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Ara Chackerian and Helping Upgrade Healthcare

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, who has worked tirelessly to bridge “the gap between technology and healthcare”. Mr. Chackerian’s home base is San Francisco, California, where he is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. This company invests in early-stage start-up healthcare companies. Start-up companies such as “Pipeline Rx, and “BMC Diagnostics” , are 2 of the companies he helped co-found. Healthcare and technology are the areas that Mr. Chackerian concentrates work. Not only in these fields, he has supported in environmental and youth causes.

Mr. Chackerian is an investor in a company called “Limonapa Teak”, in Nicaragua. This company is environmentally friendly in their agricultural practices. Limonapa Teak employs local residents and provides good pay and benefits. Mr. Chackerian has created his career with the philosophy instilled by his parents to “think hard about life when creating new ideas”. He has concentrated this on working to make healthcare more streamlined with improved patient outcomes.

His company, TMS Health Solutions, have worked to create outpatient diagnostic radiology centers to help patients who suffer from depression receive treatment with a new device called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMC). This device was approved the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 2008 to help treat medication resistant depression alon with medication and talk therapy. So far, 7 new facilites have been created in the San Francisco and Bay Area.

Mr. Chackerian has spent his career in the healthcare field and hopes to be instrumental in the future digital healthcare trend. Telemedicine and digital health applications can help people gain access to healthcare that may not always be available and this is where he works the hardest. He has great dedication to helping others either through helping improve healthcare or helping improve the environment by investing and partnering with non-profit groups to accomplish this task.

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