Digital Reputation Company Named Among Fortune 500

Digital reputation company, Status Labs, was ranked #339 in the Fortune 500 list compiled by Inc. magazine. Not only was Status Labs recognized for their incredible 1099% growth that occurred between 2012 and 2015, but they were also hailed as a forward-thinking and outstanding management firm handling both online image and public relations. In addition, they were lauded for their innovations to the marketing industry.

CEO and President, Darius Fisher, sits at the helm of Status Labs and has been an integral part of the development of new services, working hard to establish clientele within the Fortune 500 sphere. Also included on the prestigious list this year are companies like Domino’s Pizza, Yelp, Dell and Zillow. Fisher was awarded the Gold Award and title, “Business Development Individual of the Year” by PR World Awards.

Darius Fisher expressed gratitude at being named among the Fortune 500, saying that it was an honor to have been listed among such this group of, ‘fastest growing companies’. He also said that being on this is confirmation of the increasing demand for digital reputation management and for, ‘strategic digital Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing campaigns’.

In today’s growing internet marketplace, Status Labs helps their clients to make the best possible first impression via Google and related search engines. Dealing in Search Engine Optimization, as well as in helping clients effectively market their brands via social media, Status Labs understands the art of building — and keeping — your good reputation intact.

Considered the premier firm dealing in digital reputation management, Status Labs has offices located in Austin, New York, Los Angeles, as well as in São Paulo. They are experienced in building strategies to help their clients do their best with online marketing and with public relations. In total they have worked with more than 1,500 clients residing in over 40 countries.

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Perseverance and Profit

Born in Sri Lanka, Saba moved to the U.S. at only 19 years old to pursue her education. With only two hundred dollars in her pocket, her and her husband spent four years in a tiny apartment next to the railroad tracks and refused to give up their dreams.


Malini always had an interest in business and finances, and used advice and information from investment bankers and other finance professionals to start saving and investing at a young age. With smart picks in stocks and real estate, Saba slowly but surely built her own empire. In the 90’s she played investment game well, focusing on tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, such as Paypal and Sycamore Networks.


Some of her business ideas may not always seem to be the most logical, however. Malini Saba has said that, rather than go with current market trends, she prefers to look 3-5 years ahead, and invest in where the world will be then. This has proven to be a sound tactic for Malini, and has provided great opportunities for her.


Saba eventually used her prowess to found Saban, a multinational investment firm that has or retains interest in energy, real estate, and technologies. Personal gain didn’t seem to be enough for Malini, however; in 2001, she founded “Stree: Global Investments in Women”, providing healthcare and legal empowerment for women that may not have access to these services otherwise. The charitable organization has been supported by U.S. President Clinton, and Jordan’s Queen Noor.


Malini’s philanthropic ventures aren’t limited to Stree, either. Sri Lanka and India were ravaged by tsunamis in 2004, and Saba was quick to pledge ten million dollars to the affected areas when they most needed it.


Even as wealthy as she is, Malini has said that she doesn’t ‘believe in nannies’. A part of her daily schedule is taking her daughter to school at seven each morning, and picking her up at three each afternoon. Saba says “we walk to school together so we can talk”.


As one of the world’s leading Asian investors, a strong and savvy businesswoman, and well known philanthropist, it’s easy to see why Saba’s life has influenced so many women to strive forward with their own dreams.

Changes in the Fashion and Technology Industry

The technology and fashion industry have several similarities. They have grown together in the past. With time, the technology industry has become fashionable, while the fashion department has become technologically fashionable. Both industries have a fascinating journey. Christopher Burch tried to compare the past and present of these departments.

In the 1970’s the popular boom box introduced a new trend in the industry, allowing its users to carry around their favorite tunes and even stations. Later on, the two cassette desk was introduced. One side was used to play music while the other end was used to record. This method was used until the 1980’s, and it was introduced to the movie industry. In the 90s, technology advanced, and people were allowed to experience a more personal music experience thanks to the invention of the popular Walkman. In the recent times, things have become better and smaller with the introduction of the iPod. All this proves that technology has grown according to the popularity of what is considered fashionable.

The synthesis of fashion and technology is happening today. The designers in the fashion department are excited when they create items that are received well in the market. This can only happen if these professionals use the latest technology. With the use of technology, designers can come up with better standards in functionality and innovation.

One of the most respected fashion designers in the world, known as Anouk Wipprecht says that technology is similar to a playground, an area that is meant for experiments. As individuals dive deeper, especially in the systems and techniques, they are awarded endless and beautiful possibilities. Anouck has invented Avant –garde designs. She has earned the respect of many people thanks to her achievements.

Some of the upcoming fashions that have advanced through the use of the modern technology are special because they protect the consumer. Although it might not be very
fashionable for an individual to wear bike protections, experts in the industry designed a system that can be worn around the neck for the protection of the cyclists.

According to, Chris Burch is the founder and also the CEO of a company known as Burch Creative Capital. He has a lot of skills in business, and he uses this knowledge to help upcoming entrepreneurs in making sound investment decisions. He has helped more than fifty companies to grow in revenue.

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Gooee Lighting The Path For LED

Imagine entering your home after coming home from work. You unlock your door and step inside. Instead of reaching around to flip the light switch. The lights are already aware of your presence and have turned on. Not only did they turn on, the sensors in the LED arrays have measured the ambient light, color, and temperature in the room.

The responsiveness of these intelligent LED lighting systems improves, even more, when you add a wearable device to the network. Your phone, your watch, whatever device you have on you will be able to communicate with intelligent lighting systems when in proximity. For example, if you were at the mall it would be possible for stores with intelligent lighting to detect your presence and display ads based your interests and demographics.

Gooee is leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. From the cloud, it’s then simple for information to be shared and analyzed to improve the user experience.

Gooee’s platform goes beyond mere lighting, it’s an IoT Lighting Ecosystem that allows for human engagement, environmental intelligence, and product tracking.

Event Planning with Twenty Three Layers

Planning an event requires utmost commitment and concentration to ensure it is smooth, stress-free and most importantly, awesome. Having the best tips for your event planning is of the essence. However, the key is to avoid any worries about perfection. It is an exquisite idea always to make sure that the events, which you will be hosting, are not perfect. This advice is according to Lauren Conrad of The Little Market, an online fair-trade retailer. She continues to advise that people may not feel comfortable with anything that seems too put-together, as it may look fussy. A successful event entails comfort and making your guests feel welcome.

When you are planning for an event, whether it will be huge or just small, having fun is the most imperative thing to remember. You can have dreams about a lavishing party, with the most sumptuous foods and tablescape, but at the end of it all, the paramount thing is that you are having fun as well as your guests and enjoying the company. The point is to enjoy and celebrate the celebration, and it means everyone in the event should be celebrating.

Planning events, regardless of the purpose and guests, requires putting into consideration some of the basic tips for a successful event. You would not want to have some people feeling left out in your party. The perfect event is not the one with the most expensive venue, food, drinks, and décor; rather it is the one, which is diverse. You may require expert help for the best results in your event planning. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company, which is based in New York City. A party should be all encompassing in all its aspects to ensure every guest fits in well. Twenty Three Layers understands that well, and it is based on full-service operation with the most creative and energetic minds in the industry.

Twenty Three Layers offers a full spectrum of full-service event planning ranging from enchanting evening events for personal celebration to stylish and unique corporate functions. Twenty Three Layers will offer you with worry-free, unmatched and fun experience for your event. They offer professional venue selection, catering, floral design, lighting, photography, entertainment, branding, production, fabrication, styling, and custom printing and workshops services.


Securus Video Visitation Closes Long Distance Family Gaps

For decades there has been a national push to bridge the distant gap among incarcerated parents and children, and Securus video visitation is leading the effort. “Long distance bonds have been stretched and are emotionally demanding on children,” says one associate. Of course parents can remain in touch but the physical presence of a parent can only be closely modeled by video chatting.

Time is almost certainly the biggest obstacle when preparing to visit an inmate. You must adjust life’s priorities to find the time to visit during pre-selected days, and for children, this can mean giving up activities. Securus video visitation is the answer to these obstacles. Mobile visitations have removed the age-old agony of traveling to visit an inmate with the convenience of on-the-go video chatting. Users of the service can chat on their computer or mobile device. But what really makes Securus video visitation a standout — aside from the convenience — is the ability to connect with children, seven days a week. As anyone who has taken a child for a visit at a prison knows, the travel combined with the wait in lines doesn’t factor in any homework time, and before you know it, the hour long visit is over. Video visitation eliminates those limitations and offers inmates the opportunity to chat at any time. Arguably, that’s the most exciting piece of the innovative technology.

Determining The Worth Of Your Video Visitation

Ask the majority of families to choose jail visits or select Securus video visitation and there’s no question which option they’ll pick. Constant access works out great for families, and incarcerated parents get to keep a vested interest in their child’s schoolwork, but school is just one example where video visitation becomes an advantage.

Imagine an incarcerated parent being able to see a birthday party, a school concert or a child’s sporting event via the Securus video visitation. Parent’s no longer have to hear about these events because they can be there. This type of innovation eliminates barriers that use to break families apart. Instead video chatting maintains connections and keeps incarcerated parents in the loop.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.