A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

Biological Mother Comforts Adoptive Mother

Lauren Koller, who is a resident of Austin, was emotional the first time that she held her son. Her son’s biological mother mother comforted her. Lauren had dreamed of becoming a mother for a long time. She and her husband Mel counted down the days until they could become parents.

Lauren stated that they waited two long years for the adoption to be finalized. She and Mel prayed every day for their son. In April 2017, Lauren received a phone call that changed her life. The adoption agency told her that a woman named Felicia Metcalf was looking for someone to adopt her baby.

Four months later, Felicia gave birth to a baby boy. Lauren was able to meet the baby the night that he was born. A few weeks later, Lauren and Mel were able to take their baby home for good.

Lauren was filled with joy when she was feeding her son for the first time. She could not stop the tears from flowing. Felicia was there to wipe away the tears so that Lauren could continue feeding her baby. Sara Easter was the photographer who was there to witness the magical moment and capture it.

Sara stated that it was a perfect example of what an adoption should be. Both families work together to make sure that the needs of the child are met. The families have different roles, but both roles are equally important. Sara also stated that her hope is that the little boy will be able to look at the photo and see how much he is loved. She stated that the emotional moment is one that she will never forget.

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