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Adoptive Parent Discusses Journey With Fertilization Treatments

In an article which was recently published by the BBC News Outlet, an adoptive parent discussed her lengthy journey through infertility, depression, hope, in vitro fertilization treatments, and the adoption process. The article was published as a part of the BBC’s effort to highlight adoption as a worthy choice for American families. In 2017, it was revealed that more than 200,000 children were waiting, during any given year, to be adopted by loving and supportive parents. The combination of declining birth rates, a higher age of adulthood among Americans, and a higher projected income among the current generation of young adults has made adoption a more likely option for families that it has been in half a century. Because of these combined factors, several families who have adopted children within the last decade or so have been asked to discuss the factors that led them to adoption and the adoption process.

Sophie S. of Philedelphia and her husband Johney had longed for a child since they wed in the early 2000s, but like many American families, they felt it best to become settled in their careers before introducing children to their tiny family. After spending years building carers and enjoying the married life without children, the couple finally decided that the time was right to introduce children into their home. After trying for two years, however, Sophie realized that there was a problem with the natural process between the the two of them. The couple sought out a professional opinion and quickly leaned that in vitro fertilization would be one of the only ways that they could achieve a viable pregnancy. The couple’s hopes of creating a family were dashed with this new realization. After all, they were an average American family who had not saved the funds to pay for the expensive in vitro fertilization process.

After struggling through depression as a couple and later resolving to personally fund the in vitro process, the couple attempted six treatments before choosing to adopt. Sophie and Johney are now the proud parents of a 5 year old adopted daughter.

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