Malcolm Casselle Continues His Drive To Make The Online World Safer

The development of the Worldwide Asset eXchange is the latest part of the success achieved by technology expert Malcolm Casselle as he continues to push himself forward as one of the world’s leading experts in a range of different industrial sectors. As the CEO of WAX, Malcolm Casselle has developed a platform capable of providing a range of different services including an area dedicated to the trading and sale of items purchased Online for gaming purposes which often leave the purchaser with little option for resale. Bitcoin transactions will also form the basis of the work of Malcolm Casselle’s platform which hopes the continued development of Blockchain technology will result in a safe and secure way of trading items Online, and

There can be few individuals capable of eliciting such a favorable response to the roles they have taken on over the course of their career as Malcolm Casselle, the MIT and Stanford graduate has already built a technology-based career making him one of the most impressive individuals in the tech industry. Unlike many of his fellow technology experts, Malcolm Casselle has also developed a strong head for business which was shown when the founder of NetNoir was given the role of leading Groupon as the Online coupon Site expanded into the eastern portion of China.

In his career, Malcolm Casselle has built a powerful reputation as a business leader capable of developing his personal success alongside that seen in his business career. As a private individual, Malcolm Casselle built his reputation by identifying some of the world’s best technology investments before they hit the mainstream including a decision to invest in Facebook long before the social media boom struck. As a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Japanese, Casselle has spent a large amount of his career living and working in Asia where he made a major splash as a key executive in the development of the Hong Kong-based telecom giant, PCCW as it became a publicly traded organization, and

Business & Philanthropy: The Work of James Dondero

Chairman, President, Co-founder, philanthropist, these titles all belong to Dallas businessman James Dondero. Throughout his thirty-four year career in the finance industry, Mr. Dondero has worked from the bottom to the top while continuously giving back to the community. After graduating from the University of Virginia with honors and dual degrees in accounting and finance, Mr. Dondero worked as an analyst for the JP Morgan training program. Following this invaluable experience, he was hired by American Express as a corporate bond analyst and then a portfolio manager. From 1989 to 1993, Mr. Dondero helped lead Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary as its Chief Investment Officer, and took the company from its initial ideas into a $2 billion business. It was after this experience that James Dondero started Highland Capital. Today, Highland Capital is a leading global investment advisor for alternative credit management with approximately $13.9 billion of assets overseen by the company. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

As the President of Highland Capital, James Dondero has led the company to be both profitable and charitable. Highland Capital’s philanthropy has consisted of donations to a variety of groups and causes, such as the Dallas Zoo, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. On multiple occasions, Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital have awarded a $1 Million Challenge Grant to various nonprofits that serve those in need throughout the Dallas area. In 2014, Highland awarded the grant to Snowball Express, an organization that provides help to the children of America’s fallen soldiers. With this grant, Highland Capital announced that it would match donations up to $1 million made to Snowball Express over a period of time. Two years later, Highland Capital again announced that for six months it would be providing a $1 Million Challenge Grant to the Family Place, a Dallas organization that supports the victims of family violence. Follow James on Linkedin.

Through the grant, Highland Capital confirmed it would match 50% of all donations made to the Family Place for up to $1 million. Philanthropic efforts such as these and his financial successes show that James Dondero deserves the many titles he holds.


How Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Improves Lives

The CTCA provides information through partnering with WebMD to patients so that they can be able to navigate cancer treatment through diagnosis, treatment and caregiver support. It maximizes its treatment methods to increase the survival of patients from the disease. There are two levels that CTCA fights cancer in.

The first level includes treating the disease with technologies that have advanced options. Use of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy are used at this level. The next level includes offering supportive therapies by clinicians. These clinicians are experienced in cancer care and helps patients in managing pain, fatigue and nausea which are the side effects experienced after receiving treatment.

The use of integrated methods in treating cancer at the centers helps the patients to live quality lives. The centers make sure that their treatment leaves patients strong so that they can continue living their daily lives without strain, and

At CTCA, each patient is treated at a personalized level as cancer treatments react differently to different patients. This way, it becomes easier for patients to undergo treatment as compared to when they could have been generalized. As a result, the centers are able to understand treatment options that work best for each patient, and

The CTCA hospitals are located in major metropolitan areas and are five in number. These are the areas of Phoenix, Arizona, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta Georgia. All these centers are equipped with the modern facilities to make sure that they combat the disease giving patients a second chance, and CTCA’s lacrosse camp.

The centers provide patients with an enabling environment where they feel loved and cared for. The team of experts is always ready to offer support and assistance to patients exceedingly and at whichever time they are required to do so. These are places one should always seek treatment for cancer as they have what it takes to make life worth of living despite of suffering from the disease, and more information click here.

Brazilian Business Capitalizes from Operating State Properties

Felipe Montoro Jens is helping get some government projects auctioned off to the private sector during the second half of 2018. Fifty-seven projects in 22 sectors were scheduled to be added to the private initiative for a total investment of $44 billion. Included in the Partnership and Investment Program (PPI) are infrastructure projects like improvements to many airports.

At auction is Infraero’s 49% participation in the infrastructure construction improvements for Confins International Airport in Belo Horizonte; Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro; and Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo. Also coming up for auction are construction bids for highway improvements. FR-153, the stretch of highway between Annapolis and Alliance and BR-364, the area of highway between Commodore and Old Port. The government of Brazil is making a concerted effort to privatize much state owned and operated property, shifting the costs upkeep from public to private.

In addition to the airports and sections of the roads, rights to the ports are also going up for auction: the port terminals of Belém (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranaguá (PR) and Vitória (ES) during the second half of the year. Brazil is still working out the sale of other public institutions that it wants to privatize: the Docks of the Holy Spirit, Casemg, the Mint and Ceasaminas.

It may seem odd that the Brazilian government is selling the Mint, the house where money was printed and currency minted as well as passports made, but due to the advancement of technology, the space is no longer needed. The Minister of the Secretary-General of the president, Moreira Franco, made it clear that the government would not be harmed by the sale only enriched.

PPI is an overall program is designed to generate jobs and form good bonds between the Brazilian government and private enterprise. The opportunities for private business to invest in operations formerly controlled by the state will create a healthy flow of profits for everyone, including the government of Brazil.

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George Soros Among The Most Prominent Philanthropists In The World

The founder of the Open Society Foundation is one of the most prominent philanthropists in the world is George Soros who is also the founder and leader of the global corporation Soros Fund Management. George Soros support his Open Society Foundations mainly on his won donating his own money o the operations of organization which has allowed it to function well on its own without many investors.

In 2017, George Soros achieved an accumulative donation to Open Society Foundations that reaches more than 32 billion dollars. That put him in second place in terms of contributions made by a single person, only bested by the Bill Gates Foundation for now. The donations were never made public or covered by press much as George Soros has always been supporting the Open Society Foundations like this. The news was announced by the foundation only after the feat was accomplished.

The Open Society Foundations bare the name of the philosophical notion of an open society free of the burdens of discrimination, social injustice, segregation, and putting minorities on fringes of society. Instead, an open society is tolerant and embraces people no matter of their religion, race, sexual orientation, and so on. George Soros has been striving to create an open society and stir people in the right direction through his extensive philanthropy work. The Open Society Foundations support the LGBTI community, Europe’s Roma People, drug users, former sex workers, and their marginalized groups.

The concept of an open society has been near and dear to his heart since his college years at the London School of Economics. Given his childhood and upbringing of Jewish descent during the Nazi occupation of Budapest, Hungary, George Soros has a substantial understanding of intolerance, discrimination, and complete lack of justice. George Soros was introduced to the philosophical notion of an open society through a book by Karl Popper called The Open Society and its Enemies.

George Soros entered the world of philanthropy in 1979 by providing South Africans scholarships. Over the next decade, George Soros was also involved in the promotion of open exchange of ideas in what was then Communist Hungary. During that time George Soros established the prominent Central European University and continued to establish academies across Europe. In the early years of the 2000s, George Soros was one of the loudest supporters of same-sex marriage and worked towards promoting the administration of a law allowing same-sex marriage in Europe, the United States of America, and beyond.

Beyond supporting his Open Society Foundations, George Soo is also a donor of the European Council of Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, Global Witness, the Institute for New Economic Thinking and thousands of universities around the globe.

In terms of business, Geoge Soros is a legend in the world of investments. He opened his first hedge fund back in 1970 which is now called Soros Fund Management and has grown into a global corporation. George Soros is among the most successful investors in the history of the USA.

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Troy McQuagge Strikes Gold in the 2016 One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, the President and Chief Executive of USHEALTH Group, claimed Gold in the prestigious 2016 One Planet Awards. The industrial recognition is given for the professional and business excellence he implemented in the firm as well as in the industry as a leading personality in insurance services. It should be noted that the Award program is a yearly event that recognizes every industry around the world. Interestingly, private and public institutions, non-profit groups, start-ups, and more can submit their nominations for the Award program. It should also be noted that McQuagge played the role of a game changer inside the firm since he joined the insurance group and led it to diversified product solutions that can ensure a mass appeal.

Troy McQuagge Son responded that he was extremely honored with the recognition from the coveted Award committee as it translates both peer recognition and industry leadership. He further added that every employee at USHEALTH Group contributed to this Award through their hard work, and it belonged to each one of them. It was also a recognition of the firm’s commitment to providing affordable health insurance solutions with greater coverage considering the growing healthcare needs of the consumers. One Planet Awards not only recognizes various industries, but it also recognizes each category of various industries including teams, executives, new products and services, Marketing, PR, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in insurance industry, primarily in the sales department. Considering the increased role of the department in insurance, McQuagge knows the priorities of the customer better. He joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Advisors, the marketing and sales wing of the firm. Immediately after joining the division, McQuagge restructured it to make it capable of addressing the challenges it faces in the highly competitive insurance industry. He introduced new training programs, support services, compensations programs, and more. McQuagge’s efforts paid well, and it helped USHEALTH Group to significantly expand in the market with innovative product solutions and personalized customer relationships.

His result-oriented strategy in USHEALTH Advisors helped him to be named as the Chief Executive of the Group in 2014. Since then, McQuagge is taking care of the growth vision of the firm along with the profitability of the Group and its subsidiaries. Under McQuagge, the company registered record sales and profit during the last three financial years. He started his career with Allstate Insurance in the year 1983 and continued there till 1995. Later, McQuagge joined UICI/Health Market and led the firm through a number of transitions that included acquisition, merging, and more. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. McQuagge also contributed and collaborated with many philanthropic groups including HopeKids Dallas, Semper Fi Fund, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, and more.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight Afainst Cancer

Cancer has become a gnawing issue in the modern society. We have watched our loved ones suffer in the cruel hands of this killer disease. All we do is watch from a distance while they go through the excruciating pain. Despite the fact that no cure has been discovered yet, researchers have come up with unique treatment and therapies that help manage the cancer menace. Besides, the advancement in technology has made it possible to diagnose the ailment in its early stages, and this has enhanced the outcome of the treatment.

Concept of Prior Cancer

Cancer develops in stages. Luckily, spotting the disease even in its earliest stage has become possible in the contemporary technological world. For this reason, the number of cancer survivors has increased significantly. According to the SEER, a considerable population of the American people has had a history of prior cancer. Unfortunately, these cancer survivors are not included in clinical trials meant to improve the development of advanced treatment procedures.

Prior cancer is a concept that is yet to be fully understood even by cancer researchers. However, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the impact on these survivors to come up with an appropriate intervention. Cancer clinical trials would certainly yield utterly different results when conducted on persons with no cancer history and those with prior cancer. Therefore, scientists are often cautious when conducting these trials and avoid any cases of prior cancer because they risk interrupting their treatment plan and also the outcomes of the trial.

Lefkofsky’s Cancer Plan

Amid this cancer confusion, Eric Lefkofsky took note of the under-investment in cancer treatments and decided to venture into this sector by establishing Tempus. Tempus is a health-tech company that makes use of an effective operating system to treat breast cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Eric is a Co-founder and also the CEO of the reputable medical firm. He has aligned his mission with leading medical professionals to analyze cancer patients and come up with personalized treatment by utilizing genomic sequencing and analysis. Lefkofsky has greatly invested and donated toward many cancer causes. He has a strong conviction that his firm will soon make tangible development against this killer disease.

Daniel Taub on the Importance of Having Faith

Daniel Taub has worked very hard as an ambassador. One thing that he has accomplished is building bridges between two nations. He has built a bridge between the United Kingdom and Israel. This has been a very important achievement to Daniel Taub. He talks about it. During his interview, he talks about the importance of having faith. People with faith in their lives can accomplish a lot of great things. Daniel attributes his success to his faith. This has resulted in a lot of achievements that he can look back proudly on. One thing that he likes about his achievement is that he feels that he has helped the United Kingdom and Israel in a very crucial way.


Daniel Taub has worked hard on the conflicts in the Middle East. He has seen that there is a very dark situation that is happening there. One thing that he has said about the conflict in the middle east is that while the situation is very bleak, there might be some kind of hope lying in the midst of the conflict. He describes this hope as not quite a silver lining, but some kind of opportunity that can move forward if the key parties are able to think carefully about how to move forward.


One thing that can cause concern in people is that Iran could bring about nuclear capabilities. However, there is always hope that things are going to be worked out in the best as long as the right types of action is taken. Daniel Taub is one person who does keep a positive attitude. At the same time, he urges people to be cautious with a few things. Daniel has served as an ambassador with a lot of examples that the next ambassador is to follow in order to keep the progress going.


Daniel Taub has one characteristic that he believes makes him effective as a diplomat. This characteristic is curiosity. He understands that taking a genuine interest in the lives of others is one of the crucial steps in making a difference. When people are really interested, then they are more likely to hear the store and find a solution. Learn more:



Brazil’s Economy Is Opening The Door For Foreign Investors According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Brazil is pulling out of an economic funk that gave investors indigestion and gave Brazilians a nightmare they couldn’t wake up from for over two years. But Brazil doesn’t give up. And according to executives like Bradesco Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the country will never give up. According to the Central Bank, Brazil’s business confidence is at the highest level in four years. And Brazil’s 2017 93.1 Getulio Vargas Foundation’s Economic Climate Index (ICE) level was the highest level in three years. In 2014, Brazil’s level was 95.7.

Businesses in Brazil are merger and acquisition targets these days, and investors are jumping on the bandwagon in the country’s tech industry. Brazilian banks are breaking profit records, and the top banks are in expansion mode. Unibanco is chasing the global market, and Bradesco is focusing on the digital market, according to Cappi. Cappi knows a thing or two about expansion. He was a bank trainee in 1969 and a bank CEO in 2009. And he never left Bradesco in the process. But Cappi finally hit the top of the banking mountain when long-time banker Lázaro de Mello Brandão decided to hang up his lending gloves and move on. Some bankers say Brandão and Cappi have similar banking styles, and there is some truth in that statement. Brandão got his start in banking in 1943 when Bradesco founder Amador Aguiar needed someone he could trust. When Amador Aguiar died in 1993, Brandão took over as Chairman of the Board.


When Brandão needed someone he could trust, Cappi was the man Brandão wanted to work with. Cappi is not a finance man by formal education standards, but by banking standards, Cappi is a financial rock star. Brandão gave Cappi the CEO position in 2009, and Bradesco felt the power of this top executive team. Cappi surrounded himself with capable executives, and Brandão and the other directors kept Bradesco in the news by acquiring HSBC’s Brazilian offices, and by expanding the dollar amount of assets the bank has under management. Cappi was also part of the banking team that gave the bank the title of the second biggest bank in Brazil in terms of assets under management. Bradesco has more than $416 billion in assets under management.

Trabuco Cappi didn’t go to school to be a banker or an accountant. He was more interested in esoteric and human behavior courses at the University of Sao Paulo. Once he got his philosophy degree, Cappi had to have a degree in psychology, so he got one. All the Cappi’s psychology knowledge will be front and center as he picks a new bank CEO in February. The announcement won’t come until the annual bank meeting in March. But the buzz around bank headquarters is 58-year-old Domingos Figueiredo Abreu has a good chance of getting the job. But IT specialist Mauricio Machado de Minas is a hard man to overlook. He’s been with the bank for nine years, and he was instrumental in making the bank online friendly.

Cappi has a soft spot for the bank’s insurance division, Seguros. He was president of that division for six years. Octavio de Lazari is the current president and one of the top candidates for the CEO position. But investment executive Marcelo de Araujo Noronha is on the list, and he has the credentials to handle the job. So does operations vice-president Josué Augusto Pancini. Josué Augusto Pancini started his banking career with Bradesco in 1975. Fifty-nine-year-old André Rodrigues Cano is another solid candidate. Cano got his start in the banking industry in 1977. But many Bradesco branch employees think Alexandre da Silva Glüher will be the next CEO. Alexandre da Silva Glüher is responsible for putting the 2015, $5.1 billion HSBC deal together.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Article

Who is Dr.Mark McKenna?

Dr. McKenna at present a Medical Doctor licensed in Medicine and Surgery. From New Orleans (LA), Dr. Mark McKenna is an alumni of Tulane University Medical school. Committed to serving and helping those in need, he donates much of his time and resources giving back to the community. In addition to being a successful medical practitioner, Dr. McKenna is an esteemed member of the “Entrepreneurs Organization”. Prior to this, Dr. McKenna occupied a seat as a board member of the “New Orleans Industrial Developmental Board”. He has also taken notable roles in well known events such as the “New Orleans Jazz Festival”.

Ventures in Entrepreneurship

Upon completion of his medical training, Dr. Mark McKenna partnered and practiced medicine with his father. At the same time he started “McKenna Venture Investments”, a real estate development firm. Not long after, Dr. Mark McKenna pursued and launched a project called “Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.”. With around 50 employees in the companies, a multitude of services would be offered such as:

FinanceReal Estate ClosingTurnkey Design-buildHow does he do it?

• Finance
• Real Estate Closing
• Turnkey Design-build

In a Q&A with the Entrepreneur/Doctor, Mr. Mckenna stated that he frequently sets objectives for himself and routinely practices determination. He affirms that meditation and thought is key to realizing and achieving your goals. This “blend” of both sectors is what leads him along the path of success. Dr. Mark McKenna is both a doctor and entrepreneur, not many other people can claim to be both. The active goal setting is what he believes enables him to accomplish so much.

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