Real Estate Academy Entrepreneur Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor who helps others gain financial wealth by teaching classes on how to buy, renovate and sell property, which is also known as flipping houses. Through his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, people who are new to the world of real estate investing get the opportunity to learn how to grow and maintain wealth in that industry without having to put any of their cash down initially. The school was established in 2013, and has since become one of the most popular instructional programs when it comes to investing.

In addition to having the academy, Nick Vertucci also runs 3 to 4-day seminars all over the country. These seminars are called Fortunes in Flipping, and he also offers individual mentoring programs and online tutorials. His extensive knowledge about property investment and development came about after he attended a 3-day real estate workshop years ago and spent 10 years learning about the business. He’d decided to receive training in this area because of the fact that he’d lost his job selling computer components after the Internet crash in the early part of the 21st century.

After being homeless for a while, and living out of his van, the married father of 3 knew that he would have to come up with another way to take care of his family, so although he wasn’t that interested in being a part of the real estate industry at first, he began to see just how lucrative investing in it could be. He went on to start the Irvine, California based Nick Vertucci Company, and to later host a radio show called Real Estate Investing Hour, which airs on KFWB News Talk 180. The successful entrepreneur and property investment educator and adviser currently lives in Orange, California with his family.

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Business & Philanthropy: The Work of James Dondero

Chairman, President, Co-founder, philanthropist, these titles all belong to Dallas businessman James Dondero. Throughout his thirty-four year career in the finance industry, Mr. Dondero has worked from the bottom to the top while continuously giving back to the community. After graduating from the University of Virginia with honors and dual degrees in accounting and finance, Mr. Dondero worked as an analyst for the JP Morgan training program. Following this invaluable experience, he was hired by American Express as a corporate bond analyst and then a portfolio manager. From 1989 to 1993, Mr. Dondero helped lead Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary as its Chief Investment Officer, and took the company from its initial ideas into a $2 billion business. It was after this experience that James Dondero started Highland Capital. Today, Highland Capital is a leading global investment advisor for alternative credit management with approximately $13.9 billion of assets overseen by the company. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

As the President of Highland Capital, James Dondero has led the company to be both profitable and charitable. Highland Capital’s philanthropy has consisted of donations to a variety of groups and causes, such as the Dallas Zoo, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. On multiple occasions, Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital have awarded a $1 Million Challenge Grant to various nonprofits that serve those in need throughout the Dallas area. In 2014, Highland awarded the grant to Snowball Express, an organization that provides help to the children of America’s fallen soldiers. With this grant, Highland Capital announced that it would match donations up to $1 million made to Snowball Express over a period of time. Two years later, Highland Capital again announced that for six months it would be providing a $1 Million Challenge Grant to the Family Place, a Dallas organization that supports the victims of family violence. Follow James on Linkedin.

Through the grant, Highland Capital confirmed it would match 50% of all donations made to the Family Place for up to $1 million. Philanthropic efforts such as these and his financial successes show that James Dondero deserves the many titles he holds.


Troy McQuagge Strikes Gold in the 2016 One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, the President and Chief Executive of USHEALTH Group, claimed Gold in the prestigious 2016 One Planet Awards. The industrial recognition is given for the professional and business excellence he implemented in the firm as well as in the industry as a leading personality in insurance services. It should be noted that the Award program is a yearly event that recognizes every industry around the world. Interestingly, private and public institutions, non-profit groups, start-ups, and more can submit their nominations for the Award program. It should also be noted that McQuagge played the role of a game changer inside the firm since he joined the insurance group and led it to diversified product solutions that can ensure a mass appeal.

Troy McQuagge Son responded that he was extremely honored with the recognition from the coveted Award committee as it translates both peer recognition and industry leadership. He further added that every employee at USHEALTH Group contributed to this Award through their hard work, and it belonged to each one of them. It was also a recognition of the firm’s commitment to providing affordable health insurance solutions with greater coverage considering the growing healthcare needs of the consumers. One Planet Awards not only recognizes various industries, but it also recognizes each category of various industries including teams, executives, new products and services, Marketing, PR, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in insurance industry, primarily in the sales department. Considering the increased role of the department in insurance, McQuagge knows the priorities of the customer better. He joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Advisors, the marketing and sales wing of the firm. Immediately after joining the division, McQuagge restructured it to make it capable of addressing the challenges it faces in the highly competitive insurance industry. He introduced new training programs, support services, compensations programs, and more. McQuagge’s efforts paid well, and it helped USHEALTH Group to significantly expand in the market with innovative product solutions and personalized customer relationships.

His result-oriented strategy in USHEALTH Advisors helped him to be named as the Chief Executive of the Group in 2014. Since then, McQuagge is taking care of the growth vision of the firm along with the profitability of the Group and its subsidiaries. Under McQuagge, the company registered record sales and profit during the last three financial years. He started his career with Allstate Insurance in the year 1983 and continued there till 1995. Later, McQuagge joined UICI/Health Market and led the firm through a number of transitions that included acquisition, merging, and more. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. McQuagge also contributed and collaborated with many philanthropic groups including HopeKids Dallas, Semper Fi Fund, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, and more.

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Daniel Taub on the Importance of Having Faith

Daniel Taub has worked very hard as an ambassador. One thing that he has accomplished is building bridges between two nations. He has built a bridge between the United Kingdom and Israel. This has been a very important achievement to Daniel Taub. He talks about it. During his interview, he talks about the importance of having faith. People with faith in their lives can accomplish a lot of great things. Daniel attributes his success to his faith. This has resulted in a lot of achievements that he can look back proudly on. One thing that he likes about his achievement is that he feels that he has helped the United Kingdom and Israel in a very crucial way.


Daniel Taub has worked hard on the conflicts in the Middle East. He has seen that there is a very dark situation that is happening there. One thing that he has said about the conflict in the middle east is that while the situation is very bleak, there might be some kind of hope lying in the midst of the conflict. He describes this hope as not quite a silver lining, but some kind of opportunity that can move forward if the key parties are able to think carefully about how to move forward.


One thing that can cause concern in people is that Iran could bring about nuclear capabilities. However, there is always hope that things are going to be worked out in the best as long as the right types of action is taken. Daniel Taub is one person who does keep a positive attitude. At the same time, he urges people to be cautious with a few things. Daniel has served as an ambassador with a lot of examples that the next ambassador is to follow in order to keep the progress going.


Daniel Taub has one characteristic that he believes makes him effective as a diplomat. This characteristic is curiosity. He understands that taking a genuine interest in the lives of others is one of the crucial steps in making a difference. When people are really interested, then they are more likely to hear the store and find a solution. Learn more:



George Soros Gives Big to Open Society Foundations

For years there has been a leader in progressive politics just waiting to emerge on the national stage. His name is George Soros. Soros is a Hungarian born investor who lives in New York and has been one of the loudest voices in progressive politics since the election of Donald Trump to the White House. George Soros is well known for a variety of different reasons including his philanthropic endeavors through the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations was founded over 30 years ago and it is the philanthropic arm of Soros’ life’s work. In fact, the main reason Soros’ is in the headlines in recent weeks is due in large part to his massive donations to the charity and his efforts to make a difference on a global scale through the foundation.

George Soros is a man who has lived more in one life than five men will live combined. He was born and raised in Hungary and he lived there until the Nazi occupation began in earnest. During the 1944 Nazi occupation, George Soros would see just how damaging branded, incensed, and violent nationalism could become. More than 500,000 Hungarian born Jews were killed during this occupation and Soros’ and his family saw many of their own friends and families killed. We say this in order to lay a foundation for why George Soros believes the things he believes. Soros and his family would emigrate to London and there Soros would attend to his studies, learning about Karl Popper and the Open Society.

Since the Open Society Foundations was founded, the charitable foundation has given away billions of dollars to fight back against oppressive governments, to fight for social change, and to help in the wake of crisis and natural disasters. Soros and the OSF were active during the 2014 ebola outbreak, they were active in fighting on behalf of African’s beholden to Apartheid-era policies, and they have been particularly active in the United States of America fighting for marriage equality. Now, George Soros is in the headlines after it was revealed during financial disclosures that he had donated an incredible $18 BILLION to the Open Society Foundation charity fund. Soros didn’t give all of that money at once and instead, he has been slowly feeding it to his fund over the past couple of years.

An inciting factor in Soros  jump to massive donations now sits in the White House and his name is Donald Trump.The decision to give such massive donations to the Open Society Foundation started in November of 2016. In the wake of Trump’s election to the White House, Soros knew he had to be a leader. Soros said, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here.” Soros was, of course, speaking to the rise of violent hate-crimes that began sweeping the nation during the rise of Donald Trump. Soros wanted his donations to the OSF to be a table-setter for real change within the nation and he wanted to be one of the leaders along the path.

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Omar Boraie Keeps Making New Brunswick Better

In addition to the apartment complex the Philly Purge talked about, Omar Boraie has also done a lot to change the outlook for New Brunswick by making the city something that’s more enjoyable for the people who live there. He wanted to show others they would be able to make things better on their own just like he did when he was working toward a better future for the city. Omar Boraie knew a lot about developing so he knew he could bring that expertise to the city of New Brunswick. While he was working on this, he was also doing things in the community.

By staying active and involved in the New Brunswick community, Omar Boraie is doing a lot to make a name for him. This was part of the reason why he was able to show others the right type of changes the city needed. He knew there were many things people could take away from what he was offering so he chose to give it to them so they could enjoy everything there was in the city. It was part of who Omar Boraie was as a person so he could make a better life for the people of New Brunswick.

Even though many people haven’t had a chance to experience the beauty of New Brunswick, has had to make some changes to the things that are going on in the city. In fact, he has done what he can to show others the right way to make a decision while they are working toward a better outlook on their own. For Omar Boraie to do this he had to show people what they would need and how the city could be improved thanks to the buildings he was going to create.

Luxury wasn’t a terrible idea for New Brunswick. In fact, it was just what the city needed. Since put the luxury development in the city, it has continued to grow. There have been changes to the poverty status and to the crime rates in the city because of the development. In addition to that, Omar Boraie was able to show people what they could do to try new things in their city. They were able to do the best job possible thanks to the options Omar Boraie had to offer them while they were working toward a better and brighter future for the city.

Who Is Shiraz Boghani In Hospitality?

Shiraz Boghani is an accountant and the current CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group. He is an accountant with a lot of experience and knowledge that inspires most of the young people not only in the UK but also in all parts of the globe. Shiraz Boghani has secrets that help him to succeed in every organization he serves. For instance, Splendid Hospitality group has thrived because of his continuous efforts that come about as a result of the following secrets.

Shiraz Boghani’s Educational Background

Shiraz Boghani is an internationally certified accountant who has the highest quality skills in running any organization. He left Kenya in 1969 for the U.K to have advanced training in his career of accounting. He then learned to account and practiced its principles at Chartered Accountant Firm before later joined Thomson McClintock where he sharpened his innovation skills.

What Experience does Shiraz Boghani have in Accounting?

Shiraz Boghani has a great deal of adventure into the field of business as well as management. He is currently the chairman of Splendid hospitality Group in which he won the Asian Business Award in 2016 being the best hotelier of the year. However, Shiraz Boghani did not just start winning awards last year; he has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Being the most dynamic entrepreneur, he owns more than 19 hotels which he also manages successfully.

The Achievements of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani had had great success in his accounting career since 1990 when he (together with some few people) founded service branded hotels in London. He also launched and developed a £121 million Hilton Hotel in London. He supports the Aga Khan Foundation both in spirit and in material funds. In 1985, he became a founding partner of the Sussex Health Care Foundation that assists the needy in the society. The Sussex Health Care organization also helps in caring for the elderly and the disabled by providing both in-home and out of home services. Shiraz Boghani has not only a human heart to care for the needy in the society but also the desire to uplift the living standards of people in London, UK and the world at large. Through the support from Shiraz Boghani, Sussex has grown to a point where it serves more than 18 care home, and it also has the capacity of over 300 beds. The renowned entrepreneur, accountant, and CEO have even lifted the Splendid Hospitality Group to the level in which it currently has its counterpart, the Sojourn Hotel LLP in London.

Shiraz Boghani will ultimately provide solutions to any hospitality related issues both in and out of London.



New show

Norman Lear has decided to host a weekly show. Lear is a World War II veteran, producer, creator, director and above all, the legendary of sitcoms. The new show is about offering listeners a blend of many aspects. The show incorporates family, events, music, politics and social matters. Lear has a special coverage of politicians and celebrities and ordinary citizens as well.Norman Lear is joined every week by his long time friend, Paul Hipp. They have worked together in the media industry. Hipp is an actor and composer who has become close to Lear over the years. Among the first guests in the show were Jerrod Carmichael, Amy Poehler, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Learn more:

Norman Lear got the privilege to host Norman Pattiz. This opportunity was great for Lear because Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. Pattiz was also excited to be on Lear’s show. He confessed about admiring Lear form a long time. Having Lear’s show in PodcastOne was an amazing experience.


Norman Pattiz inspiration for PodcastOne is interesting. He conducted some research that proved effective in podcast advertising. This new idea was an advancement in marketing strategies. After the results were out, the research findings showed that podcast advertising has a major impact on brand popularity. These results were solid, considering five primary brands participated in the study.

Apart from establishing PodcastOne, Pattiz is also a founder of Westwood One. It is a media house that also excelled in the broadcast industry. Playing popular music and bringing shows led to the success of the media house. After PodcastOne was introduced, Pattiz took a different direction. He preferred airing on-demand shows. This approach was more guaranteeing because it delivered what the audiences needed.

Other achievements are being appointed a board of governor in broadcasting. During his service to this board, Pattiz launched Arabic languages in televisions and radios of Middle East. Each week had more than forty million audiences. Outside the broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz has served as a council member in Foreign Relations Council and International Relations.Norman Pattiz is a good example of expressing what passion is. He pursued his desire to venture into the media industry. Right now, Pattiz has over forty years of a wealth of experience in media. He believes in creativity and innovation. Podcast advertising, on-demand shows, and numerous other ideas have made Pattiz stand out from other competitors. By pursuing his passion, Pattiz has lived a fulfilling career life. He has even created time to serve in other fields. Learn more:

Richard Blair Plans For Financial Futures

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is part of an investment firm that helps people plan for financial wealth and retirement. Even though Richard Blair and the investment firm cater to each client individually, all plans follow the same three basic pillars. The first is targeted toward figuring out a financial roadmap for the client. This is kind of like a plan that the client should follow for the rest of their life. The second pillar looks for the clients financial goals and helps them decide where to invest without losing money in periods of negative growth. This step is important because it helps individuals as well as businesses envision there own futures. The last pillar aims to help clients develop achievable long term goals and strategies. If they didn’t come up with actual plans then the goals would just be dreams with no real ways to achieve them. Learn more:


The investment firm, Wealth Solutions, works with big companies as well as small families and individuals. The firm is based in Austin, Texas but works with people all across the country. Wealth Solutions was initially founded by Richard Blair because of the passion he has for the financial industry. The main goal for Wealth Solutions is to be able to provide families and businesses with money for heirs to inherit. It’s unfair and tragic when something happens to a family member or business owner and relatives or business partners are left to handle things by themselves without any sort of financial help or support. Learn more:


Richard Blair has been in the financial industry for many years now. He has first hand experience on ways to avoid financial disaster as well as ways to receive financial freedom. Richard Blair knows that the financial market is always changing so his pillars for finance frequently change as well. He caters to the markets around him as well as each client. Blair knows that each individual will have their own goals and desires so each plan is tailored to meet those specific needs. The services he offer are not only proffesional but they are personalized as well. Learn more:


Alexandre Gama: The Creative Intellect

Alexandre Gama is creative head and executive of his very own company Neogama. The advertising agency was founded and established in 1999 by Alexandre Gama himself. The company has received many awards over the years, including winning a Lion from the Cannes Festival in only their first year of operation. Alexandre Gama has received numerous awards for his work, many of which stem from the degrees he received in communications and advertising.

The first job Gama held after graduation was as a Creative Director and Copywriter. Here he was awarded the title best copywriter of his generation. This is what motivated him to pursue his work in advertising. Alexandre Gama was recognized as one of seven most important businessmen in Brazil. That very same year, he was also awarded Agency Director of The Year. Some of his other awards include being recognized as one of the top three advertisers in Brazil as well as being named one of the ten most influential leaders in communication and advertising. Alexandre Gama was also given the title Company of The Year for the work his agency played in the Johnnie Walker campaign.

Neogama has also won many awards as a business entity. The agency was named Agency of The Year in 2002 and is the only company ever to win two Lions from the Cannes Festival in a single year. Alexandre Gama has partnered up his company with BBH and Publicis Groupe in previous years but he currently serves as sole proprietor and operator of the agency.

In addition to Alexandre Gama’s contributions to the advertising industry, he has successfully immersed himself into other creatives fields. He has had his own artwork displayed at the Brazilian Art Museum and is responsible for the creation of a one of a kind music project called VIOLAB.