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Adopted son finds his biological brother through DNA testing

Adopted brothers and sisters sometimes never meet each other. Although this is sad, there are times when adopted brothers or sisters meet in adult life, with or without the intervention of their adopted or biological parents. Kieron Graham did not expect to find his long lost relatives, but his adopted mother gave him a 23andme DNA kit. He took the test and the results showed the political science major at at Kennesaw University. The test results came back. It showed him that his closest living relative, his brother, was a man named Vincent. As it turns out, Vincent was also studying political science at Kennesaw University, according to babble.com

The pair met up quickly and reconnected. The discovery also gave Vincent a chance to meet his biological parents. Graham’s adoptive mother’s gift gave him a chance to reconnect to to his birth parents and find out more about his family and his heritage. Kieron says he held no hostility towards the family of his birth, and that he just wanted to meet them.

The test results gave the adoptive son a chance to meet his other siblings as well. DNA testing kits have been an interesting way of proving ancestry and seeing if a family’s genealogies align with the genetic information. Stories of adoptive families reuniting are becoming more common because of the services offered by these companies.

23andme and similar DNA testing services made headlines earlier this year. Although it was barely noticed in the controversy over Chancellorsville, many white supremacists were using the tests to prove their racial purity. The results seldom came back the way the white supremacists using the tests would have liked. Few people have the pure heritage the white supremacists say is necessary.

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