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Casey Cagle Pushes Tear-Jerking Ad For Governors

Casey Cagle has been the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia since January 8, 2007, a position that holds the primary responsibility of overseeing Georgia’s state Senate operations, just like how the House of Representatives’ Speaker is in line – well, second in line, behind the Vice President – to take over for the President of the United States if, for whatever reason, he can’t reasonably or reliably serve the nation.

Seeing as Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s tenure will come to an end in less than a year – in January 2019 – candidates for the position of Georgia’s Governor are gearing up to run for election.

According to state political experts, Republican Casey Cagle is likely in first place for the Greater Opposition Party’s sturdy platform for winning its primary election.

What’s noteworthy is a new advertisement put out by Cagle’s camp, which – save the details – informs viewers of the television commercial that he has put his best foot forward in hopes of passing the Strengthening Families Act, which, if made into law, would give parents the ability to transfer guardianship of their child or children over to a loved one or another close person for up to one calendar year.

The most notable part?

Government officials responsible for tracking and overseeing adoption don’t have to be told about such a transfer of child guardianship until after that year is up – this is the basic premise of the Strengthening Families Act that Casey Cagle is seemingly fighting so hard to push on consumers.

The commercial that’s been aired all over television is intended to quite literally jerk tears’ from viewers faces, as the small child cries, holds her teddy bears as tightly as humanly possible, and emptily looking out the window to a dreary landscape that’s full of rain, dark clouds, and thunder.

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle’s ad mentions that mothers who need time away for terrible ailments or need help with substance abuse are likely the prime candidates for what the bill could offer.

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