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A Marriage is a Learning Experience

Getting married is something that people do because they often think that they know all that there is to know about a person. The reality is that most married people will find that they are just starting to learn things about their partner. The first year is called a honeymoon phase, but by the 7th year there is already speak of an itch to get out of the marriage. It seems strange that things would change for the worse like this, but there are reasons that this happens. The most common reasons all have to do with the fact that most people are going to marry someone that they think they know better than they really do know this person. This is where the
learning experience takes place.

The marriage can change up so much when a person presents another version of themselves. People that are getting married will often put their best food forward. This trouble with this is that they will become slackers once they marry. They may have lured their spouse down a road where they were doing things that they could not continue to do. A marriage that is built on false promises tends to fall apart all because of expectations. Sadly, most couples do not learn this until they marry.

Couples that are getting married will often find that they have to learn how their partner lives. When you have been in a home alone you tend to leave things messier than you usually would. If you do not have anybody else to account for other than yourself you may spend your money differently. These are hot-button issues that tend to come up in just about every marriage.

The Learning Experience can be good, but it is something that is hard for most people to get through. The reason for this is that very few people marry someone that they connect with as far as their backgrounds go. Most people marry someone that is the complete opposite of who they are. This may seem intriguing and sexy for a while, but in the confines of a marriage it becomes a problem. One of the big things that people will notice quickly is the differences in they way money is spent.

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