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Betsy DeVos: Fighting for Change in the Public Sector

Charter schools have been popping up all over the nation since more attention has been drawn to the “school choice” movement. Parents feel as though they have a better handle on the choices that they make for their children’s education. The empowerment that is associated with these choices is filtered into their children when they go to these new schools. The private-school system has felt the pressure for change because of the change in their own student population. Still, there are major sections of the American public school system that the change. Secretary of Education and advocate Betsy DeVos has spent a lot of her time pushing for “school choice”. She believes that the education of the American future will rely heavily on “school choice”.


A couple of years ago Betsy DeVos spoke with the writing staff over at Philanthropy Roundtable in regard to her own stance on the education process. She spoke very heavily about “school choice”. She believed that there were big gaps in the education system that warranted a tougher review. Instead of religiously sending children to the public school system because you are supposed to, Betsy DeVos encouraged parents to take a better look at their options. She also pushed for legislation that would increase the ability of parents to enroll their children in two different institutions. The arbitrary lines that have been drawn throughout districts have no meaning when it comes to school choice. Parents can take schools that perform well instead of the schools picking them.


While Betsy DeVos has voiced her desire to help the student population in the United States, she has also received a lot of backlash for her comments about the public-school system. Unfortunately, it is a situation where someone needs to stand up for America’s children. SC DeVos has always put them first even at the expense of her own reputation. Now that “school choice” has gained more momentum in the public light she has a better reputation. It should never be forgotten that she was one of the first individuals who pushed for reform in this area. Parents have already started to enroll their children into these alternative education systems. It is her hope that they will one day be as plentiful as public-school systems, giving parents an opportunity to customize their children’s education to their own needs. Until then, Betsy DeVos will say at her post and continue to fight for reform in the public sector of the education system.


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