David Giertz Is Keen On Social Security Funds’ Discussion

David Giertz continues to highlight the benefits of social security to retirees. This time, he breaks the entire bough by explaining why even at a young age, an individual must put in more effort to save. Giertz is confident that with an aggressive, savings plan; a lot can be achieved in future. Giertz is insisting that financial advisors should openly discuss social security with their clients.

Background information

A study by Nationwide Financial Retirement established that about four in five clients would consider shifting to a different financial advisor that discusses their social security fund. This is a strategy that often applies to cases that need the maximization of social security income. According to the same studies, most clients cited that they would expect their financial advisors to highlight the issue of social security with the key focus being on how to better their future financially.

Giertz’s views on social security fund

Why does David Giertz find it necessary to discuss this subject? Well, most financial advisors have a different opinion on the issue. They think that it is not necessary to discuss a client’s social security fund report with them. Being at odds with the subject, David Giertz has taken it upon himself to disseminate knowledge on the value of empowering clients through social security fund. He states that retirement is a bitter pill to swallow and eventually, it comes. It is, therefore, upon financial advisors to educate their clients on the right approach to take regarding their retirement benefits and how possible it is for them to earn a living out of it.

The conclusion

David Giertz is a successful financial advisor. His input in the financial world of finance cannot be ignored as often, he has given viable advice to possible investors. Giertz barely boasts of his talent in predicting the future of investment. Giertz works for Nationwide Life Insurance as a senior vice president. He is not only competent at offering valid, financial advice but also active in team building. Giertz values the input of his clients to his firm. To reciprocate this, he offers proven to work strategies to secure their future.

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How Roberto Santiago Changed the Culture for Brazilian Shopping Outlets

Roberto Santiago is doing an amazing thing when it comes to changing how people shop in Brazil. He has cultivated the landscape of commercial real estate in Latin America by creating a mega mall that takes care of a plethora of needs that consumers may have. People that come to visit Latin America will get a chance to see multiple real estate environments that Roberto Santiago has created, but the Manaira Mall may be his best achievement today. He started this mall in 1989, and it has continued to grow and thrive as one of the most profitable shopping outlets in Brazil.


It is difficult for anyone that may be touring Brazil to get around an entire area in a couple of days. Most people to come to visit are not there for extended period. That means that they try to get as much done in a short time frame as they can. This is where Roberto Santiago and his mega mall is needed. When people have access to an environment where they can get a lot of things done quickly this makes it so much more convenient.


This is the mega mall that people are talking about on social media. It is the mega mall that has become well-known in Brazil because it is one of the few that has as many shops and entertainment outlets. In fact, there are few malls in the entire world that have a concert hall, conference room, bowling alley, movie theater, and a food court all nestled away with an assortment of different shopping options.


Roberto Santiago has done something great by creating a mall environment that allows people to get the best possible shopping experience. Roberto Santiago has studied what consumers are interested in. He has put time into actually getting the consumers in a place where they can get all of their needs taken care of and also entertain themselves without leaving the premises. This is what makes this mall so enjoyable. People that come here will be able to spend a whole day here and not get bored.


This type of mall attracts lots of different groups. Parents may come here with your kids. Couples that are on a date may come here as well. Friends may hang out in this gigantic mall. It has something for everyone, and this is what makes it profitable to Brazil’s economy.


It has been so profitable for Brazil that Roberto Santiago has gone on to create similar environments and other places inside of Latin America. He has been praised greatly for his desire to help shoppers maximize their time and get many things done all inside of one huge shopping extravaganza with Brazil.


What You Need to Know About Adopting a Child

Adoption is a great way for you to bring an unwanted child into a loving and caring home. This is why a lot of people are choosing to do adoption and are finding it to be an ideal option for their own needs. Unfortunately, adoption can be a lot more difficult than people think. It’s easy to tell someone who cannot have children that they can just adopt, but going through the process is a whole different story. For one, adoption can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is more than a lot of people are able to afford. Plus, the adoption agency will also want to ensure that you have a high income coming in so that you’ll be able to support the child easily.


Along with checking for income and a substantial adoption fee, the agency will also do a physical and mental health check on you and your partner to ensure that you are fit enough to care for a child. This is a big time in a lot of people’s lives, and it is important that you are going to be well-prepared for taking a kid into your home and heart. Because there are lots of different steps and requirements for adopting a child, it is often difficult or even impossible for the vast majority of people who want to adopt to actually be approved for a child.


Because of this, there are many different ways for you to consider taking in a child. One way is for you to foster the child, as there are fewer requirements needed to become a foster parent. It might also help you if you work in a daycare of childcare facility so that you can be prepared for what it takes to care for a child. It is easier said than done to care for a baby, toddler, child and teenager, and this is why it helps if you are looking into preparing yourself fully.

Foster Families Needed In Indiana

There is a growing need for foster parents in Indiana. Many children have been taken from their homes and put in foster care because of the growing substance abuse problem in the state. Department of Child Services has already completed 1,800 adoptions this year. Three years ago, only 1,000 children in Indiana were adopted.


Mary Beth Bonaventura is the Director of the Department of Social Services in Indiana. She stated that there is a great need for foster homes. This is the most children that DCS in Indiana has had in custody at one time. There are currently 23,000 children in foster care in the state.


In many cases, the children stay with their extended family until they are adopted. Children are sometimes able to be reunited with their biological parents. However, this can be a difficult process. It can also be a long process. It is especially important for older children to be in a good home.


Some children who grow in foster care end up struggling with addiction or go to jail. However, many of them are able to become successful adults because they get put with a good family. Mary has a personal story of a child who grew up in foster care. There was a boy who was struggling and fighting with everyone. His life changed for the better after he was placed with the right family.


He graduated from high school with honors. DCS has a program called the Indiana Heart Gallery. This program promotes adoption by sharing photos and success stories of children who have been adopted. This program was created by the Indiana Department of Child Services in 2007.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. Since being founded in 2007 Talk Fusion has been a company built on innovation and new ideas. Its trail blazing video chat technology served as sure proof of the company’s potential. Though its video chat product was received very well Talk Fusion is always looking to improve upon itself.


Recently Bob Reina announced that the company has developed a new software that features WebRTC technology. The new technology is expected to drastically improve sophisticated real time communications. It’s a very real possibility that it may make computer program Live Meetings obsolete.


With this new product Talk Fusion proves once again that its competitors are a few steps behind. What separates the company from others in the industry is its willingness to embrace sophisticated modern technologies.


Reina is very confident in the firm’s new conferencing software. He believes no technology is up to par with WebRTC. In fact, Reina intends to add this new edition to every Talk Fusion application. Those who use the WebRTC software can access it through their browsers since it doesn’t require a separate download. Its convenience saves users a lot of time and they do not have to go through the painful hassle of installing Adobe Flash Player. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


About Bob Reina


Though Talk Fusion was officially founded in 2007, Bob Reina began working on building the company 3 years earlier. Eventually he and his longtime friend Jonathan Chen developed the company’s first product. A video email product that, while not groundbreaking, earned the company its first recognition. In just ten years time it has become a major player in the industry.


Though a very accomplished entrepreneur presently, Reina served as a policeman for several years. In 1990 he was introduced to network marketing and soon realized he had a natural affinity for selling things.

6,000 Children In Texas Need A Home

There were 5,000 children adopted in the state of Texas last year. Even though there were a lot of children adopted, there are still a lot of children waiting for a home. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Families, there are 6,000 children in Texas who are waiting to be adopted. The average age of a child adopted in the state of Texas is 5.


Teenagers and older children often stay in the foster care until they reach 18. Many people prefer to adopt younger children because they believe that older children are unadoptable. However, it is important for teens to have a stable household in order to grow into a productive adult.


There will be events held throughout the country this month in order to raise awareness about adoption. People will also be educated about the adoption process. How do children cope with foster care until they are adopted? What options do potential parents have in Texas? What requirements must be met in order for one to adopt in Texas? Those are some of the questions that will be answered at various events.


Jeremy Spencer, who is a police officer in San Antonio, will be speaking at one of the adoption events in Texas. He is the parent of two adopted children. Tim Gebel is a program administrator who works for the Texas Department of Families and Protective Services Region 8. He will also be speaking at one of the adoption events in Texas.


Anais Biera is the chief public relations officer for the Children’s Shelter-San Antonio. He is another one of the people who will be speaking at an adoption event.

New York Times Discusses Open Adoption

With open adoption being a fairly new legal process that many prospective adoptive parents have many questions about, the New York Times recently decided to publish an article discussing the implications and possible impact of an open adoption. By using one family participating in an open adoption as a case study, Ryan Smith discussed the benefits, drawbacks, and potential concerns of open adoption to help families struggling with the decision. According to Smith, thousands of children and adoptive parents are involved in open adoptions ever year in the United States. Many of the parents keep in touch with the adoption agencies during the process and often openly discuss their experiences with open adoption.

Smith used the Cadence family as an illustration for open adoptions in his article. Shandra and Bill Cadence reside in the suburbs of New York City and have adopted three siblings from the same family in an open adoption process. When discussing the open adoption process with Smith, the Cadence family revealed their intentions to adopt only one child in this manner. After adopting the first child from a mother who was not suitable to raise children at the time, the Cadence family received information that the mother had become pregnant a second time. Not wanting the mother’s second child and their adopted child’s sibling to be abandoned or raised by anther family, the Cadence family chose to adopt the second and third child as a part of their family. The family’s open adoption process is both rewarding and difficult. The Cadences revealed that they enjoyed the aspect of open adoption that allowed their children to know and love their biological mother as an extended member of their family. The family is also frequently disappointed, however, at the mother’s inconsistent behavior. Her visits with her biological children are sometimes frequent, but are sometimes missing altogether. This inconsistency often upsets the adoptive children.

Ultimately, Smith reported that the Cadence family are pleased with the fact that the open adoption has allowed them to have a relationship with the biological mother that would not have been possible in a closed adoption.

Organo Gold Is More Than Just Coffee

Coffee has several beneficial health benefits and is even known to prevent cancer. Studies have shown that instant coffee contains higher levels of antioxidants compared to coffee that is brewed. The main ingredient in Organo coffee products is Ganoderma lucidum. This is an ancient herb used in Asian culture for over 5,000 years. The meaning of the herb in Japanese is the “King of Herbs.”

The Products

Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee is a best seller with no added creamer or sugar. This allows you to customize it into your own perfect cup of coffee. It contains the Ganoderma herb that adds a nutty flavor that is bold, rich and smooth. Organo coffee packets make it so easy to take your favorite cup of coffee wherever you go. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Organic Green Tea is packed with powerful antioxidants and mild enough to drink multiple times a day. Unlike many green teas, this one is flavorful and can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Besides water, tea is the most consumed beverage around the world. Green tea has been known to boost your metabolism as well as fight off cancer.

Especially on a hot summer day, people prefer the Organo Gold Black Ice product. It is an iced black tea made with Amazonian Guarana, honey and Ganoderma lucidum. It gives you that boost you need naturally to start your day. Follow Organo Gold on facebook.com.

Body Management

Organo Gold offers a variety of products to help you look healthy from the inside out. The Organo Grapeseed Oil Supplement gives you the essential amount of Vitamin E your body needs. It comes in capsule form, and can be taken twice per day for optimal health.

Fenix DX is a natural detoxification system that is caffeine free. Cleanse your body with a botanical and vitamin blend to help you fight against illnesses and the elements.

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Exposing the Stigmas and Adoption Myths

November holds a holiday that most don’t celebrate. National Adoption Day is an occasion set aside to remember all the families who were brought together by love not birth. Adoption can be a beautiful thing. Bringing a child into your home and loving them with your whole heart is something that many desire to do. Domestic adoptions are surrounded by myths and lies that make many prospective families look the other way. Natalie Brumfield, a mother of three adoptive kids, wants to set the record straight about adoption.

Many people feel that they can’t love an adopted child as much as they would a biological one. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. People need to have realistic expectations with adoption. Not every child is going to bond with a family, and that can be true of an adoptive or biological child. With adoption, there is a bit more choice. However, the love between a child and their caretaker can happen very quickly. The nurturing and attending to that child and helping them heal their wounds can bring about an incredible bond.

The second myth that most people talk about is that it’s easier to abort the baby rather than giving it up for adoption. Many people are against abortion because it’s taking the life of a child. Adoption gives a child the chance to live. Birth mothers can select the family that adopts their child in some cases. Not every store is about child and family services coming in and taking the child and taking away the mother’s rights. In many instances, the mother has a choice.

Lastly, people feel that adoption is too expensive. If you are considering international adoption, it can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. However, adopting through a local state agency is much different. They will pay for all the home studies, physicals, and any other necessary paperwork to get the process through the courts. Many states will also pay the legal fees for an attorney during the process. In short, the total for a domestic adoption can be anywhere from $200-$8,000 with the state’s assistance.

As the country celebrates another National Adoption Day, those who are interested in adopting a child should realize that there are options available. Everyone wants a baby these days, but even with state assisted cases, getting a newborn is still a possibility.

Man’s Dying Wish Is To Find His Adopted Siblings

Mabel Mae Koons made one of the most difficult decisions of her life in 1947. She was the mother of five children and dying of heart failure. She did not think her husband could care for the children. She sent her two youngest children to live with someone else. The three eldest children soon ended up in foster care.

Donald Koons was sent to live in an orphanage in Pennsylvania. His home was not the best. The family was poor and kept animals in the house. Donald decided to leave the home when he was 15. He worked where he could. One day while he was working, he ran into his brother George.

Donald and George stayed in touch. Daniel knew where his oldest sister Mary was. However, he had no idea where his other siblings were. Daniel, George and Mary went to visit their father right before he died, but the other two siblings were not there.

Donald asked where Patsy and Wayne were. His father told him not to worry about his brother and sister. He also apologized for breaking the family up. He stated that he sent the children away because he did not want to raise five children on his own.

Donald’s father, Owen, passed away in 1980. He never found out where his youngest two children were. Donald is married and has six children of his own. In 2014, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is now in stage four, and his days are numbered. He hopes and prays that he can meet his two youngest siblings before he passes away. If he cannot find his siblings, then he is hoping that he can meet their children and grandchildren.