A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

48-Year-Old Man Adopted

Tim Bowers is a 48-year-old grandfather. He was recently legally adopted by the Devrick family. In 1984, June and Ron Devrick were raising their two children in a small town in West Virginia. June was a cook, and Ron was a corporate controller.

During this same time, Tim was 14-years-old and essentially raising himself. He was one of eight children. However, his mother was unable to care for her children because she was a drug addict. Tim did not know who his father was. His stepfather did not help much. June would see Tim on the bench on the way to work.

The school’s basketball coach would tell June about Tim’s situation. She decided to let Tim go home with her, and he has been a part of the family ever since. Two of June and Ron’s children were teenagers at the time. They knew that bringing another teen in the house would put a drain on their budget. However, the family decided that the sacrifice would be worth it.

Tim fit in with the Devrick family. No legal action was taken, and Tim’s mother never asked for him back. Tim thrived in the Devrick household. He graduated from high school, spent two years in college and joined the Marine Corps.

Tim eventually married and had a family of his own life. However, he still remained connected to the Devrick family. Even though Tim was grown with his own family, the Devrick thought it was important to legally adopt him. Ron and June stated that having the adoption on paper solidified the bond that the family already had. Ron jokingly stated that Tim is stuck with them now.

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