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Avaaz Initiates Global Action Online And Empowers Millions Worldwide

Avaaz is primarily an online organization that advocates global activism and vows to fight to make the world an ideal place to live. Avaaz means “voice” in Farsi as well as several other Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. The pro-activist organization is based in the United States and was launched in January 2007. They have gathered a massive community from all over the world that have taken action on issues pertaining to global warming, human rights, animal rights, political corruption, global conflicts, poverty and many other global concerns.

Avaaz was founded by the Canadian-British born Ricken Patel, who currently serves as its president and executive director. In his late teens, Patel had developed a strong desire to help make the world a better place and realized that it could be possible through our ever-growing technology and many other resources that we aren’t fully utilizing. His notion during that time was that people generally want the same thing for this world and that thing is actually quite modest and achievable if we all worked together. Patel’s mobile movement quickly grew a dedicated following and there are now campaign communities dispersed in over 30 countries and in six continents that initiate online and offline protests, online petitions, videos, campaign tactics, rallies, phone-ins and more.

One of the most notable global campaign movements happened during the start of the Paris Climate Agreement. Avaaz’s community gathered and formed the ‘People’s Climate March’ in 2014 and 2015. They worked with the UN Secretary General and several French ministers to help reach out to the governments that ignored the threats of climate change. The group had successfully persuaded nations on the G7 Summit that were well-known big time polluters, to ease off fossil fuels and set a goal to only use one hundred percent clean and sustainable energy.

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