Customized and Personalized Solutions from Richard Blair

There are many financial advisers that offer solutions to their clients. However, the more successful advisers are the ones that are going to think things through. Successful advisers like Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions look at their client’s problems as individual issues. They understand that no two problems are the exact same. Also, Richard Blair is aware of many different methods that people can use in order to become financially independent. Richard is willing to open up their minds to possibilities they can work with and move forward with. Each of them are going to be tailored to the needs and personalities of the client.


Richard Blair and his company, Wealth Solutions helps people with debt, retirement planning, financial independence and many other financial related matters. One of the common reasons that people go to see a financial adviser is because they are very deep in debt that they are not going to be able to pay off without help ( The good thing about going to financial advisers like Richard Blair is that they are able to let people know about the alternatives to the work that they are doing so that they will be able to pay off all of the deb they owe.


The bad part about many regular jobs is that they don’t pay enough for people to make adequate payments to their debt in many cases. Even worse is that their jobs are liable to end at some point because of unforeseen circumstances. There are many things that can happen to cause people to lose their jobs and have their debt go unpaid. Fortunately, Richard Blair can help people build an alternate income stream and come up with ways to save money while they are working on their alternative income stream. Learn more:


Richard Blair is very experienced with different aspects of the financial industry and has plenty of information on the best ways to make and save money without resorting to any dirty methods. He also allows his clients to have input on any ideas that are presented to them so that they can eventually find a solution that they can be comfortable with.


Betsy DeVos’ Charitable Giving

I was looking up some information about Elon Musk and his giving to charitable foundations when I kept running into posts about Betsy DeVos’ charitable givings.


I was surprised that her family foundation has been giving millions to the less fortunate. I also saw giving to the education sector. I really appreciate that gesture because I think only donating into perishable things like food prevent real change among the impoverished and uneducated. I can’t help but think that Betsy thinks the same way.


Betsy gave the former CNN anchor Campbell Brown a hefty amount to launch her education site named The 74. Betsy put down $400,000 to make the launch go smoothly. I couldn’t imagine spending $400,000 on my dream home in cash, much less put that money down for a friends education website. Good on her.


Betsy Devos has a chair on the board of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. 2 years ago in 2015 she had her family foundation donate $750,000 to the American Enterprise Institue for Public Safety. Betsy also approved another $1 million in future funding for this organization as well. The AEIPP is a Washington D.C. think tank that is known for its conservative stance on many fronts.


Betsy also donated through her family fund to the Institute for Justice. The Institute for Justice is a nonprofit law firm that funds lawsuits in America for school choice issues. There is a strong education theme with Besty when she gives. I would love to pick her brain about why she personally believe it is an important cause.


There is a strong connection with Betsy’s Christian roots that show from her tax returns. She has donated to many Christian education groups. The Grand Rapids Christian Association received $350,000 from Betsy’s foundation. Ada Christian School Society received $50,000 and the Rehoboth Christian School Association received $10,000. School choice and Christian education are large topics that have been placed on Betsy’s heart.


Betsy DeVos’ foundation donated to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to leave them with $250,000 in one transfer alone. She used to be on the board of the Performing Arts center but left to help with other projects. She donated $400,000 to ArtPrize Grand Rapids which is an art festival created by the family. I think Betsy might know how to party!


Betsy DeVos is an educational activist, a Republican politician, and a business woman. She is the wife of Dick DeVos, the once CEO of a large company named Amway. She grew up under the Christian Reformed Church’s wing as a member.


Betsy DeVos has participated in the Republican Party since 1982. She currently served as the Secretary of Education in the Donald Trump administration.


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Business Start Up Inspiration Created by Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Many people will find themselves struck with the idea of starting their own business. It is vitally important to find your niche and work within it first. Doe Deere is a wonderful example of a person who realized a need for a product that was within her design niche. Doe started out as a designer with an Ebay store. While she was hoping to finalize her looks with creative colored make up she found the variety in the marketplace lacking. Doe decided to follow her creative niche and begin creating her Lime Crime brand of unicorn colored cosmetics. Learn more:

Doe stayed focus on what her end goal was and understood that dedication and hard work were necessary for success. Many people will discover the early start up process of a business can seem daunting. You will work long and late hours and see little reward for your hard work. Sometimes you will have to think very fast on your feet to trouble shoot because during the startup process anything can go wrong. Product design or store set up can have problems as well as financial issues that may arise. Keep a detailed business plan on hand to help you stay organized throughout the startup process.

Once Doe created Lime Crime and she saw success with her product line she realized that being complacent would not further her business. Her customers loved her product but by expanding her product line to cover nails, facial pallets and hair color she expanded her customer base and was able to grow her business. When you start up your business you cannot simply create one theme and be done with it. You must continually reflect upon the companies needs and brainstorm for new creative ideas that will help reach out to more customers. Marketing is also important during the early years of a business. When your business is new not many people will know about you or your product. Reaching out to the community and advertising or participating in community events is a wonderful way to bring attention to your business. Doe deeply cares for animals and has recently created a product line that will benefit a local animal shelter. She was able to expand her business name into the animal loving community. She also holds true to her beliefs and her products are all vegan and cruelty free. Look to other successful individuals and take into consideration what it took for them to succeed when you are in the early parts of your business start up process. Learn more:

Talk Fusion’s Success With Video Chat Technology.

The video marketing world saw a huge change back in 2007 when CEO Bob Reina established the company Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has, for the past ten years, been a pioneer within an industry that has been growing by leaps and bounds every single year. The internet has fundamentally changed how we interact and it has changed how we do business. Reina understood the power of video early on and it helped him to get in early to set the tone for everyone to follow. After ten years of hard work Talk Fusion is finally getting the recognition that they deserve as a game changer within the industry.


This recognition initially came in 2016 when a company named Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC, awarded a slew of industry related awards to companies involved in video and marketing solutions. TMC has been offering these awards for years but they reserve them for companies that push the limits, expand horizons, and make something special happen within the industry. Rich Tehrani, the CEO at Technology Marketing Corporation said of Talk Fusion that they were: “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.”


Talk Fusion was recognized largely for their work on the Video Chat application. The advent of smart phones and the rise of mobile data plans has made it all the more important for people to be able to connect face to face via video conferencing. The Video Chat application is built on WebRTC technology and is available for download on all major platforms, including the Google Play Store as well as iTunes. The pride of Talk Fusion’s Video Chat application is in how effectively it utilizes cross-platform capabilities in order to connect anyone, anywhere. Learn more:


Bob Reina, the CEO at Talk Fusion, was excited upon hearing that they received the award. Reina said, “This is just the beginning.” He went on to mound praise atop his IT team as well as all of the people within the Talk Fusion family, including the important Talk Fusion associates who run the business.

Why Should You Buy Beneful for Your Dog?

Beneful is a popular dog food that is made by Purina. You will want to get this type of food for your dog because it is filled with nutrients that they need on a daily basis. When you buy the Beneful, you will find that there are a variety of flavors that you can get for your pet. Experiment with them until you find the one that they love the best.

Since your dog needs to be healthy and fit, you want to give it the food that will increase its stamina. Watch as your dog eats the Beneful, and how it will have energy to spare.

Always try to find coupons that you can clip in order to save money while you are at the store. In many cases, there are promotions or sales that the stores are having too. You can find these listed on the store flyers that are mailed to your home.

Lori Senecal Gives Advice for Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the king of online advertising. They have one of the largest shares of the advertising world. In addition, they have a lot of options available that makes advertising easier on their platform. However, you need to know how to do Facebook advertising the right way. Fortunately, Lori Senecal has some good ideas on how to do this.

The first thing you need to know is that you absolutely need a goal. Without a goal, you will not be able to have any measure of success. Your goal can be anything, but it must be clear to you. Whether it is to drive traffic to your website, to collect leads, or just to get likes for your Facebook fan page, you need to know why you are on Facebook. Visit Adweek for more info.

Once you have a goal, you can move on to creating a plan. The plan must be clear and have simple steps that you can follow. Think of a plan that will help you reach your goal. For more details visit Medium.

You have to create Facebook ads that are effective. First of all, they have to be visually appealing. This means you need a very good image. You want an image that will stand out in newsfeeds and that will attract people’s attention. It also has to be something that people can relate to. Don’t talk in hyped up terms. Talk in simple terms that average people can relate to. A good idea is to include images that have real people. A big mistake is to include stock photos of objects such as a coffee mug or a laptop. People will not be attracted to look at such a picture. Make it fun and exciting as opposed to being overly promotional. People do not go on Facebook because they like seeing ads in their newsfeeds. Try to make it appear not as an ad but as a fun social post. Check out Crunchbase for more details.

Lori Senecal is an award winning businesswoman and marketer. She is the Chief Executive Office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She is responsible for maintaining global growth and coordinating the various offices they have around the world.

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Susan McGalla Works Toward Equality in the Workplace

There is a great change coming over the business world and it has been as steady and inspiring as you would hope. Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting as well as the Vice President of Business Strategy/Creative Development for the NFL franchise, the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla isn’t just another hard working woman in the business world. She is an inspiration and someone who is actively fighting to pave the way for other women to follow in her footsteps toward high ranking positions in the business industry.

Susan McGalla knows that you can’t get by being anyone other than who you are, she just doesn’t believe that women should be penalized or held back due to ineffective measures. Studies have shown that companies with diverse gender and ethnic workforces are 15% to 35% more effective than their more homogeneous counterparts. In a subtle and sometimes not so subtle way these companies are willing to buck convention and engage in more modern thinking. Still, despite these huge statistics we see that women are contained to a minuscule percentage of C-Level and above positions for S&P 500 companies.

McGalla’s success has been an inspiration to watch because she has found it in a slew of different industries. McGalla worked all the way up to the top of the American Eagle Outfitters brand before ultimately becoming President of the company. From there she went on to found the P3 Executive Consulting company that we mentioned above. It is here that McGalla is working to empower other women to follow in her footsteps. McGalla is taking a different approach to getting women in the workforce and she might have to work a little harder to get people on board as a result.

We find that Susan McGalla doesn’t believe in the initiatives and networks that have become so common in today’s work environment. McGalla reasons that these initiatives don’t actually and actively address the underlying problem that is closing the door to female applicants up and down the higher ranking business positions. Instead, McGalla believes in the power of executive sponsorship.

Executive sponsorships work almost exactly how they sound. Instead of relying on work place initiatives, women leaders would turn to executive sponsors. These sponsors would help in the decision making process, search out qualified businesswomen, and put them into the roles that they can succeed at. The hope is that eventually these sponsorships will fundamentally change the business culture.


New show

Norman Lear has decided to host a weekly show. Lear is a World War II veteran, producer, creator, director and above all, the legendary of sitcoms. The new show is about offering listeners a blend of many aspects. The show incorporates family, events, music, politics and social matters. Lear has a special coverage of politicians and celebrities and ordinary citizens as well.Norman Lear is joined every week by his long time friend, Paul Hipp. They have worked together in the media industry. Hipp is an actor and composer who has become close to Lear over the years. Among the first guests in the show were Jerrod Carmichael, Amy Poehler, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Learn more:

Norman Lear got the privilege to host Norman Pattiz. This opportunity was great for Lear because Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. Pattiz was also excited to be on Lear’s show. He confessed about admiring Lear form a long time. Having Lear’s show in PodcastOne was an amazing experience.


Norman Pattiz inspiration for PodcastOne is interesting. He conducted some research that proved effective in podcast advertising. This new idea was an advancement in marketing strategies. After the results were out, the research findings showed that podcast advertising has a major impact on brand popularity. These results were solid, considering five primary brands participated in the study.

Apart from establishing PodcastOne, Pattiz is also a founder of Westwood One. It is a media house that also excelled in the broadcast industry. Playing popular music and bringing shows led to the success of the media house. After PodcastOne was introduced, Pattiz took a different direction. He preferred airing on-demand shows. This approach was more guaranteeing because it delivered what the audiences needed.

Other achievements are being appointed a board of governor in broadcasting. During his service to this board, Pattiz launched Arabic languages in televisions and radios of Middle East. Each week had more than forty million audiences. Outside the broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz has served as a council member in Foreign Relations Council and International Relations.Norman Pattiz is a good example of expressing what passion is. He pursued his desire to venture into the media industry. Right now, Pattiz has over forty years of a wealth of experience in media. He believes in creativity and innovation. Podcast advertising, on-demand shows, and numerous other ideas have made Pattiz stand out from other competitors. By pursuing his passion, Pattiz has lived a fulfilling career life. He has even created time to serve in other fields. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Is A True Leader In Public Safety

There are many different reasons that Securus Technologies is an excellent company. They are the leader in public safety. When they work on technologies, they are dealing with the justice system too. They are staffed with professionals that are experts in what they do for a living.


They have many clients that are located all over the nation. They deal with facilities that house inmates. When they create a technology, it is made in order to keep the population there safer. Every week, they create more ways for this to happen, and their customers are raving about them.


When they receive documentation from their clients, they will write an article for the public to read. This way, people are able to see what the company does and how it helps the clients. At one time, Securus Technologies invited the people to visit them in TX. During that experience, the people were able to see what they were working on, and how it will be of benefit to the correctional facilities around the nation.


Looking to the future with Securus Technologies creating more and more technologies that will help in the public safety realm. With the high dedication of their workers and the abilities that they have, the public will benefit highly from their effective means of implementing new techniques.


A Family Adopted Three Children

Recently, a heartwarming article about adoption was published in US News and World Report. Shaun and Anna Lokey have three biological children; however, Shaun was also interested in adoption. Anna says in the article that she was not sure about the idea because of failed adoption in her family as a child. She was also ambivalent about her abilities as a mother.

Over the next few years, Shaun revisited the idea with his wife. In the article, he told her that parents do not have to be perfect. They just need to be loving and willing. It was enough to convince Anna. Not only did they adopt a child from China, but they also adopted two more. There were some adjustments; however, the family of eight are flourishing, reports the article. The Lokeys are strong advocates of adoption, whether domestic or overseas.

The article shared that China is still the top country from where Americans adopt children. Some countries, such as Russia, have tightened their regulations on foreign adoptions. Meanwhile, the article mentions that domestic adoption is still going strong in the United States. In a current article from, adoptive father Bob Cole describes his life as “blessed” with his experience of over 40 years.

One of the reasons that this article touched home for me is that our two boys are adopted. Even though we got them as older children, they could not be any closer to our hearts than if we gave birth to them. Like the Lokeys, we certainly had our reservations at first. However, we could not have children of our own and desperately wanted to be parents.

We always say that we needed our boys as much as they needed us. Has life been a bowl of cherries? Of course not! There have been some obstacles that we had to overcome as a family. Children who come from the foster system are often so broken, it takes a lot of time, therapy, and love for them to heal. We are happy to say that we are another adoption success story like this article.