How to Trust a Company – Learning with Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Reviews are the best way to ensure a company can be trusted. The quality of a product is usually very noticeable by the positive (or negative) feedback regarding that brand on the internet. Although companies that try to scam their clients typically try to delete those reviews and commentaries, there are plenty of websites out there that keep these reviews and businesses with a bad reputation cannot survive the overwhelmingly bad reviewing. There are plenty of ways to know if a company is authentic or not through these websites.

Being the age of the information, these false brands, created by entrepreneurs who just want to win extra bucks with scams and without taking their creations to the long run, it is much harder for them to scam people now than before, but there are still many American citizens that haven’t learned the art of “search for reviews before buying” yet and read full article.

Let’s take Freedom Debt Relief for example. This company was created to assist all kinds of people with debts that they’ve acquired with their credit cards, as the name suggests. The idea behinds the service is a great one, and some might say “too great to be true,” and the way to find out is searching in any search engine “Freedom Debt Relief Reviews” to discover what customers are talking about the brand.

Freedom Debt Relief is the “good example” kind, as you will find out that the reviews of the company are overwhelmingly positive.

Many clients have already experienced debt relief by hiring the services of the Freedom Debt Relief and their Facebook.

With thousands of different reviews, there are more than 90% positive ones, and the other percentage of clients that have found some sort of trouble with the service provided is always contacted by the staff of the corporation and most of them have their issues resolved and

In fact, the Freedom Debt Relief is not only about written testimonials and reviews of their services, but you can find recorded reviews as well throughout the internet. This adds to the consistency and the credibility of the group, as, even if they were scammers who hired people to submit positive feedback, the ratio of content clients is overwhelmingly higher than any negative feedback in a company that is very famous for its service across the U.S. The numbers add up and

Why Indie Beauty Brand Lime Crime Proves That Makeup Is An Art

Some people think that makeup is a frivolous pursuit. The act of beautifying oneself can seem to lend itself towards vanity or being overly concerned with keeping up with trends but in actuality, makeup can mean so much more than that. Some might argue that makeup is actually an art.


Creating looks using products such as highlighters, blush, bronzers, lip color and mascara is not as easy as it looks, it often requires many hours of practice to be able to apply makeup in a way that achieves either a customer’s desired look or the look that the makeup artist is going for. It can be a painstaking process to apply smokey eyeshadow in such a way so that it does not appear to be sloppy and makes the wearer look sophisticated versus looking as though they simply did not get enough sleep the night before ( It takes effort to ensure that someone’s mouth is the right color of red that gives them a smile that is camera ready and the envy of other beauty afficionados.


Some people could probably even argue that applying makeup is an art in its own right. This is because the application of makeup requires skill and like all good art well applied makeup can evoke positive emotions in people. People can find themselves captivated by a face of beautifully applied makeup in the same manner that they can find themselves being moved by a master artist’s oil painting of the night sky above a quaint medieval village. The only difference is that while most people will have to make a trip to an art museum to experience the art that is created by a painter or a sculptor they can experience the craft of makeup simply by taking a stroll down the street or looking to social media to see the ways that amateur and professional makeup artists are pushing the boundaries of what makeup can achieve. One might say that makeup is actually an art form because makeup can also evoke positive emotions in the person that is wearing it and what is the purpose of art but to move the people that are experiencing it? This means that the work of companies that are in the beauty industry is not as frivolous as some might think and that companies such as Lime Crime are actually contributing to society and ideas about aesthetics in a very important way.


Lime Crime is a beauty company that was founded by Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere. Doe Deere actually first got her start in the world of music and later on transitioned into the worlds of makeup and beauty. According to a report she moved to New York City to work as a musician and was once part of a band. As many people know being a musician is not easy at all. It requires a lot of persistence and the ability to learn how to market oneself and how to build a brand. Doe was able to apply everything that she learned while she was committed to pursuing a career as a professional musician to her decision to build an independent beauty company. Doe Deere was able to successfully translate the lessons that she had learned from her pursuit of a music career into knowledge that would help her build a beauty brand that has a following all around the world.


Losing Weight Made Easy With These Tried and Tested Tips


People with Type A personalities are known not to like changes in their regime because they are punctual, organized, and have all the characteristics of a leader. Type A people are result-oriented, and if they put their mind and heart to anything, they do not sway from it until they get the results. Similar is the case when they start following a weight loss program because when they are following a weight loss program, they will lose weight and achieve their goal by all means. However, if they do not see the results that the weight loss program promised them even after following the same diligently, then it is natural with the people having Type A personality to get frustrated.


The problem with most of the weight loss programs is that they are not personalized to meet the specifics or the body types of the people, and therefore, the results vary vastly. With weight loss, there should not be one size fits all approach as it doesn’t lead anywhere and hardly get results. Different people get different results when they follow the same weight loss program, so assuring them all of the same results is unjustified. The Type, people, are very rigid and determined when it comes to the following something, and when they join a weight loss program, they are committed to follow it religiously and get results. However, one should be careful not to be too strict with their diet or workout sessions as a little bit of flexibility should always be there. Without flexibility, it would be difficult to sustain and follow the weight loss program for loss. It is this kind of restricted nature of most weight loss program why many people leave their weight loss journey midway.


So, if you are following a weight loss program and going to a birthday party, do get a slice of cake for yourself that you so badly want. It is okay to be out of routine at times as it allows you to stay disciplined rest of the times. People who are very strict with their diet and weight loss program and do not give themselves enough room for flexibility, they eventually lose their way. It is why; many people start off their workout and weight loss journey with total enthusiasm, but most never reach their goal as the restrictive nature of the weight loss program gets to them. If a person is confident about their body, then it is not essential to be too strict with diet and workout all the time, and getting out of the regular routine once in a while won’t make a big hole in the progress made through the weight loss program.


When people with Type A personality follow a weight loss program that includes high-intensity workouts, they do it even if it is painful and tedious for them. However, it is essential that people give themselves a mental buffer to imagine that it is just a workout and taking a break once in a while is okay. One can fall out of routine at times as it is what would help them stay on the track for longer. Without cheat days, it is impossible to maintain a method in any kind of weight loss program. One can even reduce the intensity of the workout program if the body is not able to take exhaustive workout mentioned. For People With Type A personalities, Nutrisystem has the best weight loss program as it would help the body get proper nutrition while ensuring that the person is filled and not feeling hungry all the time. PureHealthyLiving tells us that Nutrisystem for men teaches its members to control their portions but allows them to have six small meals a day.


People who are following a weight loss program think that if they go for parties or social gatherings, their diet would be ruined. However, one should not restrict themselves from socializing, but they can watch what they are eating and may even choose to eat before they leave for the gathering. Nutrisystem has a well-balanced diet formula that allows the person to understand how to cook small meals at frequent intervals without spending a lot of time. Nutrisystem is perfect for the Type A people as it delivers results and doesn’t have side-effects.

Susan McGalla, a Successful Businesswoman

Most leadership roles in companies are held by the male gender, and this has been a fact and almost a way of life. However, statistics have striven to prove this wrong. Results show that institutions with gender miscellany have a higher 15% performance than those that do not. And those that embrace ethnic multiplicity are likely to show a 35% higher performance than companies that do not. The reasoning here is simple. Imagine a group of different mental capacities and backgrounds. It is true to say that there will be a higher input of different ideas and contributions on how to do things differently, rather than relying on the reasoning of a single gender.

Susan McGalla has not only struggled to get her way up the ladder of top roles in organizations, but has also led the way for woman leaders. When Susan joined the American Eagle Outfitters, all executives were men. But this only motivated her, and she worked her way up to President of the company. She later also became the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers; which was men-dominated.

It is a fact, however, that what works for Susan cannot be the same for every woman out there. People are different, but despite this, there are groups that work to ensure that they provide adequate support to women leaders. It is necessary for women thus, to encourage and motivate each other in organizations. These leadership roles were not meant for only men. Among the solutions that may work in ensuring an end to this male domination, is the creation of sponsorship opportunities.

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur and consultant. Her past top company positions were President in of American Eagle Outfitters Inc., and CEO of Wet Seal Inc.. She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is on the board of HFF Inc., and also the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Susan McGalla has worked as a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and also as a director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

She was born and raised to a family of two brothers and a father who was a football coach. Her father encouraged Susan to work hard and be confident and not let the fact that she is a girl blur her from passing on her ideas or opinions, regardless of her audience. This confidence drove her to success, and she is now a professional consultant on branding, marketing among others.

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Doe Deere: Blazing a Neon Trail for Female-Fronted Businesses

If you know anything about makeup, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the Lime Crime line that was created and promoted by Doe Deere, a young and ambitious woman. Formerly from Russia, Deere has been in the United States since the age of 17 – and she’s put these years to good use. Since 2004, when she registered the Lime Crime domain on eBay, Deere has moved forward… not in small steps, but in leaps and bounds. Even though she has transitioned from running the company solo out of her home to having offices and a dedicated team to help her, the focus hasn’t strayed from quality; the Lime Crime line of products goes through a strict and rigorous approval process before they’re offered to the public. Learn more: Deere’s presence in the makeup and fashion communities stems from her initial desire to give people options that they otherwise would not have. This, to her, meant bold, striking colors that could create (or compliment, for the less daring) any look without feeling cheap or overdone. Sure wearing neon colors on the eyes and face is going to stand out in a crowd, but the people that choose to use these products are similar to Deere: confident, fun, and adventurous. These are products that initially filled a void in the world of makeup, and even though there are more companies that offer the “off the wall” makeup options for consumers, Lime Crime has still found many ways to stand apart from and above the competition. Deere’s product line today is a lot different than it was in 2008, because it includes things like hair dye, nail color and makeup brushes along with her staple products like lipstick and eye shadow, which are the cornerstones of the Lime Crime line. Deere’s products are a lot like her – bold, daring, bright and “in your face”, which gives people a good idea what to expect when looking into her or her products. Not only are these products ones that Deere stands behind, they’re products that 100% of the population could use, since the entire line is Vegan and cruelty-free, something that makes a true statement about the company and the founder as a whole. Deere’s not just trying to appeal to a specific type of consumer – this line of makeup is available to everyone, no matter their beliefs or lifestyle. As a female entrepreneur, Deere has faced her share of adversity frustration throughout the duration of her career, but she’s come out on top by focusing on what matters and what she believes in: her products and her customers. Each customer is affectionately referred to as a “Unicorn” because Deere believes that each individual is unique and should be able to express themselves in any way that they want, and that’s how she has approached managing and operating the business. Deere found success in a line of products that offered something new, different and exciting, and it’s worked for almost a decade. Setbacks were learning experiences, and each online review is a chance to listen to the feedback from the people that get the most out of her products. Success for Doe Deere was inevitable, because when people believe in something as strongly as she does her product offerings, failure is not ever an option. Learn more:

Everything Old Is Renewed with Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a prominent real estate company that is founded by While many developers look to high rent areas to begin development plans, Boraie saw the Brunswick, New Jersey community with promise. Omar Boraie born in Egypt and arrived in the U.S. 40 years ago where he earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. Today, Omar Boraie is one of New Jerseys leading businessmen, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur.

Under the leadership of Omar Boraie, the real estate company Boraie Development has changed the low to median -income scenery of New Brunswick into an urban oasis. Omar Boraie in a short period of time has erected affordable community houses, luxury apartments, and many modern commercial and residential buildings. Omar Boraie has also extended his building projects into nearby Newark and Atlantic City, New Jersey which involves establishing or restoring multi-tiered retail centers and unique restaurants. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

According to WSJ, one of his popular New Brunswick projects from the summer and which will be an annual event is the Free Summer Movies Series co-partnered with The Provident Bank Foundation. Boraie Development restored an aging, yet historic theater, placing a state-of-the-art digital project system inside its six-large theater surround sound film screens. It is large enough to place over 1800 seats in both a balcony and mezzanine environment, and featuring a comfortable large lounging area.

Mr. Boraie reported that he has plans to feature year-round family-fun activities and events in themed events he calls the Community Access Initiative. Both the movie entertainment and future events to be staged at the State Theater will be free to the public. Omar Boraie serves on the State Theater’s Board of Trustees. Omar has an older son Wasseem who works on building projects with his father and who is the Vice President of Boraie Development. Omar has another son and a daughter who also play key roles in the real estate company, as well as sharing in Omar’s goals and visions. You can search him on Yahoo to know more.

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The Colorful World Of Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere

Known to her fans as the “Queen of Unicorns”, beauty entrepreneur, Doe Deere, created the Lime Crime make-up brand back in 2008 when she noticed that there were not many cosmetic companies that experimented with bright and unusual colors. She’s always had a passion for flashy or rainbow-inspired colors, saying that they make her feel free to be herself and express herself without worrying about being judged by others.


Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia, but moved to the U.S. when she was 17 years old. Upon entering the country, she had aspirations of being a musician, which she became while living in New York City. She credits her past experience as a musician with having taught her about marketing and career planning. She also met her husband when they were in the same band together back then.


Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, she lived in New York in the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas from 1998 to 2012. While she was there, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, or FIT, where she majored in fashion design. She’s said that she feels that make-up and fashion go hand-in-hand, and that hairstyles are a part of the equation as well.


The Unicorn Queen has also said that she’s always been imaginative and ambitious, and that her early entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own little business at the age of 13 when she still lived in her home country of Russia. She sold temporary tattoos, which was a business she described as being a lot of fun.


In 2009, her company introduced what was named Unicorn Lipsticks to the market. The lipsticks offered many fun colors, and were unique and distinctive in the fact that they had a shiny and sparkly unicorn on their packaging. She mentioned being surprised that so many girls had started gravitating toward her brand of make-up. She was glad to learn that so many others shared her passion for eccentric colors when it comes to cosmetics.


Another lipstick line called Velvetines, was created in 2012, and this one was of the liquid variety. Deere has a hand in all areas of product development when it comes to her make-up offerings, and she markets them to both girls and boys who like to express themselves differently, like she does. Her Lime Crime products are cruelty-free, which means that her company doesn’t use animals in their testing procedures.


Doe Deere describes beauty as not only being about what’s natural or good-looking, but also about what feels right at the moment. Her advice to younger women who may want to become entrepreneurs is to follow their hearts and stay in touch with themselves. She feels that everyone has a special or unique skill that they can use to advance themselves with.


When the Lime Crime CEO and Founder was growing up, she said she felt very different from her peers, which led her to feel like she was alone. But she says that she later discovered that she, too, was a part of the universe, just like everyone else, and this is part of what encouraged her to start her own company that specializes in creating unique products for others who, like her, want to celebrate the many colors of life. Learn more:


The wealth advisors for those who envy a comfortable living

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that offers personalized financial planning advice to families, individuals, and business owners. The headquarters of the company is in Houston, Texas. Given how financial markets jeep changing from time to time, Wealth Solutions believes in offering financial strategies that well adapt to the changing times. The company offers investment solutions to its clients while minimizing potential business risks.


The company was founded by Richard Blair in 1994. He has been an investment advisor for over 20 years in experience dealing with financial services. His sole goal in starting up Wealth Solutions is to create a meaningful and positive difference to people by offering financial advice.


Richard studied at the University of Houston and received a bachelor’s degree in finance. He specialized in the field of finance and financial management services. Richard Bair has always had a passion for teaching. He learned the skills of teaching from an early age, as he was raised from a teaching background. He has now combined both his finance and teaching skills to offer professional and personalized advice to his clients at Wealth Solutions.


At Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair assists clients in offering advice on different ways of managing their assets. These ideas are fundamental to their building and protection of their wealth. Richard helps them in creating unique investment portfolios that produce the anticipated diversified outcome in accordance to their needs and goals. By basing the client’s needs and goals, Richard develops a well-diversified portfolio that minimizes the potential risks the client may encounter. Wealth Solutions believes in collaborating with their clients to successfully attain wealth management skills.


Wealth Solutions also deals with various individuals who are going through the retirement process. They help these individuals plan on how to transition into and cope with life after retirement. Most of Wealth Solutions clients have accumulated assets and aren’t able to develop a retirement plan with what they have. Richard seeks to assist these clients to navigate through their retirement savings. By offering advice on how to properly allocate the 401(k)-retirement savings plan. He offers them advice on how to deploy conservative investment measures as they continue building their wealth. For the clients who have already retired, Richard offers bits of advice to them on how to minimize taxes, how to plan their income, and how to generate a steady source of income. He analyzes the various income streams that a client has and determine future expenses to come up with the best long-term solutions. These pointers are important for those who would want to sustain their lifestyle even after retirement. Learn more:


How Envoy OneLogin Takes Away The Pain Of Visitor Registration

Envoy ended the age-long nightmare of visitor registration with SCIM OneLogin integration. It’s streamlining security and product innovations that maximize efficiency across all environments. The era of logbooks created endless frustration that agitated the end user and IT administrators alike. With the release of this SCIM-enabled OneLogin interface, Envoy promises continuous synchronization that automates documentation.

Record keeping requires efficient management tools to capture user data as it evolves. Envoy allows seamless management of existing and recently updated employee data entered into its directory. Without relying on manual input, record keeping is far easier and minimizes office security risks. Businesses running multiple applications that require employee or agent login will greatly benefit from this sort of innovation.

Everything from visitor identity provisioning, digital NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to privileged user login has been simplified. Furthermore, SCIM automatically imports user credentials from OneLogin profiles, including employee email username, office location and more. This smooths the process of employee onboarding and offboarding routine, which, in turn, bolsters workflow. In addition, it scales down errors, allowing for greater accuracy as users access applications.

As if automation isn’t enough, Envoy combined its game-changing visitor registration software with an intuitive iPad interface. It boasts a one-click sign-in option that eases frustration with instant-touch Onelogin end-user access. Since its rollout, it’s the highlight of many tech-forward businesses increasing security and maximizing production output.

The Pedersen brothers, Christian and Thomas have been credited for a series of fast-emerging cloud-based applications, including co-developing Zendesk. OneLogin, a sophisticated identity/access management framework, introduced by the duo in 2010 is changing how businesses gain access to cloud applications today. Since inception, some 2000 companies across 44 global sites have adopted the OneLogin infrastructure for smarter manipulation of web applications.

OneLogin supports small to large-scale enterprises developed on cloud-based technology. With a growing need for tighter security within cloud applications, OneLogin is constantly tweaking its products and services. It’s secured partnerships with several reliable SaaS vendors to deliver the highest level of data security solutions. Its latest collaboration with Envoy chronicles the integration of SCIM to balance security and productivity needs across business platforms.

Jeremy Goldstein advise on best employee compensation option

Recently, companies have opted to exclude the stock benefits on their employees’ pay slip. Some firms claim that they slashed this option for the pursuit of saving more money, but with deeper analysis depicts more complicated motives and for different results.


Among the primary reasons cited as to why this happened is that;


Stock value fluctuates, and most employees nowadays are aware of this fact because they can easily access basic knowledge when it comes to stock markets and this makes them approach stock options cautiously. They do so either through attorneys such as Jeremy Goldstein or online journals. They know that compensation through this option could lead to more problems later when the economy turns south and rendering the stock worthless.


When the ultimate stock value deteriorates, this not only shuts off employees from accessing their due remuneration, it also means that the organization will still have to incur the reporting expenses.


Performing accounting for such stock options is a tedious practice which requires the employment of expensive resources. Most companies may be deciding to do away with stock options to avoid costs related to it in the expense of benefits associated with it. Besides, employees view such option as an obstacle to being paid higher salaries.


Nonetheless, the stock option has been proven time and again to be advantageous due to its simplicity and equitable. Jeremy Goldstein supports it as an employee benefit. It comes in handy when the company wishes to offer an additional wage option, more equities or even a comprehensive insurance policy.


Stock options can be a motivation to the employees to work harder in improving the company’s performance. Why? The well-performing company translates to rise in stock value. So the company success means a sizeable amount of share value at the end of the financial year.


Stock options ease the tax burdens. Lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein advice companies to go for the options instead of offering shares.


For a company to reap maximum benefits from the stock option, they should devise ways of minimizing the costs related to it. To achieve this, many companies are advised to assimilate an option known as ‘Knockout.’


With ‘Knockout‘ stock option is just similar to others in its category, but the holder will lose it if the share value falls beyond certain determinable amount.


This style of offering stock option reduces accounting expenses especially when the company’s stock is volatile. It also shields non-employee investors from the stock overhang.


Though Knockout option cannot solve every problem, it eliminates major challenges that companies who offer stock compensation option faces.


Who is Jeremy Goldstein?


Jeremy is a respected legal adviser when it comes to employee benefits. With an experience of over 15 years, Jeremy is also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is a boutique law agency that specializes in offering legal services when it comes to employee compensation.


The law firm serves companies top executives which include CEOs, committees, management executives among others. Jeremy obtained his law degree from the New York University School of Law.


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