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Adopted Burn Victim Becomes A Mother

Annie Price is a 32-year-old personal trainer who lives in London. She is still scarred from the burns that she suffered as an infant. She was severely burned when a caravan that she was living in caught on fire. Her grandmother managed to rescue her from the van.

Doctors did not expert Annie to survive for more than two days. However, she defied all odds. She eventually recovered and was adopted by a traveling family. Annie’s mother suffered from postnatal depression. She passed away in 2009.

Annie recently became a mother for the first time. She gave birth to a son after spending 19 hours in labor. She had a home water birth. She took hypno-birthing classes prior to her son’s birth. She took the classes in order to alleviate the fear she had about giving birth.

Annie admitted that she was worried that her son would be bullied because of the way she looks. However, she stated that she is less worried about that since she had her son. Annie plans on taking her son to school. She no longer thinks that bullying will be an issue.

Annie has been working with a breastfeeding expert and drinking more water to increase her milk supply. Some women do not have any problems with breastfeeding. However, Annie’s son has had issues with latching.

Annie’s story has been featured on a documentary called “Annie: Out of the Ashes.” Annie was finally able to find out the truth about the caravan fire. She was always told that her mother intentionally set the van on fire in order to kill her. However, she found out that her mother most likely did not do that.

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