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Article About OneLogin

The Modernized Security System Provider

Many enterprises are looking into modernizing their identity and access by their employees into their system. OneLogin has helped in the road to modernization by creating ease, to the people working at the department of Information Technology of different countries. The main reasons pushing people to find easy way of managing access is because they are less costly and require little resources.

To begin with, hidden costs are the cause of falling back of enterprises. They include on premises infrastructure which is the cost of upkeep of IT hardware, the electricity cost and the air conditioning system. Another one is subscription and maintenance costs which may amount to thousands of dollars annually. Moreover, finding and maintaining personnel that can keep products such as Oracle Access Manager. When the web access systems reach the end of life, the support and maintenance of staff start shrinking.

In addition, security concern is another thing they offer, inflexible security does not allow for update of security details. Their security vulnerability due to complexity id great. Once deployment has been completed, the Information Technology Administration are highly unlikely to make changes because of the complex systems that ones cracked could leave holes for security bridge in the enterprise.

Furthermore, lost productivity too is a concern. Updating of software causes power outages and server downtime, which leads to wastage of time and resources. To release updates and new applications, it requires coordination between the developers and TechOps leading to lost productivity, due to slowed time for it to reach the market.

OneLogin provide the following solutions to the management of Access and Identity in enterprises. First it reduces intensive requirements of resources such as infrastructure and personnel. It also creates a centralized system where all users are unified under one access. OneLogin also increases secure access to the Information Technology department. In conclusion it improves productivity as users get both on-premises applications and SaaS application.

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