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Ashley Brasier Career and Partnership with Lightspeed Management Company

During her time at Stanford school of business, Ashley Brasier had made up her mind to operate in the consumer technology. Following the women perspective, Ashley Brasier decided to pursue Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. She was taught by expert lecturers including Fern Mandelbaum and Anne Raimondi who inspired her to change the course. During her class time, Ashley Brasier acquired significant knowledge and skills that would enable her to pursue different VC opportunities. Before joining Stanford Business School Ashley Brasier was a senior category manager at Thumbtack company. The company was located in San Francisco; it was a local level startup business. Ashley Brasier contributed much to the events and wedding categories. She was dedicated and inventive to promote the growth of the company.

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Despite the difficulty to find job opportunities, Ashley Brasier applied the craftsman spirit that enabled her to be more patient and persistent to see the right career match for herself. Ashley Brasier joined the Lightspeed Venture Partner. The Lightspeed is a global management company that deals with clean technology, internet sectors, communications, wireless enterprise infrastructure, digital media among others. Ashley Brasier has led to the establishment of Ashley Lightspeed Venture that helps a wide range of customers all over the world.

Ashley Lightspeed Venture has led to the rapid growth in the company. Recently, the company announced that it has about 26 active partners and approximately $1.05 billion third growth fund. Lightspeed Venture partners have started the US-based female investment partner that includes Ashley Brasier.

Ashley has formulated new solutions for the company that will ensure smooth running and rapid growth. She has gained the knowledge on how to apply the skills learnt during her past experiences to real life situation. She also uses the expertise acquired during her reign at Bain as the senior consultant to understand the needs of all clients.

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