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Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman who has worked extremely hard in her life and especially being a woman, where it can be tougher to advance and strive in the business field. According to her page on Wikipedia, she was born in Ohio and has two brothers. McGalla attended Mount Union College, where she pursued and obtained a Bachelors in business and marketing. Susan McGalla had to work her way up where she worked for other companies in marketing and manager positions before becoming the president of American Eagle Outfitters. She currently is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the popular NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers, where she is from. An article by prnewswire.com gives some insight into McGalla’s career and some advice to other women in business. McGalla comments that she is excited for the change in professionalism among women and states it as an “evolution.” The founder of P3 Executive Consulting talks about her upbringing growing up with her two brothers and a father who was strict with her as a football coach. Susan McGalla is humble and proud of her upbringing as it taught her to work diligently and to have confidence in the workplace. When she worked with American Outfitters, it was heavily male-dominated with no women in high positions, although, she changed that by working for the company and moved up to become the president. Now McGalla works as a consultant and never looked at being a woman as a downside as is portrayed in the world.

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