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Bob Reina: What A Person!

It is hard not to get excited by someone like Bob Reina. He is everything that is good and everything that is right with the world. He is someone that is an inspiration and someone that really pushes people to be their best. He also is big on sticking things out and not quitting. He sees a lot of quitting going on, and this upsets him and makes him sad. He knows people can do a lot with their lives when they don’t quit. However, for one reason or another, they get discouraged and they throw in the towel. They don’t push themselves and they don’t follow their dreams. He knows they are doing a great disservice to themselves, as they are not living life on their own terms. They just exist and they are just doing what they think they should be doing.


“Should” is a complicated word because there are certain categories where that word applies when it comes to life. However, when it comes to someone’s life and their career, as long as they are making money in a legal way, they should be able to do whatever job makes them happy. However, too often, people stick with the job that allows them to make the most money. They end up feeling unhappy and empty inside. They don’t feel as though they are living the best version of themselves. They are just going through the motions with no happiness and no excitement, whatsoever.


It is almost like they have turned into robots. Instead of giving it all their all and jumping out of bed filled with excitement, they are taking forever to get out of bed, and it is a lot harder than it needs to be in terms of their career. In many ways, that is a form of quitting. They know they have talents and they can offer the world a lot with those talents. Instead, they are tucked away and no one gets to see them. They are depriving the world of their talents and they are not showing them what they can do and what they are capable of when they do what they want to do with their lives.


It is why Bob Reina does not want people to quit on themselves or quit on life at any point in time. He wants them to really push themselves and really see what they can do with their life. He believes they will be amazed with the results if they really stick with it. It won’t happen overnight, but when it does happen, it will give them a whole new lease on life. It’s that second chance. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3051273/bio





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