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Alex Hern, The CEO Of Tsunami XR Leads The Pack To A Billion Dollar Tech Future

Alex HernAccording to Alex Hern, in an article done by Accesswire, and one of the main figures behind virtual reality technology and the CEO of Tsunami XR based in San Diego. Virtual Reality Technologies are offering new opportunities for growth, cost control, and improved workspace. This new software is breaking barriers between the physical and digital world. Virtual Reality is allowing businesses to economize workspace and thus helping to encourage productivity within their workforce.

Businesses based on virtual reality technology utilizes unique concepts and ideas to put these merging worlds right in the consumers’ hands, providing consumers with an interactive experience. Also, the businesses can receive immediate feedback through guided virtual walks and respond more quickly to clients demands, according to Alex Hern on Accesswire. As for the breathtaking rise of augmented reality and virtual reality market the staggering figures put the reach of these technology-driven worlds at 94.4 billion by 2023, according to an article appearing on Yahoo! Finance.

Alex Hern believes in the technology behind the virtual reality world. As a founder of Strategic Acquisition Ventures, co-founder, co-chief executive Officer, and co-chairman at Tsunami XR, Alex has developed a keen understanding of business as an entrepreneur. Mr. Hern is also the Co-Founder and served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom). He has an extensive background with over 25 years experience in the business world. As for what is to be expected in the augmented reality world, Alex Hern has proven he knows what the consumer will want next.

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