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Agera Financial Names its Newest Executive

Agera Energy has announced that it will name a new executive to its management team. The company chief executive officer Geoff Duda announced that the company will hire longtime financial executive Mark Linzenbold to take over as the company’s chief financial officer. With the hiring of Linzenbold, Agera Energy will now have an experienced and seasoned executive to help manage all of the financial operations of the company. Mark brings many years of experience to Agera Energy as a top executive. He has held a number of positions that have allowed him to demonstrate his leadership and expertise. Before becoming the new chief financial officer at Agera Energy, Mark held a few notable executive level positions. These included Vice President of Finance and Business Development and corporate controller. He has worked at a couple other top companies in the energy sector including Strategic Energy and Direct Energy. While at these companies, he helped them become leading organizations in the energy sector.

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