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Amy Duggar Offers To Adopt Turpin Children

Amy Duggar-King, who is the cousin of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, recently stated that she would be interested in adopting the Turpin children. David and Louise Turpin subjected their children to horrific abuse. Many people stated that Amy’s statement was just a publicity stunt. However, she stated that she was serious. Amy also said that she would take in all 13 children, whose ages ranged from 2 to 29, if she had enough money and space.

Amy said that she was hurt when she saw the case on television. She also stated that anyone who abuses animals and children should be hung by their toenails. Amy said that she would take the children in and show them the love that they had never experienced. She can relate to the children’s story. She has also suffered horrific abuse at the hands of the father. She revealed this when she appeared on “Marriage Bootcamp.”

David and Louise Turpin’s children were severely malnourished. They were also subjected to physical and mental abuse. The abuse went unnoticed for years until the 17-year-old daughter decided to call the police. The neighbors caught glimpses of what was going on. However, the couple was private, so many people had no idea of what they were doing.

The community saw one of the children at the neighborhood Christmas party. The man was in his 20s, but he looked like he was still a teenager. The children’s classmates also took note of their strange behavior. One of the girl’s classmates stated that she was frail and wore the same clothes every day. The girl was also bullied by her classmates because they stated that her clothes had a funny smell.

Over $400,000 have been raised for the children.

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