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Betsy DeVos the Reformist

Betsy DeVos, the current education secretary did not become a reformer overnight. Her reformist days started back in Calvin College where she was actively involved in campus politics and ever since her college days she has remained active in politics to this day. In her 30 years in politics she has led numerous campaigns and party organizations as well as political action committees. Most people are not aware that she serves as the chairperson of Michigan Republic Party for six years.


In business she is also active in pursuing different innovative solutions to different social issues. She is the chairperson at Windquest Group which is a company that heavily invests in clean energy, manufacturing and technology. Her and her husband, Dick DeVos founded the firm back in 1989.


In an interview, Betsy showed her enthusiasm about the private school voucher program that was introduced about 25 years ago. Betsy said that currently there are over 250,000 students in the program in 17 states. In the last year alone, the number of students grew by 40000 which is quite impressive, it shows that the program is working. People have become more and aware of the program and they are embracing it because traditional public schools are failing.


Betsy also talked about how her and her husband got involved in the program. She explained that when their children reached the age of going to school, they went to visit Potter’s House Christian School. The school has been serving low income families in Grand Rapids for the last 30 years. She described how she met parents in the school who were doing all they can to make sure their children got the best education possible. Since their initial visit they have been supporting the school.


Their support for this one school has grown and they are now supporting many others. Like many well off families who can choose the best school to take their children those from low income families should have the same liberty to choose schools for their children. She also got involved in a foundation that gave scholarships to children who were from low income families. She soon realized that offering scholarship was a not enough because most parents did not get the scholarship they needed. That was when she decided to get involved in the education choice movement. The movement has been on the forefront of helping many deserving children.


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