses a solid reputable backing. On top of that, we connect and serve over 1.2 million inmates.


Securus Technologies is producing much better results than in the decades of the past. These technological solutions are efficient, are effective, and they are consistent. What does Securus actually do and who benefits from the services? Well, this question can be answered by saying that Securus provides services/products for investigations, incident management, emergency response, inmate self-service, public information and for many more sectors of business. This is safety service management for the 21st century. County jails and correctional facilities both benefit from our advancements. There is no organization that is too small, and there is no organization that is too big for us to deal with.


Time, patience, expertise and testing goes into the development of the products. For those who have invested in our products, you surely have received a great return on investment. The situation and the solution is rather simple. One of the best quotes of all-time states that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Just by reading between the lines, you’ll see that there is a method to the madness. In conclusion, Securus Technologies is the ultimate in inmate care, and it’s a stress reliever for law enforcement.


Securus Technologies Is A True Leader In Public Safety

There are many different reasons that Securus Technologies is an excellent company. They are the leader in public safety. When they work on technologies, they are dealing with the justice system too. They are staffed with professionals that are experts in what they do for a living.


They have many clients that are located all over the nation. They deal with facilities that house inmates. When they create a technology, it is made in order to keep the population there safer. Every week, they create more ways for this to happen, and their customers are raving about them.


When they receive documentation from their clients, they will write an article for the public to read. This way, people are able to see what the company does and how it helps the clients. At one time, Securus Technologies invited the people to visit them in TX. During that experience, the people were able to see what they were working on, and how it will be of benefit to the correctional facilities around the nation.


Looking to the future with Securus Technologies creating more and more technologies that will help in the public safety realm. With the high dedication of their workers and the abilities that they have, the public will benefit highly from their effective means of implementing new techniques.


How Richard Smith is determined to revolutionize Technology in the Corrections Industry

Rick A. Smith is an experienced expert in the telecommunication industry. He has been an administrator of various companies and is now the CEO of Securus Technologies. Smith was offered the position by the board of the company in June 2008 to replace, Richard Falcone. He is also the president of the telecommunication firm. Smith has a remarkable education background that has facilitated his success in the sector. He studied at the Buffalo’s State University of New York and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Other institutions that he attended are the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology where he was awarded and MBA and associate degree respectively.

Smith kicked off his profession in the telecommunication industry in March 1972. He has worked as an administrator in various companies. The first company that Rick served was known as Frontier Corp, and it was renamed Global Crossing. He performed well in all the offices that he held at the firm. Rick was appointed to act as the vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations, the chief information officer, the network plant operations director, and the president of Frontier Information Technologies. He served the company until 1998 when he was hired by Eschelon Telecom Inc. to be its chief financial officer. Smith held the position for a few months and was appointed as the COO in March 1999. He was later offered a quick promotion to be the firm’s CEO as from 2000. The telecommunication guru led the company until 2007 when he joined Securus Technologies. Eschelon Telecom and Integra Telecom treasure the service of Rick Smith and they have both appointed him to serve on their boards. Read more on

The competence of Rick Smith as an administrator can be seen at Securus Technologies. The company has made significant accomplishments during his tenure as the CEO. It has managed to establish various cutting edge technologies that have made it be regarded as among the top providers of communication solutions in the corrections sector. Smith believe in innovation and has assisted the firm to develop various products that cannot be matched by its competitors. Smith has acquired sufficient experience as an administrator for the past four decades that he has served the telecommunications sector.

Securus client base is in the United States and Canada. It has been hired by over 3450 law enforcement institutions that trust the state-of-the-art technology that it provides. The company has invested over $600 for the past three years in acquisitions, patents, and developing top-notch technologies. The products that the firm offers are used for a variety of purposes, and they include security, communication, logistics, biometric analysis, and many others. Rick Smith has been ensuring that Securus Technologies solves all needs of corrections industry. Read more on

Contact a Securus Technologies Representative To Get Started On Communicating With an Inmate Who May Be a Friend, Significant other, or Relative Today!

Securus Technologies is bringing the exciting world of innovative forms of technologies to your very own home. In such a situation, one may want to consider utilizing the program the has been designed by Securus Technologies to allow people to communicate with others even in the case one of the parties is currently in a state of incarceration.


Conducting appointments through visitation in which visitors go to the jail and present themselves to the front of the jail so that they can enter within an appointed time to talk with the inmate has been the traditional means of communicating with inmates. However, Securus Technologies enables those visitors to skip the process that is involved with visitation in which they were required to be physically present, which has also deemed to be quite lengthy and time consuming, by downloading its program so that they can chat in a Securus Technologies environment with those who they are wanting to keep in touch with and are unfortunately in jail.


Securus Technologies has not only brought a great world of technology and communications to our everyday citizens, it has also provided law enforcement officials with a tool that allows them to potentially use anything that is said in the videoconferencing sessions as evidence to begin investigations should anything about crimes be mentioned in them. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for individuals to ensure that they’re utilizing such a wonderful tool that is available for them to not only communicate, but to also solve crimes that may be a threat to one’s community. Securus Technologies has brought the world of innovation to your very own fingertips.