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An Ethical Adoption Question

People often have many questions about adoption. Many people wonder about the legal ramifications of the adoption process. For example, how exactly does one go about legally adopting a child from a developing country? After legal concerns, many people have financial questions. People want to know who much it costs to travel, complete the necessary paperwork, and take care of all of the other issues surrounding an adoption. These are all important things to consider. However, few people ever stop to ask some of the ethical questions regarding adoption.

Thankfully, questions about adoption ethics do get asked and answered from time to time. For example, one writer recently fielded an ethical question regrading the feelings of the biological parent. The question was simple. What if the biological parents never want to see the child he or she gave up for adoption? Many parents allow their son or daughter to be adopted anonymously. It can come as a surprise when the same parents realize their child, now an adult, has somehow tracked them down. Is it a violation of ethics to simply want to have nothing to do with the adult child?

The writer answering the question didn’t believe so. However, many commentators on the article believed otherwise. While biological parents can chose to remove themselves from parenting a child, they are still the ones responsible for creating that life in the first place. The commentators argued this prohibits the biological parents from having the moral authority to write off their adult child merely as a casual acquaintance from long ago. Rather, the biological parents still have an ethical responsibility to be cordial and maintain some semblance of a relationship. However, as in all ethical questions, opinions differ.

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