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Explaining The Adoption Process

6,000 Children In Texas Need A Home

There were 5,000 children adopted in the state of Texas last year. Even though there were a lot of children adopted, there are still a lot of children waiting for a home. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Families, there are 6,000 children in Texas who are waiting to be adopted. The average age of a child adopted in the state of Texas is 5.


Teenagers and older children often stay in the foster care until they reach 18. Many people prefer to adopt younger children because they believe that older children are unadoptable. However, it is important for teens to have a stable household in order to grow into a productive adult.


There will be events held throughout the country this month in order to raise awareness about adoption. People will also be educated about the adoption process. How do children cope with foster care until they are adopted? What options do potential parents have in Texas? What requirements must be met in order for one to adopt in Texas? Those are some of the questions that will be answered at various events.


Jeremy Spencer, who is a police officer in San Antonio, will be speaking at one of the adoption events in Texas. He is the parent of two adopted children. Tim Gebel is a program administrator who works for the Texas Department of Families and Protective Services Region 8. He will also be speaking at one of the adoption events in Texas.


Anais Biera is the chief public relations officer for the Children’s Shelter-San Antonio. He is another one of the people who will be speaking at an adoption event.

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