George Soros Among The Most Prominent Philanthropists In The World

The founder of the Open Society Foundation is one of the most prominent philanthropists in the world is George Soros who is also the founder and leader of the global corporation Soros Fund Management. George Soros support his Open Society Foundations mainly on his won donating his own money o the operations of organization which has allowed it to function well on its own without many investors.

In 2017, George Soros achieved an accumulative donation to Open Society Foundations that reaches more than 32 billion dollars. That put him in second place in terms of contributions made by a single person, only bested by the Bill Gates Foundation for now. The donations were never made public or covered by press much as George Soros has always been supporting the Open Society Foundations like this. The news was announced by the foundation only after the feat was accomplished.

The Open Society Foundations bare the name of the philosophical notion of an open society free of the burdens of discrimination, social injustice, segregation, and putting minorities on fringes of society. Instead, an open society is tolerant and embraces people no matter of their religion, race, sexual orientation, and so on. George Soros has been striving to create an open society and stir people in the right direction through his extensive philanthropy work. The Open Society Foundations support the LGBTI community, Europe’s Roma People, drug users, former sex workers, and their marginalized groups.

The concept of an open society has been near and dear to his heart since his college years at the London School of Economics. Given his childhood and upbringing of Jewish descent during the Nazi occupation of Budapest, Hungary, George Soros has a substantial understanding of intolerance, discrimination, and complete lack of justice. George Soros was introduced to the philosophical notion of an open society through a book by Karl Popper called The Open Society and its Enemies.

George Soros entered the world of philanthropy in 1979 by providing South Africans scholarships. Over the next decade, George Soros was also involved in the promotion of open exchange of ideas in what was then Communist Hungary. During that time George Soros established the prominent Central European University and continued to establish academies across Europe. In the early years of the 2000s, George Soros was one of the loudest supporters of same-sex marriage and worked towards promoting the administration of a law allowing same-sex marriage in Europe, the United States of America, and beyond.

Beyond supporting his Open Society Foundations, George Soo is also a donor of the European Council of Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, Global Witness, the Institute for New Economic Thinking and thousands of universities around the globe.

In terms of business, Geoge Soros is a legend in the world of investments. He opened his first hedge fund back in 1970 which is now called Soros Fund Management and has grown into a global corporation. George Soros is among the most successful investors in the history of the USA.

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Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. Since being founded in 2007 Talk Fusion has been a company built on innovation and new ideas. Its trail blazing video chat technology served as sure proof of the company’s potential. Though its video chat product was received very well Talk Fusion is always looking to improve upon itself.


Recently Bob Reina announced that the company has developed a new software that features WebRTC technology. The new technology is expected to drastically improve sophisticated real time communications. It’s a very real possibility that it may make computer program Live Meetings obsolete.


With this new product Talk Fusion proves once again that its competitors are a few steps behind. What separates the company from others in the industry is its willingness to embrace sophisticated modern technologies.


Reina is very confident in the firm’s new conferencing software. He believes no technology is up to par with WebRTC. In fact, Reina intends to add this new edition to every Talk Fusion application. Those who use the WebRTC software can access it through their browsers since it doesn’t require a separate download. Its convenience saves users a lot of time and they do not have to go through the painful hassle of installing Adobe Flash Player. Learn more:


About Bob Reina


Though Talk Fusion was officially founded in 2007, Bob Reina began working on building the company 3 years earlier. Eventually he and his longtime friend Jonathan Chen developed the company’s first product. A video email product that, while not groundbreaking, earned the company its first recognition. In just ten years time it has become a major player in the industry.


Though a very accomplished entrepreneur presently, Reina served as a policeman for several years. In 1990 he was introduced to network marketing and soon realized he had a natural affinity for selling things.

Talk Fusion’s Success With Video Chat Technology.

The video marketing world saw a huge change back in 2007 when CEO Bob Reina established the company Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has, for the past ten years, been a pioneer within an industry that has been growing by leaps and bounds every single year. The internet has fundamentally changed how we interact and it has changed how we do business. Reina understood the power of video early on and it helped him to get in early to set the tone for everyone to follow. After ten years of hard work Talk Fusion is finally getting the recognition that they deserve as a game changer within the industry.


This recognition initially came in 2016 when a company named Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC, awarded a slew of industry related awards to companies involved in video and marketing solutions. TMC has been offering these awards for years but they reserve them for companies that push the limits, expand horizons, and make something special happen within the industry. Rich Tehrani, the CEO at Technology Marketing Corporation said of Talk Fusion that they were: “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.”


Talk Fusion was recognized largely for their work on the Video Chat application. The advent of smart phones and the rise of mobile data plans has made it all the more important for people to be able to connect face to face via video conferencing. The Video Chat application is built on WebRTC technology and is available for download on all major platforms, including the Google Play Store as well as iTunes. The pride of Talk Fusion’s Video Chat application is in how effectively it utilizes cross-platform capabilities in order to connect anyone, anywhere. Learn more:


Bob Reina, the CEO at Talk Fusion, was excited upon hearing that they received the award. Reina said, “This is just the beginning.” He went on to mound praise atop his IT team as well as all of the people within the Talk Fusion family, including the important Talk Fusion associates who run the business.