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Alex Hern

Who is Alex Hern?

Alex HernAlex Hern is the Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR. He is well known for his innovations. Alex Hern is a serial entrepreneur whose primary focus has been on start-ups and technology companies’ incubation. His experience in entrepreneurship spans over twenty-five years. He has had successes in the past and Tsunami XR is no different.

What His Expert Hands Can Do

Alex Hern’s focus is mostly directed towards solving technological problems such as cyber security and most recently, the application of the new technology to solve real-world problems. Tsunami XR is using Augmented Reality technology to train firefighters in California to manage fires that break out in that state better. This latest addition to the firefighters’ training kit enables real-life simulation hence making preparation for similar situations in real life easier. An example is plane fires, oil depot fires, and forest fires simulation. Aside from that, the program incorporates a bio-sensing nano-fiber vest which is able to measure the trainees’ ECG readings and enables their vitals to be monitored.

Hern’s Successes and Career History

Alex Hern’s first company was Inktomi. He had a license to the characters of Marvel Universe and by combining it with DARPA funded technology at UC Berkeley, Inktomi was formed. Alex Hern had a goal to make a search engine that was safe for kids. Inktomi served as the search technology for Yahoo, MSN, AOL among others. He co-founded other start-ups and served as their directors for a while. One such company is Yesmail, an email marketing, and web directory, now known as ModulusLink Global Solution. Another is Military Commercial Technologies, a technology incubator funded by Lockheed and L-3. ArcSight, a cybersecurity company and Cloud Shield, a network security company are the two security companies he founded and served as their director.

Alex Hern also served in boards of Triton Network Systems, NewHomes.com and Zoro Knowledge Systems.

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