A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

A Happy Ending

For many families who choose to adopt to add to their families, it is a time that is filled with emotion on so many levels. For Millie Holloman, this rang uitwntrue. Like many who choose adoption after fostering, she wanted to celebrate the finalization. Many adoptive parents photograph the big “gotcha day” as a way to remember the moments their child first joined their family. Mille wanted to take it a step further and include all the people who played a part in bringing her daughter, Vera Wren, to her. So she brought along a letter board and a photographer, and included all the people who helped to make it possible, from the judge who performed the ceremony, to the adoption attorney, to the social worker, to various friends and family of Mille. They all held up the board that noted their particular role in helping the adoption story reach its happy ending. The series of photographs finished out with a smiling Vera Wren with the letter board noting that after 1,070 days in the foster care system, she was finally adopted!
Millie Holloman notes that she believes it takes a village to come together and raise a child. These people were her village when it meant the most. She shares the photos on her personal Facebook page and writes a little message with each one, detailing in a shortened version just how important every person in the pictures is to her adoption story. She thanks them for helping her create a happy ending and for being incredibly amazing allies for her sweet daughter. She hopes such a photo shoot helps to shed some light on adoption and how important foster families truly are in the whole process.
A happy story indeed.

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