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Cambridge Goes Green With Help From Agera Energy

When it came time for Cambridge, Massachusetts to renew their electricity provider, they looked to a company that would not only provide more solar energy required by the state but with a company that will provide electricity at a lower cost. Cambridge signed an 18-month contract with Agera Energy. This move of bypassing the traditional basic electricity services offered to a town and searching for a better outside source is growing, and Cambridge jumped on the train when they reached out to Agera Energy.

The state of Massachusetts requires by law that 12 percent of energy must come from renewable sources. Cambridge had the goal to use more solar energy and to go 25 percent above what the state regulates for renewable sources. Solar energy is the only renewable source that makes sense for Cambridge. Other options such as hydro and windmills are not an option. Agera Energy was able to help Cambridge reach their goal.

Agera Energy started in January 2014 at the time the country was experiencing one of the coldest winters. Households were scrambling to pay their energy bills. Agera Energy was able to step up and provide clean energy at reasonable costs.


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