Rocketship Education Is A Bright New Light in the Wilderness

Rocketship Education just might be the new model for elementary schools. Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school system that specializes in elementary education. Founded in 2006, Rocketship has placed school learning centers in numerous economically challenged communities.

In many of these communities the tax base is very small or non-existent which leaves very little to nothing that is available for schools to be built and funded. This is a terrible situation for children in these areas because they get short-changed. An educational gap is created which can never be replaced by these children, unless something extraordinary occurs.

Rocketship Education is that something for many of these communities. Once communities, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other caring adults understand what Rocketship does they become very enthusiastic.

When Rocketship Education comes into an area they work very hard to win over the community, parents, and other community leaders, and it is not difficult given the track record of Rocketship Education. It is astonishing to see the track record of Rocketship Education and when people really examine that, they are won to the cause.

Rocketship Education students (called Rocketeer) are ready for graduation a full year ahead of their peers who are attending public schools. For those who go on to middle school, which roughly 91 percent do, the Rocketeers do better in school, are more adapted to scholastic activities, do better on tests, and are more mature socially and academically, according to studies.

Rocketship Education believes that each student has an unbelievable amount of potential, but they will never be able to use it until they are taught how to unlock it. In essence, the students need to be taught how to learn.

Rocketship has a plan mapped out for each child with benchmarks that are attainable by specific paths of study and learning. Utilizing small groups, digital learning labs, and individual tutoring, the students learn how to accomplish their goals.

Rocketship Education is very positive, fun, and full of good times, and the constant encouragement that the students receive from the expert instructors, helpers, parents, and the staff is a great motivator for the students. That is why the results are so good because they just work.

Oncology Positions Are Available At The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of hospitals that provides exclusive cancer care for patients. This for-profit hospital has been around since 1988. Each Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital is staffed with highly educated and expertly trained professional staff. All staff members are all essential personnel in the fight against cancer. When it comes to fighting against this deadly disease, oncologists are the “medical soldiers” who battle on the front line. Oncologists are essential for cancer treatment. They figure out the best strategies that will be best suited for each patient. They also help to provide outstanding cancer care that will make a difference in how patients heal or manage their condition.

The CTCA is constantly looking for new and talented oncologists to join their ranks. They now have openings for these medical specialists. Remember that there are different types of oncology specialists. Oncologists work in various fields such as medical, radiation and surgery. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is in need of a gynecologic oncologist. This individual would be responsible for working with gynecology department. They will provide high quality care to people in this area of cancer treatment. Individuals who considered for this position should also have experience working with a multidisciplinary team. They will also help to develop individualized treatment plans for patients. Patients who apply for this position must have DO, MD or a foreign degree that is equivalent to this type of training.

They should also be board certified and have OB/GYN certification with a specialty in gynecology oncology. They should also have a fellowship in gynecologic oncology and have an eligibility for an Illinois medical licensure. This position from the CTCA is available at Midwestern Regional Medical Center is located in Zion, Illinois.

The Southwestern Regional Medical Center for CTCA is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This particular branch of the CTCA is in need of a medical oncologist. The requirements are the same for all oncologists, with the exception that each type must have completed a fellowship in the specialty area where they want to work. A medical oncologist applicant, they will need to have complete a fellowship in medical oncology. Medical oncologist positions are also available at the Newman, Georgia branch and at the CTCA location in Goodyear, Arizona.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides great benefits for their workers. The benefits package typically includes paid medical malpractice insurance, 401(k) plans with matching contributions and even a relocation package. They also provide other great benefits that will be made available once a person is hired for an oncology position.

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Police Officer Who Adopted Baby Will Be Invited To State of Union Address

Ryan Holets, who is a police officer in Washington D.C, made headlines back in 2017. He adopted a baby that was born to a drug-addicted homeless woman. He was invited to attend President Trump’s State of the Union Address, which will take place on January 30. Ryan is having a hard time processing this. He stated that he feels like he is in the twilight zone.

Ryan stated that he feels like it is his duty to help end drug addiction and poverty in this country. On September 23, 2017, Ryan was training a rookie officer. They had responded to a call about a convenience store robbery. Although it was a false alarm, they saw something that was serious.

Ryan noticed a woman shooting up heroin. She was eight months pregnant. He told the woman to stop because she was going to kill her baby. The woman, who is known as Champ, cried. She stated that her heroin usage was the only thing that she had control over.

Ryan stated that a voice told him to adopt the child. That is what he decided to do. Ryan and his wife Rebecca had wanted to adopt a child for a long time. Their daughter’s name is Hope. Not only did Ryan adopt the baby girl, but he also made sure that the parents were able to get into rehab. The parents checked into Mending Forces, which is a rehab center in Florida.

Ryan stated that he will be there for Hope’s birth parents if they need him. The White House stated that they hope that this adoption story will raise awareness about the opioid crisis in America.

Scott Rocklage Business Owner and Medical Investor

With over thirty years’ experience in healthcare administration, Dr. Scott Rocklage is a person to esteem and learn important life skills to make one successful. His expertise and remarkable leadership skills helped him gain approval of new drugs; Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan. Learn more:

Scott’s education background.

Scott Rocklage was awarded a bachelors degree in chemistry from the University of California, he then attained his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His career journey.

Dr.Scott has served as the CEO and chairperson of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, later on, he joined Nycomed Salutar and was appointed as the president as well as the CEO, Scott has served in many organizations as the board chairman.

Currently, Scott serves as Board Chairman in several organizations; Rennovia, Kinestral, and Cidara later in 2003 he joined 5 AM ventures.

Scott’s most current career move was joining expansion therapeutics in January 2018 as a founding member and chairman of the board of directors.

Expansion therapeutics is involved with developing and discovering drugs, the company’s main aim is to unveil the power of molecule medicines. Some of the main genetic diseases that have stirred the search for therapies and treatments include; myotonic dystrophy type I also known as DM1. This disease mostly affects adults.

To achieve success in fighting the disease, the company dedicated approximately $55.3 million, DM1 is a risky condition as it can affect an entire family, it also gets worse with the succeeding generation, and it is because of this factor that expansion therapeutics are creating medications that will help address the condition.

As the chairman of the board and a founding member of expansion therapeutics, Scott released a statement saying their lead scientist was working effortlessly to come up with a solution for the disease.

Matthew D. Disney backed Scott’s statement and confirmed that together with his team they were proud and happy to reveal that they had developed a therapy over the past 12 years and this was a significant step, Mr. Disney also vowed that his team would not stop working until the best remedy is achieved.

Hearing such words from the lead scientists in finding the cure is encouraging, now all we can do is wait and hope that all goes well.

Adopted Woman With Cancer Wants To Find Birth Parents

A 18-year-old woman from China did not know that she was adopted until she was diagnosed with cancer. The woman, whose name is Peng Xin, is now trying to find her biological parents. She needs to have a bone marrow transplant and hopes that her parents will be a match. Peng underwent a variety of tests in order to diagnose her illness. That was when she found out that her parents were not her biological parents.

Peng will receive chemotherapy, which can extend her life by up to 10 months. However, she will eventually need to get a bone-marrow transplant. Peng’s adoptive mom stated that they have raised their daughter since she was an infant. They decided to keep the adoption a secret.

The woman stated that they were not wealthy and already had two children. However, they decided to take the infant in anyway because she would not have made it. Peng’s mom stated that they never intended to tell her about the adoption. They were forced to tell Peng the truth once they found out that she needed to have a bone marrow transplant.

Peng’s classmates have put together a video sharing her story. The video has pictures of Peng growing up. They hope that the video will reach their parents. One of the classmates stated that Peng may not have know about her biological parents if it had not been for her illness.

A classmate also stated that Peng is not only dealing with the pain of her illness, but she is also dealing with an emotional setback. They also stated that they do not know how Peng will deal with this, and they want to help her.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Blake Wilson received a Father’s Day gift he is sure to never forget. His stepson, Tyler Dukes, has been in his life for seven years and wanted to show him just how much he and his ore sense meant, so for a Father’s Day gift, Tyler framed a picture of the two and added a beautifully written tribute. The tribute goes on to say that Blake has been an amazing father figure and IS as real of a dad as any. This written proof of love made an amazing gift on its own, bringing Blake to tears, but Tyler did not stop there with showing the love. Taped to the back of the frame was an envelope. When Blake opened the envelope, he found papers that proved just how incredible their relationship is. Tyler had adoption papers drawn up, making Blake his adoptive father.
It was something he had wanted for quite some time, Tyler’s mom said, as his biological father was no longer in the picture. Tyler’s old enough at the age of 20 to be considered an adult, but still, he wanted to make the adoption official, so he could take Blake’s last name officially. Tyler’s mom admits that Tyler’s biological father had chosen to leave their lives many years before and broke all contact with Tyler. He was 13 when Blake came into his life and took on the role of dad full force. It was a choice that was not always simple and easy, but proved to be worth it day in and out as the two formed a bond that went beyond blood.

Coming Home – Olympics Brings Healing to Adoptees

February 9th opens the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. While the festivities will bring athletes and spectators from across the globe, one special group will be coming home. For a group that left as orphans decades ago, this will be their first time stepping upon the shores of their homeland, and that makes these Olympic ceremonies even sweeter.

It is no secret that South Korea has had a large number of foreign adoptions since the 1950s. Beginning with the biracial lovechildren of the Korean War, others were quickly added that did not meet the expectations of the starkly conversative nation. This includes female infants, as well as children of families with more than two children and unwed mothers. The peak in South Korea’s foreign adoptions occurred around the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. The number of foreign adoptions steadily decreased after the country’s 2007 to 2013 adoption legislation which limited the number of foreign adoptions, set a five month waiting period, and encouraged home country priority adoptions.

Although adoptive parents love adopted children as their own, some adoptees still feel a desire to know about their birth families and where they came from. This need for ancestral roots is what inspired Keziah Park of the International Korean Adoptee Service to arrange the Olympic Homecoming. The week-long trip includes athletic events and seats at the Opening Ceremonies.

The trip will also include a visit with one special Olympic athlete, Marissa Brandt. Marissa understands what it is like to be an adoptee. She was adopted at four years old and moved to the US. After college, she became a dual citizen and is now playing on South Korea’s women’s ice hockey team.

Ms. Park hopes trip guests will connect with other adoptees and find the ties they’ve been looking for.

José Auriemo Neto: A Reliable Real Estate Investing Professional

Looking for an experienced and reliable real estate consultant in Brazil? Do you want to learn how to start and run a successful real estate investing or property development? If you want to get proper guidance and become successful in this fabulous field, you need to get in touch with José Auriemo Neto – one of the leading experts in the industry.

Real estate consultants play very important roles in the industry. A successful real estate investing professional can decide to offer his services to those who want to start their own business or grow their investments.

José Auriemo Neto is a successful entrepreneur and real estate professional, and he provides consultation service and you can benefit from his advice and tips. He has been working with a variety of clients for many years and is passionate about helping you succeed with your own venture.

José Auriemo Neto advises clients on property development and investment activities. Based in Brazil, José Auriemo Neto helps clients and customers buy or sell properties. He has vast experienced in the field and has access to excellent resources, which enable him to render outstanding services to meet clients’ needs.

Many beginning investors and experienced real estate professionals turn to José Auriemo Neto for expert assistance and advice pertaining to real estate investing and property development in Brazil.

A a knowledgeable and experienced real estate consulting professional, José Auriemo Neto provides research, analysis and advice to clients and customers. José Auriemo Neto works with mortgage lenders, construction material producers, investment banks, developers, property investors and builders. José Auriemo Neto also provides services to many types of entrepreneurs or investors.

When you consult José Auriemo Neto, he will review your business and investing needs and help you to implement strategies that lead to success.

Delilah Getting Ready to Adopt Her 14th Child

Delilah, who is a radio show host, is now back on the air. She took a break after her son, Zack, passed away last fall. She stated that losing Zack was hard, but it did bring the family closer together. She also stated that her daughter found out that she was pregnant before Zack died.

This is the second child that Delilah has lost in the past five years. Her son Sammy died from sickle cell anemia in 2012. Zack committed suicide after a long battle with depression. A listener asked Delilah about books that they should read in order to cope with the loss of a child. She stated that there was not any book that could help.

Delilah also stated that the suggestions that people make have not helped her. She stated that being there for someone is the only thing that can help. Delilah is getting ready to adopt her 14th child. She had three biological children and 10 adopted.

There are 487,000 children who are in foster care. Only 5 percent of these children will have a forever home. She stated that adoption has been a blessing because many of the children would not have a home. She also stated that raising her children has been her world.

Delilah has given some advice that can help people who are going through a difficult ordeal. She stated that no one should go through life sweating the small things. She stated that when you sweat the small things, you take the joy out of living. Delilah’s show comes on The Sound 94.1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. She also has a show from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Amy Duggar Offers To Adopt Turpin Children

Amy Duggar-King, who is the cousin of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, recently stated that she would be interested in adopting the Turpin children. David and Louise Turpin subjected their children to horrific abuse. Many people stated that Amy’s statement was just a publicity stunt. However, she stated that she was serious. Amy also said that she would take in all 13 children, whose ages ranged from 2 to 29, if she had enough money and space.

Amy said that she was hurt when she saw the case on television. She also stated that anyone who abuses animals and children should be hung by their toenails. Amy said that she would take the children in and show them the love that they had never experienced. She can relate to the children’s story. She has also suffered horrific abuse at the hands of the father. She revealed this when she appeared on “Marriage Bootcamp.”

David and Louise Turpin’s children were severely malnourished. They were also subjected to physical and mental abuse. The abuse went unnoticed for years until the 17-year-old daughter decided to call the police. The neighbors caught glimpses of what was going on. However, the couple was private, so many people had no idea of what they were doing.

The community saw one of the children at the neighborhood Christmas party. The man was in his 20s, but he looked like he was still a teenager. The children’s classmates also took note of their strange behavior. One of the girl’s classmates stated that she was frail and wore the same clothes every day. The girl was also bullied by her classmates because they stated that her clothes had a funny smell.

Over $400,000 have been raised for the children.