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Angela Braniff Opens Up About Adopting Twins

Angela and Christopher Braniff are the proud parents of seven children. The couple has two biological children and five adopted children. Their two biological daughters are 9 and 11. They have a 4-year-old adopted son, a 6-year-old adopted son and a 6-year-old adopted daughter. They also have twin daughters, who joined the family back in July.

Angela stated that the family is always tired because of the children. Christopher stated that life with seven children is crazy. Angela suffered from severe morning sickness during her pregnancies. They were inspired to adopt after watching “Adoption Stories.”

Noah is the first child that the couple adopted. He comes from Congo and was adopted in 2012. Jonah was adopted in Florida. Both Noah and Jonah are black. The couple decided to adopt another black child because they did not want the Noah to be the only one.

Rosie was the next child that the couple adopted. She is from China and has Down Syndrome. She has the same birthday as Angela. The couple stated that they took it as a sign that they were meant to adopt Rosie.

Christopher and Angela wanted to conceive again, but they had problems. They turned to embryo adoption. This is a process where unused embryos are donated to another person. Angela stated that passing on her genes was not important to her. That is why they did not mind adoption. They never expected to get twins.

The twin girls’ names are Amelia and Ivy. The couple stated that their house is chaotic, but they are enjoying every moment of it. They stated that their family looks different to everyone. However, it is normal to them.

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