José Auriemo Neto: A Reliable Real Estate Investing Professional

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Academy of Art University Showcases New Talent at 21st Annual Fashion Show

When looking for the next generation of fashion and design inspiration there is no wonder why many people take notice of those participating in The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art fashion show. The most recent runway show occurred on September 9, 2017 and highlighted trends from designers from all nooks of the world. Some designers were as local as the east coast while others were from as far away as China. Skylight Clarkson Square hosted this elaborate event and showcased 2 menswear and 5 womenswear complete collections as well as two collaborations among these collections. This year marked the 21st runway show that presented recent BFA and MFA graduates. This fashion show is broadcast live stream for the world to see. In attendance to these fifteen minute presentations are career mentors as well as peers.


The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and previously known as the Academy of Art College. This top notch San Francisco based learning institution is a non-profit art school. The Academy of Art University has claims to be the largest privately owned art school within the US. There are currently over twelve thousand students enrolled and the expansive teaching staff includes over 280 full time teachers and a part time teaching staff comprised of nearly 1200 employees.

Students attending The Academy of Art University can earn an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s Degree. In addition to the roughly twenty five subjects taught there are also online courses available to students. In 2007 The Western Association of Schools and Colleges granted regional accreditation to The Academy of Art University. A little known fact about the university is that it houses and operates the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. This tourist attraction features over two hundred vintage automobiles that are some of the most valuable and rarest in the world.


Lime Crime & Its Pursuit To Greatness

Expansion is a big part of doing business, especially if the company has become a huge success. Yes, you can continue to serve your demographic and market, but there is plenty of untapped potential for growth in other regions. This notion just so happens to be the dilemma for what Lime Crime is facing. The company already has a huge audience here in the states, but if it wants to expand, the company will have to reach out across the globe. China has one of the biggest fashion markets on earth, but it is also the biggest counterfeit market. This has become a problem for all popular brands because consumers are purchasing replicas of lesser-quality.

Lime Crime decided to team up with another e-commerce company to get over the hump. When doing business in foreign markets, there are a number of issues that can arise. This includes taxes, managing duties, transportation logistics and customer inquiries. On top of that, there is a specific mandate that’s in effect for shipping cosmetics into China, which goes against Lime Crime’s policy. For wholesale shipping, the mandate states that any cosmetics that are being sold at wholesale-rates must be tested on animals. Since Lime Crime is certified vegan, this idea isn’t plausible. To by-pass this annoyance, Lime Crime partnered with Resolve, which is a Los Angeles e-commerce company. Resolve already had similar goals in mind and this combination helped to launch Lime Crime in China.

China just so happens to be the “knock-off” capital of the world and Lime Crime hasn’t been spared. Kim Walls, the company’s global general manager, stated that “over a million of the brand’s popular lip-topper had already been counterfeited.” With this mind, the dynamic duo had to do a bit of damage control via marketing. Lime Crime used Resolve’s immense e-commerce hub to bring in potential customers. This hub proved that this is the official products of the official brand and that anything else was surely a fake. Hopefully, Lime Crime’s approach will payoff in dividends as well as repeat customers.

Who Can Use Lime Crime’s Hair Dye Product Line

Do you ever feel as though you are a mystical creature? Are you always looking for new and trendy ways to step up your game? If so, LimeCrime carries a product line that will allow you, the shopper to find a color palette that is your personality instead of purchasing a product which you do not feel comfortable wearing.

Lets face it, if you are someone who loves to shop in the gothic appearing stores in your local mall, enjoy wearing makeup that most people do not like, you should check out the Lime Crime makeup line. The makeup line also is now producing hair dyes. The semi permanent hair dye can be used by all hair color choices but has been shown to show the best results in someone with darker hair.

If you want to go bold in hair color, the purple hue is an option to give a try to. If you want something that is even more bold, their green hair dye choice will leave your hair flowing by what looks like a mermaids tail.

The all over coverage is going to leave you feeling refreshed once it is completed. The rich, intense shades were not something that Doe Deere stumbled upon lightly. She wanted to let the women in the world have a bolder choice than most standard hair color choices. Not only that, the hair dye found in the stores will not last nearly as long as the product lines by Doe Deere.

The cost for your regular hair dye shades that wash out after a handful of times is close to the same price that you are going to pay for Doe Deere’s products. In order to release the new lines of hair products, Doe Deere had decided to make a statement on the Instagram social media site. They released the statement concerning the hair color options for brunettes however there is no one set color to avoid if you have a lighter shade of color.

Just because you might not be a brunette, does not mean that you are unable to use the Lime Crime hair product line of hair dye. The colors were just aimed to be used by most dark haired individuals.

How Fabletics has successfully taken over the Athleisure Wear Industry

Fabletics is a U.S-based company that is renowned for the outstanding athleisure wear that it retails. The brand was established in 2013 and has attracted more the one million loyal clients. It has secured a niche in e-commerce sector and is currently competing with industry giants such as Amazon and Athleta. The total income that the firm has earned in the past four years has accumulated to approximately $235 million. TechStyle’s marketing expert believes that the profitability of the company can be attributed to its dedication to giving clients customized products that match their taste. The administrators of the athleisure wear firm have capitalized on the remarks that they receive from consumer to develop products that can match the needs of the market. Most people often use the internet, and therefore, they search for reviews of products before deciding to acquire them. The public trusts consumer reviews since they provide true information about a commodity.


A large number of brands that have attained success in their respective industries have a section that allows clients to post their reviews on their websites. The opinions of the customers offer the company a competitive advantage since they inform other consumers about the true quality its commodities. The comments also allow businesses to know their mistakes and correct them. Firms that receive positive remarks from users of their products have a high customer loyalty ratio. The revenue of a business is also significantly affected by the way consumers perceive its products. Brands that get excellent remarks from their clients have good Google rating, and therefore, they are shown on the website’s first page when searched. An individual’s preference for a product is greatly influenced by its online ratings.


The outstanding customer care of Fabletics has enabled it to retain more than 85 percent of its consumers. It gets a large number of clients through referrals from people who have ever used its products. Customers control the profitability of a business, and therefore, brands that have developed healthy relationships with them are likely to experience tremendous growth. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of users on review websites. This shows that people always want to know about different products before they acquire them. Fabletics utilizes the opinions of its customers to improve the quality of athleisure wear that it provides.


Kate Hudson has played a great role in the administration of Fabletics. As the face of the company, she has been making sure that all the products meet the standards that are required in the market. Hudson has also assisted in developing excellent marketing strategies that boost the brand. She uploads short videos on social media and the firm’s website to inform consumers about the trendy athleisure wear that it offers. The businesswoman has also been assisting designers in generating ideas that enable them to customize products for their clients. Fabletics’ e-commerce venture has been successful, and it serves more than one million customers. It has also opened brick and mortar stores to help in increasing its sales.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking on the Giants of the Online Fashion Trade

It is little surprise that cornering a portion of the online fashion trade can be an uphill struggle. No sooner is the small startup open for business when the shadows of the established marketers overshadow the hope of profits. None of these giants is more prominent in the online market than the Amazon, whose sales account for over 20% of sales made online.


So, what’s the trick to beating the big business and making a valuable connection with a target audience?


Those looking for an answer to this very question should look at the stellar example being set by Kate Hudson and her line of fashionable sportswear “Fabletics”. With newly developed strategies and game plans this small startup has grown from nothing but a name to a $250 million-dollar operation in only a few short years.


How is this accomplished?


None of the success Fabletics has enjoyed would be possible without the foresight and skills of an intelligent marketing team. Flexibility and versatility are the only advantages the small nimble enterprise has against the lumbering market giants. The first notion they have fought is that of top-quality and high-fashion are only available with a debilitating price tag.


This approach is closely tied in to consumer interests in the modern market. The modern online consumer is prepared and searching to take advantage of brands that churn out fascinating designs and attractive styles for their fitness needs.


But, if the brand in question goes the extra mile to make the consumer more than just a source of commerce, than clients considers themselves especially lucky. This new approach to attracting a customer pools is exactly what the Fabletics line has been practicing and with tremendous results.


Fabletics and an innovative “Reverse Showrooming” approach


Showrooming a product is essential to gaining customer interest, but the client is smart. Designs found in an online showroom can be taken to a skilled tailor who can replicate a high-fashion design for a reduced cost than the original designers would charge.


This rather counterproductive habit has been addressed by Fabletics in an innovative “Reverse Showrooming” feature. Fabletics attracts a tight community of clients who have access to a showroom. Not only can a member obtain these fashionable sports garments at a bargain price, if they were to find an attractive design of style in any other showroom they are promised the same item from Fabletics at a reduced price.


Specialized Customer Service


Of course, intelligent showrooms are only part of their approach to shopping online. The Fabletics line of sportswear has also made a commitment to take special interest in their clients and convert them into friends and associates. This is accomplished by making fashion and fitness goals of the individual a point of interest from the company.


Those interested in making progress towards fitness can take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This is a short questionaire which will help the company understand their customer base better and introduces the member to a warm community of likeminded individuals.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Formula for Beating Amazon

If Amazon was to be worried each time a new competitor in the e-commerce women’s fashion nice came knocking, they would never get a moment’s peace. Even after hundreds of businesses have tried to take Amazon off the top spot, they are still pulling in a whopping 20 percent of all the e-commerce sales in the women’s apparel niche. Things may be changing however, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be gaining ground faster than anyone could have anticipated. Fabletics has already sold $250 million in high-quality women’s workout apparel, and they don’t appear to be losing any steam in those three years.


To get a better understanding on how the company has grown so fast in such a short period, we need to talk to Hudson about her athleisure brand to see what all the buzz is really about. Hudson says that although her line of active-wear is high-quality and appeals to the woman of today, the credit has to go to her unique membership plan and the reverse showrooming process.Looking at it from the point of view of the customer, these women will visit the Fabletics store at the mall to check out all the latest workout apparel releases. In this relaxed setting, these consumers are free to try on the merchandise, get their free membership, take a Lifestyle Quiz, or just window-shop for as long as they want. There is no pressure from any of the Fabletics sales associates to make a purchase, which enhances the overall experience.


What happens next is where the magic in this reverse showrooming process lies. These women leave the store without buying anything, but will eventually go to the Fabletics website to continue the shopping experience. As a Fabletics member, you will see all the pieces of apparel you tried on in that store waiting in your cart. Since these women know the size fits them perfectly, they add one item, choose another color, grab a new style, and a half-dozen pieces later will checkout. Instead of buying a piece or two at the mall, they feel more comfortable shopping from home or on their mobile devices, and not having to worry about the size means they can select on impulse.


Part of the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership also includes your own personal shopping assistant, discounted apparel pricing, as well as free shipping with online orders. Apparently Fablectis has really struck a nerve with women who want to buy the right pieces the first time, not have to return clothing time and time again to get the right fit. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics seems to have found a way to fill that void.