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Edwin Miranda – Being Successful Needs Baby Steps And Appreciation to Whom You Love

Are CEOS made? Maybe not they are not! Especially by education; however it is what they grab and run with it when they are born. Such guys can shape you. They can mentor you too because most of them have that ability. Edwin Miranda is whom we are talking about. He is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the founder of KOI IXS a full-service.

The CEO believes that marketing has a unique drive to influence consumers but only when it is done in the right way. That is how the renowned global market brands get their elephant market share. Businesses create meaning full engagement with their clients through informed marketing. That’s how a startup and an established business get new and returning customers.

He warns that the future is fast coming and his brand is fast adapting to new ways of making startups and established businesses to be on board. Edwin Miranda is fast pushing the boundaries of what many businesses think is not possible. These questions however beg.

1. Where the idea for his company came from

Edwin Miranda explains that he is pleased to have on board a passionate and very gifted group of designers. They are creators and also strategists. He works himself up to one of the things unite, align and vision their common creativity and talents. This has enabled them to work and produce stuff that is making them known across borders. Most of all Edwin Miranda enjoys giving his clients, freedom and the edge for succeeding.

2. How Edwin Miranda gets Ideas to life

Edwin Miranda started KOI back in the day when he was only 21. Today the company stands as KOI IXS. He was passion driven and without this his as many companies will lay dead. He explains that passion is the ingredient for most people to succeed in business.

3. What should Youngsters learn

Any person should willing to succeed businesswise should, according to Edwin Miranda be passionate with what business they want to start. They should also be prone to mistakes. He also did mistakes when growing his business; however, he did not stop there. Maturity comes through failing, and it humbles anyone and let them know that what mistakes are. It helps one to do better next time. It makes one mature.

3. How He spent his latest $100

Simple! Mr. Edwin Miranda spent his recent $100 to take his daughter to a Broadway show because she needed it the most. Mr. Edwin Miranda expresses how much her daughter needed that, and how the $100 was worth it.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinmiranda

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