Felipe Montoro Jens, Rio, The IFC, and PPPs

When it is all said and done, this project that is underway for Rio’s Child Education Network is no small one by any means. It takes groups of all different kinds of individuals to ensure the process is completed in a timely, safe, prosperous fashion.

The Public-Private Partnerships were created by Law No. 11,079 in the year 2004 and was signed in 2004. It established many guidelines for the Public Private Partnership within this public administration and in regard to the Child Education Network. Felipe Monotoro Jens explains this and more with regard to the parties involved and the development of the public administration as well as the private partners.

The IFC is paid to the tune of R $2.3 million and as explained by Felipe Montoro Jens,is working closely to ensure every level of construction is done in accordance to set goals. The International Finance Corporation, is in charge of the services through a Public-Private Partnership.

A partnership between the IFC and Public-Private partnerships in Rio de Janeiro is very important to the current administration. Child care, construction workers, as well as children, would benefit greatly from a successful partnership such as this. Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in this field and has closely monitored the current developments.

A study was created for Rio de Janeiro. In thought a way to fulfill needs in the current setup was to construct, maintain, and provide services to increase each particular child care network development. Step two to this expansive network was the 20,000 new places in day-care centers and 40,000 new places in pre-schools. The capital of Minas Gerais was even supported by the current mayor of Rio de Janeior Marcelo Crivella. The private sector created a project that involved the upgrading of the quality and quantity of child care places, and was completed in July 2012.

Troy McQuagge Uses His Success To Give Back Through HOPE

Over the course of his career, Troy McQuagge son has always dedicated time to giving back to the community and helping others who are in need. Working to give other people the help and options they need in order to live better lives is a noble cause for anyone’s life or business. Aside from the health insurance provided by Troy’s company, there are many more ways of helping people around the community. This is what inspired Troy to start the HOPE program, which is dedicated to helping people and communities far and wide. The HOPE Initiative has done a lot of good for people around the country today and it has vastly increased the awareness of Troy and USHEALTH Group.

Troy joined the USHEALTH Group back in 2010, and he has been working to build the company and instill HOPE’s core values into every part of it. Giving back and helping others has always been a big part of what Troy does through his success, but he wants it to be a part of the industry as a whole as well. The more corporations that are inspired by Troy’s HOPE initiative, the more goodwill can be spread around communities not just in the United States, but the entire world. Read this article:https://www.ushacareers.com/a-sense-of-peace/

Since starting up the HOPE program in 2010, Troy McQuagge has stayed true to his path and plans to keep pushing towards spreading his message through HOPE. Troy has said that HOPE was not started in order to create more sales or make the USHEALTH Group look good but to genuinely spread goodwill and help those in need. Looking into Troy’s career and past philanthropic projects, its safe to say Troy is a genuinely good man who wants to help others. This same principle has been instilled into the staff at USHEALTH Group. Many members at office locations around the country have even begun starting their own projects for impacting positive change in their communities. Today, HOPE has more branches dedicated to helping people in many ways, including HOPEKids Arizona, which aims to improve the lives of children that are facing disease and disabilities. Read more on prweb.com about Troy McQuagge Son




Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born and grew up in Russia. At age seventeen, Doe, officially decided to move and moved all the way to the United States. She lived in New York City for about fifteen years before moving and she now resides in Los Angeles, California. As she spent time in New York she went on and followed one of her dreams of becoming a musician. She joined a band while there and even met her husband who was also apart of the band. The two both wrote the music and learned to promote while working together. The music industry helped her grow and learn about the industry and marketing.


Deere began to appreciate all the support she was receiving and also grateful for the supporters and fans that came with being a musician. Her career in music is what inspired her to move forward towards the makeup industry. Even when Doe Deere was younger she had an entrepreneurial heart and mindset. While she was growing up in Russia, she had her first business at only thirteen years old. Her business pertained of her selling temporary tattoos, which she really enjoyed.


Also while in New York Doe Deere enrolled in FIT. She took up a major in fashion design. This is where her fashion background started from. Doe Deere always loved bright colors and colors that were very unique but she would always have trouble finding those sort of colors in the makeup lines. She then decided that she would start creating those colors herself instead of looking for them in other brands. To her surprise a lot of people loved the colors as well and it helped the company become very profitable.


Ever since starting her own makeup line in 2008, Lime Crime, Doe Deere has made much success. She was even named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Doe was inspired by her favorite color to go with the name ‘Lime Crime‘ because of it’s brightness. She has also says that the name, ‘Lime Crime’, stands for rules and breaking them in the makeup area while also not being scared to color out of the lines. She created the brand as a place to have fun with makeup and color while not taking yourself too seriously!


Doe Deere is an inspiration to many and she also helps to inspire those who are starting out or who are thinking about starting there own businesses one day! Learn more: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true

Malcolm Casselle Continues His Drive To Make The Online World Safer

The development of the Worldwide Asset eXchange is the latest part of the success achieved by technology expert Malcolm Casselle as he continues to push himself forward as one of the world’s leading experts in a range of different industrial sectors. As the CEO of WAX, Malcolm Casselle has developed a platform capable of providing a range of different services including an area dedicated to the trading and sale of items purchased Online for gaming purposes which often leave the purchaser with little option for resale. Bitcoin transactions will also form the basis of the work of Malcolm Casselle’s platform which hopes the continued development of Blockchain technology will result in a safe and secure way of trading items Online, and https://www.politico.com/media/story/2016/06/what-is-tronc-004625.

There can be few individuals capable of eliciting such a favorable response to the roles they have taken on over the course of their career as Malcolm Casselle, the MIT and Stanford graduate has already built a technology-based career making him one of the most impressive individuals in the tech industry. Unlike many of his fellow technology experts, Malcolm Casselle has also developed a strong head for business which was shown when the founder of NetNoir was given the role of leading Groupon as the Online coupon Site expanded into the eastern portion of China.

In his career, Malcolm Casselle has built a powerful reputation as a business leader capable of developing his personal success alongside that seen in his business career. As a private individual, Malcolm Casselle built his reputation by identifying some of the world’s best technology investments before they hit the mainstream including a decision to invest in Facebook long before the social media boom struck. As a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Japanese, Casselle has spent a large amount of his career living and working in Asia where he made a major splash as a key executive in the development of the Hong Kong-based telecom giant, PCCW as it became a publicly traded organization, and Twitter.com.

Troy McQuagge Strikes Gold in the 2016 One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, the President and Chief Executive of USHEALTH Group, claimed Gold in the prestigious 2016 One Planet Awards. The industrial recognition is given for the professional and business excellence he implemented in the firm as well as in the industry as a leading personality in insurance services. It should be noted that the Award program is a yearly event that recognizes every industry around the world. Interestingly, private and public institutions, non-profit groups, start-ups, and more can submit their nominations for the Award program. It should also be noted that McQuagge played the role of a game changer inside the firm since he joined the insurance group and led it to diversified product solutions that can ensure a mass appeal.

Troy McQuagge Son responded that he was extremely honored with the recognition from the coveted Award committee as it translates both peer recognition and industry leadership. He further added that every employee at USHEALTH Group contributed to this Award through their hard work, and it belonged to each one of them. It was also a recognition of the firm’s commitment to providing affordable health insurance solutions with greater coverage considering the growing healthcare needs of the consumers. One Planet Awards not only recognizes various industries, but it also recognizes each category of various industries including teams, executives, new products and services, Marketing, PR, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in insurance industry, primarily in the sales department. Considering the increased role of the department in insurance, McQuagge knows the priorities of the customer better. He joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Advisors, the marketing and sales wing of the firm. Immediately after joining the division, McQuagge restructured it to make it capable of addressing the challenges it faces in the highly competitive insurance industry. He introduced new training programs, support services, compensations programs, and more. McQuagge’s efforts paid well, and it helped USHEALTH Group to significantly expand in the market with innovative product solutions and personalized customer relationships.

His result-oriented strategy in USHEALTH Advisors helped him to be named as the Chief Executive of the Group in 2014. Since then, McQuagge is taking care of the growth vision of the firm along with the profitability of the Group and its subsidiaries. Under McQuagge, the company registered record sales and profit during the last three financial years. He started his career with Allstate Insurance in the year 1983 and continued there till 1995. Later, McQuagge joined UICI/Health Market and led the firm through a number of transitions that included acquisition, merging, and more. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. McQuagge also contributed and collaborated with many philanthropic groups including HopeKids Dallas, Semper Fi Fund, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, and more.

Learn more:https://www.ushacareers.com/the-k-is-for-kindness/


Brazil’s Economy Is Opening The Door For Foreign Investors According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Brazil is pulling out of an economic funk that gave investors indigestion and gave Brazilians a nightmare they couldn’t wake up from for over two years. But Brazil doesn’t give up. And according to executives like Bradesco Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the country will never give up. According to the Central Bank, Brazil’s business confidence is at the highest level in four years. And Brazil’s 2017 93.1 Getulio Vargas Foundation’s Economic Climate Index (ICE) level was the highest level in three years. In 2014, Brazil’s level was 95.7.

Businesses in Brazil are merger and acquisition targets these days, and investors are jumping on the bandwagon in the country’s tech industry. Brazilian banks are breaking profit records, and the top banks are in expansion mode. Unibanco is chasing the global market, and Bradesco is focusing on the digital market, according to Cappi. Cappi knows a thing or two about expansion. He was a bank trainee in 1969 and a bank CEO in 2009. And he never left Bradesco in the process. But Cappi finally hit the top of the banking mountain when long-time banker Lázaro de Mello Brandão decided to hang up his lending gloves and move on. Some bankers say Brandão and Cappi have similar banking styles, and there is some truth in that statement. Brandão got his start in banking in 1943 when Bradesco founder Amador Aguiar needed someone he could trust. When Amador Aguiar died in 1993, Brandão took over as Chairman of the Board.

Read more on valor.com.br

When Brandão needed someone he could trust, Cappi was the man Brandão wanted to work with. Cappi is not a finance man by formal education standards, but by banking standards, Cappi is a financial rock star. Brandão gave Cappi the CEO position in 2009, and Bradesco felt the power of this top executive team. Cappi surrounded himself with capable executives, and Brandão and the other directors kept Bradesco in the news by acquiring HSBC’s Brazilian offices, and by expanding the dollar amount of assets the bank has under management. Cappi was also part of the banking team that gave the bank the title of the second biggest bank in Brazil in terms of assets under management. Bradesco has more than $416 billion in assets under management.

Trabuco Cappi didn’t go to school to be a banker or an accountant. He was more interested in esoteric and human behavior courses at the University of Sao Paulo. Once he got his philosophy degree, Cappi had to have a degree in psychology, so he got one. All the Cappi’s psychology knowledge will be front and center as he picks a new bank CEO in February. The announcement won’t come until the annual bank meeting in March. But the buzz around bank headquarters is 58-year-old Domingos Figueiredo Abreu has a good chance of getting the job. But IT specialist Mauricio Machado de Minas is a hard man to overlook. He’s been with the bank for nine years, and he was instrumental in making the bank online friendly.

Cappi has a soft spot for the bank’s insurance division, Seguros. He was president of that division for six years. Octavio de Lazari is the current president and one of the top candidates for the CEO position. But investment executive Marcelo de Araujo Noronha is on the list, and he has the credentials to handle the job. So does operations vice-president Josué Augusto Pancini. Josué Augusto Pancini started his banking career with Bradesco in 1975. Fifty-nine-year-old André Rodrigues Cano is another solid candidate. Cano got his start in the banking industry in 1977. But many Bradesco branch employees think Alexandre da Silva Glüher will be the next CEO. Alexandre da Silva Glüher is responsible for putting the 2015, $5.1 billion HSBC deal together.

Search more about Luzi Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5194121/trabuco-apesar-das-incertezas-investidores-acreditam-no-pais

Dumping Apple And Facebook Stock Then $18 Billion Cash

Dumping Apple And Facebook Stock

The last time George Soros made a huge impact in the financial markets, he bought gold. Today, he sells full shares of some of the largest businesses around. It’s no surprise that George Soros would have and own stock in Apple or Facebook. Facebook is a billion dollar brand that’s made others rich, and learn more about George Soros.

Apple is an electronics and computer manufacturer who continues to set the stage for its market and innovates the technology standards we live by. Each company offers a great deal to investors. Yet as time winds down and the philanthropic work of George Soros comes to an end, money will be needed.


This money is what George Soros is investing in other places.

Our recent headlines of $18 billion donated to the Open Society Foundations was an act of George Soros that follows a clear trend. The chips on are the table, and the major work of George is coming to an end.


No One Can Ever Tell The Mind Of George

It’s difficult to truly predict where George’s actions stem from.

There’s likely financial data he has that hasn’t been released. It’s likely that no one else has this data. George Soros was seen as brilliant his entire financial career. He’s known for making financial moves that no one gets at first. The results, however, are more billions to his name, family and legacy, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


Big Moves In Recent Weeks

Part of the trending behavior we see with the trades of George Soros begins with a huge announcement that George lost tremendous wealth because of President Donald Trump, and that George then invested largely in gold. The purchase of gold is used as protection in the financial world.

That large stake in gold, by George Soros, offers him protection as he donates $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. This large donation amounted to what was roughly 80 percent of George’s personal wealth. The actions, along with dumping Facebook and Apple stock, reveal a great deal.


Why The Numbers Actually Matter

There’s a big position being taken by George Soros, and no one will know until he’s made money from it. The financial taxes of the richest in America are tracked but are only required by law when profits are made. Until we see the financial results he earns, we’ll never know the entire plan of Mr. Soros.

Insightful Facts about Doe Deere

Doe Deere has attained a lot of success in her life and proved to people that every individual could succeed regardless of their color and background. She is currently reaping big from the launch of her successful cosmetic brand Lime Crime. She has in the past years served as a great inspiration to many people, mainly due to the successes she has achieved at a young age. Doe has always been ambitious and determines towards delivering the best in her career, and her commitment has led to her to wherever she is now.

The founder and Ceo of Lime Crime started her career from a humble background, and she has always served as an example to many youths in the modern world. The young investor encourages other individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs not to give up on their dreams but instead put their best towards achieving them. She believes that everyone is capable of attaining all their set goals as long as they set plans and unique strategies to guide them through their journey to success. Through the launch of her cosmetic line, the renowned entrepreneur believes that every individual has her sense of style and should not be afraid to confidently walk with it as long as they are comfortable and happy for themselves.

Doe launched the cosmetic brand in 2008 at the beginning of Halloween. She strives to find the perfect cosmetics to fit her skin color is the primary reason she started the name, which could later serve a great deal to many people. The firm then introduced a broad range of lipsticks with magical colors that saw a significant number of individuals opt to use them. Her development of a Unicorn all product mind also marked her most notable success in her career, which has been a source of a great inspiration to her and other young individuals with a plan to venture into the field of entrepreneurship.

Besides, Doe is ambitious and kind-hearted. She always gives room to everyone with a dream to establish their firms and serves as a source of encouragement to many individuals all over the world. Her successes are a great inspiration to many people around the globe and the entire parts of the United States. Though she started from a humble background, Die has proved to people that success is always meant for everyone who puts their best towards accomplishing their set goals. Learn more: http://norcal.news/news/23849-doe-deere-helping-cats-need-through-makeup

Do Deere’s Incredible Insight on Finding Your Business Niche

While starting a business can be difficult, it rewards. Before you start a business, you need to consider a few essential factors. For example, your passion, business plans, and capital can help keep your idea alive. Modeling your enterprise after a successful entrepreneur can help you propel your venture in the right direction. Do Deere, is a successful entrepreneur whose business model has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs to follow her footsteps.


About Do Deere


Do Deere is passionate about makeup world and has turned it into a cosmetic line. Over time, her venture has gained popularity. In fact, Do Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics brand of cruelty-free and bright hues products has helped her step into the spotlight. Her lines of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes are beautiful and colorful. Since starting her business in 2014, it has grown exponentially. Do Deere’s ideas and passion are an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs.


According to Do Deere, business ideas are drawn from one’s passion. Only a few businesses haven’t come from passion. Your passion will help you bring your business idea to the market. Driven by her passion for mixing passions with business ideas, Do Deere’s cosmetic line has become popular recently. Seek assistance from Entrepreneur.com if you want to turn your passion into a business venture. Notably, passions are not always good business ideas. Therefore, it’s important to look into the market trends to determine whether your passion is ideal for a new business or not.


The process of planning your business details begins with laying down your passion. You need a business plan at the initial startup of a business. That helps avail everything needed before taking your next step. A business plan will not only help you in keeping everything in order, but ease the process of financing. Banks and loan issuers often look at your business plan to determine whether they can invest in your business or not. However, you need to consider a few factors before finishing up your business plan. Note that the initial startup requires determination, time, and resources. If you are not determined to toil, spend hours working for little or no pay, or spend your savings, then you are not set to launch a business plan. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/about/


Who Is Shiraz Boghani In Hospitality?

Shiraz Boghani is an accountant and the current CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group. He is an accountant with a lot of experience and knowledge that inspires most of the young people not only in the UK but also in all parts of the globe. Shiraz Boghani has secrets that help him to succeed in every organization he serves. For instance, Splendid Hospitality group has thrived because of his continuous efforts that come about as a result of the following secrets.

Shiraz Boghani’s Educational Background

Shiraz Boghani is an internationally certified accountant who has the highest quality skills in running any organization. He left Kenya in 1969 for the U.K to have advanced training in his career of accounting. He then learned to account and practiced its principles at Chartered Accountant Firm before later joined Thomson McClintock where he sharpened his innovation skills.

What Experience does Shiraz Boghani have in Accounting?

Shiraz Boghani has a great deal of adventure into the field of business as well as management. He is currently the chairman of Splendid hospitality Group in which he won the Asian Business Award in 2016 being the best hotelier of the year. However, Shiraz Boghani did not just start winning awards last year; he has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Being the most dynamic entrepreneur, he owns more than 19 hotels which he also manages successfully.

The Achievements of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani had had great success in his accounting career since 1990 when he (together with some few people) founded service branded hotels in London. He also launched and developed a £121 million Hilton Hotel in London. He supports the Aga Khan Foundation both in spirit and in material funds. In 1985, he became a founding partner of the Sussex Health Care Foundation that assists the needy in the society. The Sussex Health Care organization also helps in caring for the elderly and the disabled by providing both in-home and out of home services. Shiraz Boghani has not only a human heart to care for the needy in the society but also the desire to uplift the living standards of people in London, UK and the world at large. Through the support from Shiraz Boghani, Sussex has grown to a point where it serves more than 18 care home, and it also has the capacity of over 300 beds. The renowned entrepreneur, accountant, and CEO have even lifted the Splendid Hospitality Group to the level in which it currently has its counterpart, the Sojourn Hotel LLP in London.

Shiraz Boghani will ultimately provide solutions to any hospitality related issues both in and out of London.

See: https://www.thediscdirectory.co.uk/se/gu/horsham/healthcare/careorganisations/dr-shafik-sachedina-and-shiraz-boghani-8977372.html