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A New Way To Treat Depression With Neurocore

Mental illness such as depression has remained a subject not many people like to discuss. Those who suffer from depression remain quiet and many times do not seek help because they feel embarrassed about living with the condition. There is still a social stigma associated with the illness. Patients with mental illness often feel judged and misunderstood. The only treatment options available traditionally are psychotherapy or medication. There is now a new way to treat mental illness by neurocore centers that works by targeting the brain and its responses. Neurocare centers are located in Michigan and Florida. The centers treat patients of all ages from children and adults. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Once you go to one of the neurocore center facilities, the first step in starting the program is completing an assessment. The assessment examines brainwave activity, the functioning of heart rate and includes other exams to see how the brain is functioning. It is believed that memory problems, sleep problems and depression are all caused by an imbalance in the brain electric activity. After the assessment has been completed a program is designed specifically for each patient. The program teaches the patient to change the way they think about various issues. Essentially, you are retraining the brain to respond with more positive thoughts which leads to improved overall health. After the program is completed, the patient undergoes another assessment to see if there are any changes. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore treats mental illnesses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, stress and depression. They use an approach, called neuroregulation, that is safe and effective without the use of medications. Depression ranges from mild to severe cases. Severe depression can disrupt a patient’s life and affect not only the person suffering from depression but also those around them. Symptoms of depression are not just about feeling sad. Energy levels, lack of motivation to do anything and not wanting to be around others are all signs of depression. The program can be completed in the home or at a treatment center. In addition to the custom-tailored program, counselors are available to each patient.

The treatment works by using neurofeedback. This is essentially how your brain responds to the positive reinforcement the patient is practicing. Working with breathing techniques which improve heart rate function together with the positive reinforcement to improve focus, positive changes in behavior and reduce stress. With the success of neurocore centers it proves that treating the mind will lead to overall better health.

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