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Boraie Development Has Had The Honor Of Working With One Of The NBA’s Most Decorated Legends

Boraie Development has had people following them and getting involved in their work not just from the public sector or corporate housing professionals, but also from celebrities and former sports stars like Shaquille O’Neal. After so many years of dominating the NBA with news, O’Neal has become a commentator on TV as well as a new community activist for Newark. He got involved with an initiative to reconstruct some neighborhoods in Newark and turn them into high-value places that are safe for families and young children. The city has an important place for O’Neal because he attended the Boys and Girls clubs there which he says kept him away from dangerous criminal activities and led to his becoming a basketball star, even though he didn’t officially play on a team till later.

Well before Shaq got involved with their projects, Boraie Development established themselves as a big real estate development company in Middlesex County, NJ and has worked closely with both public officials, private financing firms and various contractors. Omar Boraie is the founder of the company though it wasn’t real estate that initially brought him to New Jersey. He was studying for his doctorate in chemistry at Rutgers University and while doing so, he noticed the city of New Brunswick was in terrible condition and he wanted to change it by renovating buildings and encouraging new businesses to move into them. He began by forming Boraie Develpment and buying up what’s now known as the Albany Street Plaza, and by 1988 its first building tower one was erected. 15 years later tower two was completed and now New Brunswick was seeing progress towards a new beginning. Check out their website boraie.com for more.

While New Brunswick was seeing increased commercial activity by the early 2000s, it still needed some changes to its housing sections that were behind the times and in need of some new appearances. So Omar Boraie ushered in hundreds of new tenants when he completed a 25-story condominium on Spring Street which exceeded public expectations with how fast people started renting out units. Boraie Development started seeing the importance not only of first-class amenities in its housing, but also the desire of consumers to be located near transportation hubs, so his next two big housing units The Aspire and the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City have both been put in close proximity to transportation hubs. Boraie Development’s next big project will be a third tower on Albany Street that they plan to market as an expanded scientific research firm to the science community. You can visit boraie.com to see more.

Click here: http://www.boraie.com/company/

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