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Steve Ritchie, A Papa John’s Gem


Where pizza is concerned, clients usually prefer a company that has the fastest delivery as well as staff that has a good rapport with the clients. Papa John’s Incorporation can be said to have mastered all there is to in business, and things got even better with Steve Ritchie at the helm of its leadership.

Papa John’s is currently the third largest pizza delivery franchise in the United States of America, and it has its headquarters in Kentucky, Jefferson town. Steve Ritchie was named the Chief Executive Officer in the year 2018, and this was after he ascended to the position of president three years before.

Why Steve Ritchie Is the Best Option for Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie is the most qualified leader for the revered pizza franchise. He began working with the restaurant in the year 1996 starting off as a mere service representative, but this did not deter him. He continued working hard, and as a result of his efforts, Steve Ritchie quickly rose up the leadership ranks, and by 2006 he was the franchise owner.

His tenacity and leadership skills have been evidenced in every position he has held in the outfit because he never fails to deliver. Steve Ritchie’s efforts and expertise are hard to miss, and he proved this in the year 2013 when he was named among the top 40 Louisville Business First’s under the age of 40.

Steve Ritchie is passionate about his work and role in the Papa John’s restaurant, and he strongly believes in teamwork and maintaining a good and amicable relationship with clients.

A company individual made some disturbing and unsettling remarks to the public. The statements had some discriminatory and even racial undertones which sparked and angered clients. Steve Ritchie stepped forward and took responsibility by apologizing to the public. His apology was earnest and touching, and it was appreciated.


Steve Ritchie is a gem and should be lauded for all his successes, those he has accomplished and those that are yet to come.E

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