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Bear Cub Loses Mother In Maine – Here’s How Adoption Helped Out

Not all parents willingly raise their children: some leave by choice, others pass away, or might get lost and split up from their kids. This holds true with animals of all shapes and sizes, just as well as it does with humans.

Recently, a group of Portland, Maine, wildlife experts working with the state felt obligated to temporarily adopt a lone bear cub in response to its mother being killed by a car crash in Caribou.

According to Alan Dudley, a Game Warden in Caribou, Maine, he was called in to locate the infant black bear after its full-sized mother had kicked the bucket. One Dudley arrived on the scene, he remarked that he could hear that cub from the road – Route 1 – so he decided to go check it out.

Despite the fact it was roughly 10:30 p.m., the Game Warden worked diligently to find the black-as-night bear. Alan Dudley found it just a few feet up a tree, meaning it wasn’t strong developed enough to travel any further up the tree, a natural thing for black bears to do when looking for food or climbing for fun.

With the help of professional wildlife biologists Randy Cross and Amanda DeMusz, Alan Dudley was able to help unite the black bear cub, recently made an orphan by no fault of its own.

Those two researchers drove for roughly three-quarters of an hour, then took a snowmobile for a few miles, then hiked yet another mile just to find a bear den. Fortunately, the duo did, in fact, successfully find a mother bear to take care of the baby.

While not all animals will take care of young that it didn’t give birth to, black bears are known for taking care of babies that they don’t even give birth to. The state of Maine wildlife biologists shared that as soon as those bears come out of their respective dens.

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