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Betsy DeVos and Pure Action

People don’t usually have to ask many questions about Betsy DeVos. That’s because she is among the most widely known figures in the entire United States. She’s not just an American powerhouse, either. There are so many people everywhere who recognize this lady and all of her objectives. DeVos is delighted to fill all sorts of roles in her life. People call her the Secretary of Education for a massive North American nation. They call her a key part of President Donald Trump’s administration. They call her a mom, a wife and so much more, too. It can be hard to explain who DeVos is in a few simple words. That’s why most people don’t even attempt to do so. DeVos is a Renaissance woman in many key ways. She’s a woman who values being nurturing and caring. She’s also a woman who is well-versed in career aspects. Her career has been a motivating factor in her existence for years. She’s always been a person who has been enthusiastic about sharing her talents with the people of the planet.


Dick DeVos calls himself Betsy’s husband. He does so with a massive smile on his face, too. This businessman from Michigan isn’t someone who is removed from achievement in society. He’s tackled all sorts of things in this life. His career has been enriching and varied. His personal life has been just as fulfilling. There are many people who know that Dick is a father. There are just as many people who know that he’s a husband. His union with Betsy has been consistently strong for eons.


Betsy DeVos likes to contribute to all sorts of things. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been swirling around in her mind for many years. Betsy and Dick set the not-for-profit up in the eighties. It’s a trusted group that puts care into all sorts of societal issues. People who have concerns that involve the arts often know a lot about this group. The same thing applies to individuals who have concerns that delve into cultural routes. Betsy and Dick will never be people who brush off culture. They will never be people who abandon the things that make the planet tick day in day out.


Educational choice isn’t a silly topic. There are many American households that discuss educational journeys with great frequency. Betsy DeVos has been part of so many discussions that involve educational choice. It’s actually something that she backs daily. She doesn’t ever want to stop battling it out for educational choice. She doesn’t ever want to cease battling it out for school vouchers and charter schools. Pitbull is a renowned young rapper who has a devotion to charter schools that DeVos grasps.


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