Bob Reina Introduces The Latest Version Of Live Meetings

The CEO of Talk Fusion has introduced the latest version of one of his company’s apps, Live Meetings. Bob Reina said that the latest version is built around WebRTC and features a host of improvements. The announcement by Reina was made through an online broadcast.

The new version of Live Meetings has numerous improvements that make it both more convenient and more powerful. One of the best features is that it no longer requires any separate downloads and instead works through your browser. All of the browsers are supported. It can now support 15 hosts and each meeting can have 500 people in it. Bob Reina also said that Live Meetings can be used on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Another improvement in the new version is that the video and audio and sharper and better than ever. He also said that there are waiting rooms for hosts so that they can make sure everything is set up properly before the meeting begins. The interface has been overhauled so that it’s even easier to use, even for beginners, and security has been enhanced so that unauthorized users are kept out.

Bob Reina is also the founder of Talk Fusion. He has over 20 years of experience selling products and services and 10 years experience as an executive. The product that launched his company was Video Email. He came up with the idea of being able to send emails with videos in them rather than through a link. Businesses around the world now use this product to advertise their products.

Beyond operating Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is also a dedicated philanthropist. He gives money to a wide variety of nonprofits but his favorite type of charity is those that support animals. Among the animal charities he has financially supported is the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has also supported an Indonesian orphanage. The associates around the world that sell Talk Fusion’s apps are also able to give their favorite charity the entire suite of Talk Fusion apps so that they can better meet the mission of the nonprofit. Learn more:




Is Mighty Fortress Church the Place For You?

Mighty Fortress Church is a faith based church based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They believe that the only way to heaven is through receiving of Jesus Christ, the one and only son of God. The Holy Bible is the final word and the subject for all of Bishop Thomas Williams’s teachings. Other beliefs include water baptisms, partaking of communion or the Lord’s Supper as it is often referred and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. View the interactive map at

The goal of Mighty Fortress Church is to train Christians to perform the work of Christ here on Earth and serve the community in which they exist. Spreading the gospel is also of high importance to the church. To help them achieve these goals, they offer various programs and resources. They offer children’s ministry and education for children from four to twelve years old. Training is provided for individuals interested in worship arts. Other ministries of Mighty Fortress Church include: music, married couple’s, singles, men’s, woman’s and youth ministries.

Mighty Fortress Church boasts a ‘come as you are’ attitude and welcomes everyone to worship with them. Worship is a time to experience the presence of God and people are encouraged to express themselves freely. The sermons are meant to be practical and assist members in the way to a victorious life. The setting of the services are informal and congregates are encouraged to be relaxed. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The senior pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop T. R. Williams. Bishop Williams’s received seminary training from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication as well as a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from North Central University and Bethel University, respectively. Bishop Williams’s wife Mrs. Sabrina Williams serves beside him along with their three children. Throughout his ministry of over 30 years, Bishop Williams has served in many capacities, the most recent being the Senior Pastor and president of Mighty Fortress International Ministries.


Lime Crime & Its Pursuit To Greatness

Expansion is a big part of doing business, especially if the company has become a huge success. Yes, you can continue to serve your demographic and market, but there is plenty of untapped potential for growth in other regions. This notion just so happens to be the dilemma for what Lime Crime is facing. The company already has a huge audience here in the states, but if it wants to expand, the company will have to reach out across the globe. China has one of the biggest fashion markets on earth, but it is also the biggest counterfeit market. This has become a problem for all popular brands because consumers are purchasing replicas of lesser-quality.

Lime Crime decided to team up with another e-commerce company to get over the hump. When doing business in foreign markets, there are a number of issues that can arise. This includes taxes, managing duties, transportation logistics and customer inquiries. On top of that, there is a specific mandate that’s in effect for shipping cosmetics into China, which goes against Lime Crime’s policy. For wholesale shipping, the mandate states that any cosmetics that are being sold at wholesale-rates must be tested on animals. Since Lime Crime is certified vegan, this idea isn’t plausible. To by-pass this annoyance, Lime Crime partnered with Resolve, which is a Los Angeles e-commerce company. Resolve already had similar goals in mind and this combination helped to launch Lime Crime in China.

China just so happens to be the “knock-off” capital of the world and Lime Crime hasn’t been spared. Kim Walls, the company’s global general manager, stated that “over a million of the brand’s popular lip-topper had already been counterfeited.” With this mind, the dynamic duo had to do a bit of damage control via marketing. Lime Crime used Resolve’s immense e-commerce hub to bring in potential customers. This hub proved that this is the official products of the official brand and that anything else was surely a fake. Hopefully, Lime Crime’s approach will payoff in dividends as well as repeat customers.

What Would You Do To Be Rich? Nick Vertucci Could Get You There

Becoming wealthy is the dream of almost every American, but fulfilling this dream is a challenge that few ever accomplish. What is the reason for that? Of course, there are millions of factors that prevent most from reaching the financial top, but one of the biggest is a lack of connections and know-how. Not many ever make the effort to change their life positively, and earning good money is simply impossible without doing so. Real estate is a prime market to enter, but to truly excel in property selling is another matter entirely. Fortunately, Nick Vertucci, an expert in the field, offers world-class insight and education through his real-estate academy.

Nick Vertucci genuinely knows what it means to start from the bottom. When his father died an untimely death in Vertucci’s early years, his mother was forced to try and earn for the entire family. Vertucci found himself living out a car at the ripe age of 18. He was able to eventually fight himself out of these dire circumstances through a stint of success selling computer parts, and during this time, he started living the prosperous family life everyone dreams of. Unfortunately, the business did not sustain itself through the dot-com crash, and he quickly found him and his family careening back down to poverty. However, Nick Vertucci’s fortunes changed when a friend invited him to a real estate conference. The information that Vertucci learned here was extremely valuable to him, and he ultimately was able to take this knowledge and become an expert in the field.

Today, Nick Vertucci offers an incredible service – he hosts the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, where people come from around the world to hear his stories and become more capable in real estate. The academy offers endless value to those who attend, but most importantly, it provides two essential elements to becoming successful: connections and expertise. Both are available in spades at the academy, and anyone can try it out through the academy’s free workshops. These workshops travel the country; they have been held in Orlando, Los Angeles, and Dallas, and continue to be offered regularly.

If you have interest in “making it big” in real estate, you owe it to yourself to check out Nick Vertucci and his academy. Success might just be a step away, and you’d be a fool to not see what you are capable of with the right help.

Nick Vertucci Helps People Maximize Earnings for Real Estate Investing

There are a lot of people that are looking at the possibilities of investing in real estate, and it appears that investors like Nick Vertucci would be the perfect source of information for all that want to thoroughly know the real estate industry.

It goes without saying that there are many facets to real estate for people to consider. The housing market is always changing, and tons of people are moving. It is evident that there are many opportunities to sell and rent homes, but there are also commercial properties that can help people make a lot of money as well. Vertucci is all about showing people the ropes. He wants people to have a better understanding of the real estate market and what it takes to be successful. This is why he created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Nick has been able to build a very successful career by keeping people abreast of what they need to know when it comes to investing in real estate. Nick has proven that he has done to trial and error, and he knows what successful investors need to know. Nick Vertucci is all about helping people get a grip on how they can build up their real estate portfolio with multiple properties that can generate income regularly. The most common way to do this is by renting houses that have been fixed up, but people that invest in multiple properties could also flip homes and sell these properties for substantially more than they paid for the property.

There are new opportunities awaiting for people that want to engage in investing. It just all comes down to the work that a person is willing to put into the project that they acquire.

The real estate market is something that can grow in different areas at different times. This is why he believes that real estate investors should be familiar with the city and how commercial property are growing. This is going to dictate how the residential property is growing as well. Nick Vertucci can provide information real estate with his educational seminars.

Learn more about Nick Vertucci:

Never Fear Neurocore is Here

Neurocore is a company that was founded in 2004. The company deals with ways to help children and adults suffering from disorders. Some of the disorders that are treated are ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders as well. The company has nine centers in Michigan and Florida. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore is a company that uses noninvasive procedures in order to help their patients. Neurocore uses brain assessments in order to help treat their patients. This is data that can be used to try to help others maintain a healthy and happy life. One of the most challenging diseases that Neurocore deals with is depression. Here are a few facts that may change the way a person can look at depression and its causes.

One fact that should be noted is that suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people. In 2014 there was a suicide every twelve minutes but there are many survivors of suicide as well. Depression in young people is a major factor. Gerring young people to talk about what is bothering them is a single young people can fight the power of depression. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

A second fact to take a look at is that depression is the leading cause of disability for people aged fifteen to forty-four. This was in a study by the World Health Organization. Depression can take a toll on the daily lives of people. There is also an economic cost to depression. It ranks in the top three reasons why so much time is lost at work.

The final fact to keep in mind is the serious lack of funding needed to treat depression and the effects of the disease. Depression is a disease that is kept under the radar. Breast cancer gets much more funding than depression even though the same number of people die from both diseases. Funding is a critical source for Neurocore and other companies unlock the key to solving the complicated puzzle of depression.

Neurocore is on the cutting-edge of treatment for depression. With the hard work of research, a cure can be found.


Greg Secker, a successful Businessman in the UK

Secker is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, professional trader as well as an international speaker. He was born on February 18th, 1975 in Norfolk England. As part of his higher education, he studied at the University of Nottingham where he pursued Agricultural and food sciences. While studying, he developed an interest in trade.

His career took a stepping stone in the mid-90s at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he worked as a trading technologist. His expertise in innovation earned him an honorary, British Telecom Award after he created a virtual trading desk for online forex trading.

When he was 25, Greg was given a chance to serve as the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. He interacted with financial traders thus gaining experience in a field that would get him to riches.

He retired from Mellon in 2003 and implemented his skills to become a full-time trader at the comfort of his home. After three months of determination, Greg launched his own company, Learn to Trade. This was his greatest achievement over the time.

As the years passed, Greg’s Company has gained global popularity with offices in London, South Africa, Philippines and Australia. This has enabled more than 200,000 people to access information on trading through workshops and seminars.

Learn to Trade has garnered various prizes among them the Best Educator by World Finance Magazine in 2012 and 2013. It has also been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

Greg is a great philanthropist. This is because he has been influential to people worldwide by finding solutions to important issues. His efforts of creating awareness were phenomenal.

In 2010, Greg introduced the Greg Secker Foundation to the world. This foundation is non-profit since its core focus was to improve the living standards of people through various programmes such as The Christmas Bucket Brigade.

Greg Secker Foundation also helped in rebuilding home after the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. This has brought people together by teaching them the art of giving especially to the less fortunate. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Child Adoption And The Happiness Of Belonging To A Family

When Tammy and Drew Waltz adopted four siblings at once, reactions of joy and amusement traversed freely among family members and friends.



Thirty-one year old Tammy Waltz and her husband Drew had hosted three brothers aged 8,9 and 11 as well as their 13-year-old sister at their North Carolina home for five weeks during Christmas in 2016. Through this time, they formed a bond that made the house feel empty when the children left for Eastern Europe after the visit.



The couple video recorded their bold move asking friends and families to send a message to the kids before announcing that they would be adopting them. The children’s new great-grandma was elated and could not hide her tears of joy on the news.



Interestingly, none of the children speak English and the Waltzes use the Speak and Translate app to communicate with them. They are now waiting to for the court date to finalize the adoption.



Elsewhere, the Canadian government will pay a hefty price for illegal adoptions of indigenous children by non-native families, facilitated by social workers. This was done through an adoption program that ranged for over two decades ending in the late 1980s.



The government will pay a total of 750 million Canadian dollars to more than 30,000 affected people. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised that the Canadian government would improve its relationships with the indigenous people, pointing to some of the injustices committed by previous regimes.



The adaptation program had been introduced ostensibly to provide social services to indigenous children. However, without being properly equipped with the cultural aspects of the aboriginal, indigenous communities, social workers separated children from their families, some ending up in faraway places such as Europe and New Zealand.



Historically, the separation of children from their families was a system to reduce the population of the indigenous people. It was commonly known as the Sixties Scoop because the children were literary “scooped” from their families and communities.


Connecticut Foster and Adoption Organizations Try To Raise Awareness

Being a foster parent, and adopting a child, is two of the most significant ways to show compassion and love. One town wants to raise awareness about the growing need for foster and adoptive homes. The Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Coalition Team of Connecticut is hosting a special event to raise awareness to the ever-growing demand. With more than 428,000 children in the US foster care system, help is needed.


On Saturday, the United Church of Christ at 283 Main St. in Sandbury, will hold the event. Here, several agencies and supports from many communities will gather to answer questions from prospective families. The various organizations will have informational booths set up to help people understand the process and to learn what they need to do.


Unlike international adoption, domestic adoption comes with financial assistance and little to no out of pocket costs. Many people hear horror stories about foster care and adopting and shy away from this, even though their heart tells them to help a child. The few stories that leak into the news are always about the dysfunctional and often downsides of the system. However, it seems like the good things are never mentioned.


This event will help to boost the number of foster and adoptive homes in Connecticut. The Department of Job and Family Services will be on-site to help families register. The free training is very informative and required. Though, foster parents are reimbursed for their time. Fostering-to-adopt is the easiest way to adopt a child in the United States. It allows a child to be placed into a home for six months or more and the family can decide whether to move forward with making the child a permanent part of their family.


Last year’s event was a smashing success, and the number of fostering and adoptive parents increased. The demand is still high. The organizations hope that they will see even better results, this year, from a higher turnout.

The Biracial Word Of Adoption

The Adoption Of The First Child

Recently, did an article about a young couple that decided to make the decision to adopt children. Meg St-Esprit is a freelance writer who lives in Pittsburgh. She and her husband decided that they wanted to find their own religion. They went on a search for God, and they found a church that they really loved. After getting acquainted with the members of the church, St-Esprit and her husband began the process of adopting their first child. Their son was a local blue-eyed, blond haired boy. All of the members of the church were happy for the family. The church members congratulated them , cried with them, hugged them, and made Meg St-Esprit and her husband feel like heroes for adopting such a beautiful child.


Adopting Black Children

Meg St-Esprit wrote an article about the different experience that she and her husband had after adopting adopting two black children. St-Esprit felt like the members of her church had rejected her black babies, and she was very surprised that many of them showed racist attitudes. It was something that she never realized because she is a white woman herself who does not have a prejudice bone in her body. Because of so many racist comments that were directed towards her children, St-Esprit and her husband decided to move to a new area. The family also found a new accepting church.


My Take On The Experience

The experience of Megan St-Esprit and her husband is deeply saddening and also moving. It shows that there are many people who are hiding racist feelings, but it also shows that people like Meg St-Esprit and her husband exist as well. They are amazing people who truly do not see race; they only see love and hope. It is wonderful to read a story about people who are so open and loving. I hope that St-Esprit and her family find peace in their new church and acceptance in their new location.