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Alex Hern: An Interview of Insights

AlexAlex Hern Hern has continued running his business along side co-founder David Ross. As the head CEO and visionary of the company, Hern awaits the opportunities that are opening with computers going from CPU to GPU capabilities. He knows there will be a huge need for brand new platforms and intriguing software to emerge within the industry. For Hern, he makes it a point to move Tsunami XR, formerly Tsunami VR, way into the future by practicing concentration at least 4 to 5 hours a day. He states it is essential to obtaining and realistically reaching set goals. His business must stay on its toes and remain innovative to stay ahead of the competition.

He has also shared his strong opinion when it comes to many people wanting to multitask. He says its only slows us down and can harm our performances. Hern makes it a habitat to maintain a focus at night when drumming up ideas. For hiHern says if had to take a sm, there is less distraction and disturbances he has to worry about.

As Alex Hern watches the world change and evolve, Artificial Intelligence has really caught his attention and excitement. The additional technology he says is also fascinating to him is cloud-base computing that involves graphic processing and machine learning. The one thing that makes Hern stay productive is focus. He shares that this is the way one can reach, most, if not all of their goals. He adds that we all have a tendency to think its fairly easy to maintain our focus, but most time it can be a difficult task.


tep back and look in the past when he was younger, he would tell that person to not rush through things and take his time. Long-term decisions should come from this type of discipline.

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexhern

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