Whitney Wolfe’s New App To Help Find Your New BFF

Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, has created a new app that is different from the original app, but works in tandem on the same application if individuals already have the Bumble app. The app named “BumbleBFF” works in much the same way as the existing Bumble app. In order to use BumbleBFF users must download the Bumble app which will ask the user to sign into Facebook. BumbleBFF uses the Facebook algorithms to link people to potential friends with the same interests and tastes. Once the system finds potential friends with the same interests, users can view each person and swipe left if the user is not interested. Potential matches will sit in the app for review for 24 hours before being removed as inactive.

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There are numerous security features with this app also such as face recognition where app users need to take a picture so that it can be matched to their profile picture. This feature cuts down any app hacking that could happen. Whitney Wolfe explained what she felt was the need for this dating app. Whitney stated that with people, especially woman who are waiting longer to find committed relationships, building lasting friendships is becoming more important than ever. The first week statistics seem to back this reasoning as Bumble BFF received more than one million swipes by users.

Twenty-Six year old Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and creator of Bumble. This app is designed to be used as a relationship app where users can view potential matches online. Whitney Wolfe has a vision of creating a business app of Bumble for networking, linking companies and employees together for a seamless integration of business, personal, and romantic contacts. To learn more about Bumble and Bumble BFF, please click here.

Susan McGalla Builds Brands

Susan McGalla has proven that she knows how to run a business successfully. She has been in the position of the CEO more than once, and she has proven that women can do great things in the business world.

Many people have been able to benefit from her role as the CEO of American Eagle. The company was doing well and many employees were hired during the time that she was in this position. It is a clear indication that Susan Mcgalla was able to build a brand and help this company become one of the most successful clothing companies during the time that she was in place. There is no doubt that she is still paving the way for other women that want to thrive in the business world. She has given a tremendous amount of time to building her career, and she has even worked as a branding consultant when she started her own business. Susan McGalla has continued to improve and build herself as a true entrepreneur that has the ability to lead. She works for the Pittsburgh Steelers at this time, and this is just another indication of how she has been able to break down barriers when it comes to women in business. There are few women in leadership roles for NFL franchise teams, but Susan McGalla has managed to penetrate her way into a male-dominated arena. She has been able to help the Pittsburgh Steelers revamp the clothing line, and she has done this to give this franchise a greater brand awareness. This is what Susan has been known for throughout her years in the business world. She has a degree in marketing, and she has the ability to help any company that needs to build a better branding solution.

Susan McGalla has really been instrumental in helping the Pittsburgh Steelers get back to appealing to the fans. She has revamped the clothing line in a way that makes more of the fans of the Steelers patronize the clothing, and this leads to more fan participation at games. The fans are excited about this.

A Brief Overview of Finding the Right Brazilian Lawyer

If you are facing a lawsuit or charges in Brazil, get legal representation right away! Luckily, there are many skilled Brazilian lawyers to choose from. In order to look for lawyers in Brazil, any search engine will be able to bring up the listings of lawyers in your area. To narrow down your search, add the specific charge or type of lawsuit that you need representation for in your search engine query. This will ensure that you find lawyers that specialize in the right area of law and read full article.

Once you find lawyers that specialize in the right area of law, it is time to begin reviewing them. First, you should make sure that their clients have had positive experiences. This is very easy to check by simply reading their online reviews. In addition, you should check that the lawyer’s credentials are legitimate. You can also see that they are involved with legal organizations.


Ricardo Tosto:

While there are many lawyers available in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is often thought of as one of the best. In fact, he is so widely known that merely having him on your case will present an immediate good impression to courts located anywhere in the country! He has many years of experience in law, and he has defended a broad variety of clients. In fact, he has even worked with the government on legal issues and learn more about Ricardo.

Ricardo Tosto has a number of specialties. While he typically does not defend clients facing serious criminal charges, he is quite experienced with how the law pertains to business and finance. In addition to being an expert on the laws of Brazil, he is also experienced in international law.

Other Reference: https://www.instagram.com/ricardotostopr/

New York City’s Heart Disease Aficionado: Edward Honig

New York City is an immense city and there are countless health complications that deal with the heart; ranging from high cholesterol and high blood pressure to obstacles with exercise and pregnancy. Ultimately when the time comes to transition from a your physician to a cardiologist, who is there to trust? Alongside the upbeat urban area of New York is a doctor that skillfully aims to keep your heart ‘upbeat’ as well. Cardiologists are responsible for the treatment of heart disease along with the initial diagnosis, and there is no one wiser than the Dr. Edward Honig.

His credentials certainly incline experience. The Duke University School of Medicine graduate has had his medical license within the state of New York since 1952. With over 60 years of medical practice under his belt, Edward Honig has handled many questions and scenarios. This internal medicine doctor currently practices in Glen Cove, NY at Glen Cove Hospital and is ranked highly among other cardiologists in the area.

Dr. Edward Honig’s Healthgrade honor roll status that identifies him as extremely acceptable in the medical community and fundamentally compliant to regulations are just two prime examples of the many characteristics that deem Edward Honig as a first-rate choice when faced with the task of choosing a cardiologist in New York City. Despite being on a level of high prestige in dealing with heart complications, what makes Dr. Honig additionally ideal is his availability. He is accepting new patients and can easily be contacted through his office contacts. On paper Dr. Edward Honig is an exceptional practitioner of the field of cardiology, but what is more significant is that his long standing career in the medical field has allowed him to encounter many patients, and this greatly embodies how he can informatively and appropriately provide the highest quality of care.

George Soros Protects Immigrant Rights from Muslim Tyranny

George Soros is an immigrant who is deeply disturbed and troubled by the Muslim ban that Donald Trump is trying to put into effect. This ban was announced early on in 2017 and it restricts Muslims from six specified countries from entering into the U.S. This ban has not been put into place but it has a chance to become law.

As a Hungarian born immigrant, George Soros has been all over the world. He has lived in Britain during the early years of his life. He now resides within the United States. Soros is a leading democratic supporter within the United States. He is also a powerful financier of liberal rights and causes around the globe. His Open Society Foundation is a nonprofit organization that he uses to make donations to liberal organizations and to the liberal agenda. Including, those are geared toward various immigrant and minority communities.

When President Trump announced this law to the world it immediately sent shockwaves across the planet. Many people from around the globe believed that Donald Trump’s stance on this issue was way overboard. They knew that the president was able to make such a law but they figured that he would be a hesitant to do so. However, President Trump made this declaration with gusto.

As an immigrant, George Soros realized that President Trump is wrong. He clearly understands why Trump took that action. He also understands that his move was not warranted. In Soros’s opinion Trump’s policy is not the right course of action to take to stem terrorism. He realizes that terrorism is a problem but not all immigrants are guilty of this crime. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

The last that Soros wants is for any immigrant to be denied access into the United States. He realizes that people from all over the world come into America to make a better life. Normally, the countries they leave behind are less than perfect places that limit their ability to live life to their fullest potential.

One of the primary reasons why Soros supports liberal immigration organizations is that he wants this group of people to protect to the fullest extent of the law. He does not want their rights to be violated. Soros also knows that immigrants can be harmed by hate crimes and unfair treatment within the societies where they live. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

The Muslim ban has already caused certain communities within the United States and around the world to become alarmed. Muslim people within the U.S. are already experiencing problems in this post 9-11 world. Most of them are not terrorists and they do not have any problems with western society. Soros just don’t want all Muslims to suffer for the actions of a few. He believes that this is what Isis wants. To keep Americans terrified and scared.

Soros won’t stand for this kind of problem. He just wants the Muslim community to stay protected and free from discrimination. This is important for all Muslim people everywhere. George Soros is a firm protector against Muslim tyranny even when it comes from places like the U.S.

The Grueling Process of Adopting a Child

If you are interested in adopting a child, you are probably just getting started with what you need to do. You might be surprised to find out that there is a lot that goes into adopting a child, whether you’re trying to adopt in the country or in a different country altogether. No matter where you’re looking to adopt, it’s vital that you work through a professionally licensed adoption agency. These agencies specifically work with parents who would like to adopt a child and need help with the grueling and often lengthy process.


When you meet with the adoption agency, they will run you through a series of tests to ensure that you’re a viable candidate to adopt. Not every parent is a good fit for adoption, and these agencies want to decipher between different folks to find the right one. This might involve health checks, home checks and even a psych evaluation to ensure that you and your partner are stable enough to raise a child. Once you’ve been approved for adoption, you’ll be put onto a waiting list for either a baby, child or teenager depending on who you’d like to be part of your family.


The process of adopting is long, grueling and tiresome. In most cases, you should expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to adopt one child. This is an incredibly expensive fee that most parents just cannot afford, but it is a necessary evil if you want to add to your family through adoption. If you have any issues with your adoption, it’s important that you talk with the adoption agency to find out more about the problems you’re facing. Adoption isn’t for everyone because of the price and the time involved just to get your new baby home, but it is definitely worth the effort for individuals who either cannot have children naturally or want to help in the fight against kids put into the foster care system.


Mother in Open Adoption Describes Process

Amy Seek recently submitted a moving piece to the New York Times where she discussed the realities of open adoption. Seek, a New Jersey architect who lived in New York city during her college years, discussed her experiences with open adoption and, in doing so, revealed her great love for her birth son and his adoptive mother. The piece received a massive response by subscribers to the Times and Amy Seek has also penned a piece thanking readers for their overwhelming show of support and encouragement.


In her opinion editorial, Amy Seek describes the emotional process she went through when she decided to give her baby up for adoption, when she opted for an open adoption, and finally had to leave her child behind. Seek became pregnant when she was 23 years old and had already separated from the child’s father. She felt that she was not ready for children because she desired to pursue a career in architecture did not think she could complete this goal with a child. The father of the child was supportive of Seek during her pregnancy, and supported her decision to give the child up for adoption. Both Amy and the father of her child began the process of seeking an adoptive family.


Seek describes her meeting with her son’s future birth mother as one where she instantly knew they connected. Seek’s connection to her son’s birth mother extended to the present time. Seek now visits her son routinely as a part of their open adoption process. These visits are both joyous and painful for the architect. She describes her adoption decision as her greatest accomplishment and deepest regret. While she cannot be more pleased with the outcome of her son’s life and deeply respects his mother, she also realizes that she is now ready for children and hurts for her son’s presence in her life. Amy Seek’s story is a hopeful and painful, real life encounter with a courageous decision.


Texas Governor Signs Religious Freedom Adoption Bill Into Law

On Thursday, June 15, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 3859 into law, protecting religious rights for faith-based adoption groups in state child welfare programs.


The new law will allow faith-based groups that work with the Texas child welfare system to deny services, including foster placement and adoption, under any circumstances that “conflict with the provider’s sincerely held religious beliefs.”


Critics of the bill, including Democrats and civil rights groups, claim the bill will allow private, faith-based child welfare groups to discriminate against parents who are of a different religion or who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.


There are currently more than 30,000 children in the foster care system in Texas. Many children in the state age out of the system “more damaged than when they entered,” said one federal judge in a ruling that Texas violated the constitutional rights of foster children. After exiting the system, many former foster children face homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, and incarceration.


Proponents of the new law, including the bill’s sponsor, Representative James Frank, say the law will help children find homes.


Frank said the purpose of the Freedom to Serve Children law is to get more people working in child welfare. Rather than exclusion, the law is designed to offer protection to prospective foster and adoptive parents and child welfare workers who have been discriminated against for their religious believes.


Frank and other supporters of the bill have said the result should be an increase in foster homes by the end of the year to address the shortage of foster homes as well as adoptive families in Texas.


Texas joins several other states that have passed faith-based protective adoption agency laws, including Alabama, Michigan, North Dakota, Virginia, and South Dakota, which passed a similar law this year.


Boraie Development Creates A Landmark In New Jersey

The real estate market is surging in the United States. The boom is shifting now to New Jersey which is among the most densely populated regions of this country. In fact, real estate trackers are stating that New Jersey is leading in the numbers as well as rates with regard to residential mortgages in foreclosure. This is why the real estate market here is significantly trailing as compared to the rest of the country. But this dropping delinquency along with the foreclosures rates reflect the significant impacts that can be seen of the events taking place post this crisis. It also indicates that the basics are getting better. This would include the households getting formed, the rates of employments getting better along with the home prices moving higher. It is expected that these positive trends will tend to continue and Sam Boraie will capitalize on that. This is because the industry is focusing on determining shortages and resolving them. It is also visualizing the impending crisis in affordability long with the increase in the numbers of markets.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Lawrence Yun is the Realtor Chief Economist who is with the National Association of Realtors. He says that this shortage in housing is most likely to intensify. It can even turn into a housing emergency later. This can happen if the gap between supplies and demands in housing widens. This would lead to the deficiency of homes that are available for auctions and sales. It will also lead to a much faster pace of sale of newly built homes. But the issues of housing permits along with the fall in the housings are befuddling many. All this indicates that the bottleneck in the inventory needs to unclog. This would lead to thousands of properties coming to the market for sale. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

This would only make things in New Jersey much worse. But Boraie Development has other plans.

This is where economists are getting highly pessimistic as such a drop is likely to intensify since the building permits had seen a drop in May. But still, New Jersey remains on the edge as it leads to a renaissance in real estate. Experts feel that this can be because the home prices are being expected to appreciate. This way the households are expecting that selling conditions may improve in future. There are sentiments related to selling, and there are shortages of houses too. Still, a large number of vacant houses are being held away from the market shelves. This is because homeowners are expecting higher prices. This is why Boraie Development is focusing on this area.

Adopting White Children as a Person of Color

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, an Indian-American mother shares her story of adopting two white girls. She and her husband decided to adopt the twins after fertility problems, later giving birth to a biological child as well. The author says she loves all her children equally.


Though she tries not to make race and culture an everyday serious discussion, the author says it creeps into life often. From sending lunch boxes full of traditional Indian foods to school with her kids to actively seeking out a diverse group of friends, parts of life that other moms barely think about are always on her mind. Though she admits it would make her and her children’s lives easier to just pack a lunch like all the other kids eat, this mother makes an effort to immerse all of her kids in their culture.


Despite her efforts, the author always experiences racial awareness whenever she takes her children out in public. Whether they mean to be insensitive or not, people ask her questions that make her heart sink. From “What are they?” to “Are you their nanny?” to “Where are their parents?”, questions from strangers make this mom feel awkward and scared for her twins’ future.


Though it comes with daily struggles and hardships, the author says she is happy about her family’s unique traditions. The combination of Indian and American customs are what makes her family one of a kind. She also notes that growing up Indian-American as white girls gives her kids a unique outlook on life. From knowing how to cook traditional dishes and speaking Tamil to forcing people to feel sheepish for making assumptions about them based on their names, these girls have a bright future.