Dr. Dov Rand Explains His Many Unique Therapeutic Strategies For Weight Loss And Other Personal Improvements

Dr. Dov Rand is a board-certified physician who is dedicated to treating the whole person. His unique treatment plans are further evidence of this claim. He has demonstrated the ability to treat a litany of conditions. From his practice in West Orange, NJ he has shown dedication and “going the extra mile” to make the world a better place for all of his patients. After becoming known as a “doctor’s doctor”, he has gained quite a following and he is particularly adept at treating the following conditions and ailments:



He has pioneered many different techniques for the treatment of general aging. These would include many integrative and regenerative approaches to many age-related ailments. He has become well-respected for the ability to individualize his treatment for each and every patient. Moreover, he has a proven track record of helping his patients restore their youthful vitality and vigor. Dr. Dov Rand is able to do this through a simple understanding that we all have good hormones and bad hormones. The good hormones include such things as DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Thyroid, Human Growth Hormone and Progesterone. The bad hormones include such things as the fat-storing insulin and stress hormones such as cortisol. Dr. Dov Rand is first of all able to combat aging by having a thorough understanding of these hormones and the fact that the bad ones increase and the good ones decrease as we age. Dr. Dov Rand has a number of therapies to bring these hormones back into balance and slow down thobesitye aging process.



Dr. Dov Rand also has proven techniques to combat obesity as well. One of his most popular therapies would be where he utilizes HCG, a hormone that woman produce when they are expecting a child. He has developed a host of diets that exploit this HCG hormone, helping people to lose weight and keep their muscle mass as well. Dr. Rand also has helped patients lose weight that is resistant to diet through this HCG program consistently.



Dr. Dov Rand’s level of dedication to his patients and to finding therapies that work for them is truly unparalleled. He will never let up on helping his patients live fuller, more healthier lives.


Whitney Thore Considering Adopting A Child

Whitney Thore is known for her role on “My Big Fat Fabolous Life.” She has expressed that she would like to become a mother in the near future. She also stated that she would like to adopt a child one day. Whitney has always wanted to be a mother. However, she desired motherhood even more when she saw her friend get pregnant.

Whitney has stated that there are several things that are stopping her from becoming a mother. She does not currently have a boyfriend. In fact, she stated that she cannot even get a date. Additionally, she has coped with fertility issues in the past. However, Whitney has realized that not having a partner and dealing with fertility problems does not have to stop her from becoming a mother.

Whitney has a best friend who is gay. She stated that she would like to adopt a child and raise him or her with her best friend. She stated that this is not the traditional way to adopt or raise a child, but she does not mind that. She knows that a lot of people will not agree with the way that she wants to live her life, but she does not care.

Whitney Thore is known for promoting a positive body image. She stated that she has a “No Body Shaming” message. Whitney thought that she was pregnant with her first child back in January 2017. However, when she went to the doctor, she found out that she had cysts and was not pregnant. She suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. This is a condition that makes it difficult for women to get pregnant.

Minnesota Couple Adopts Children When No One Else Will

Solway, Minnesota is home to 95 people. It is also home to a couple who is known for adopting children that no one else will. Kent and Shantel Dudley believe that it is their duty to help children who are suffering.

The first child that they adopted was a little boy from Florida. They saw him lying on the floor and knew that they could not leave him there. They received several phone calls after that. They eventually ended up adopting five more children. Kent and Shantel have a total of 15 biological and adopted children. One of their elder daughters works as a medical assistant and helps out with the youngest children who have special needs.

Travis is the couple’s oldest adopted child. He is 16 and bed-bound. Some of the couple’s children have feeding tubes. They knew that they were going to have a challenge when someone asked them if they would take in a child with a feeding tube. They knew that they could not say no.

The couple was going to stop adopting after they adopted their fourth child. They received a call about adopting a 5th child, and they turned it down. However, one of their daughters encouraged them to go through with the adoption.

Because most of the children have medical issues, the couple spends a lot of time in the hospital. It is a challenge, but the couple has to constantly remind themselves that it is worth it. They also try to give the children as normal of a childhood as possible. They still go to school and go on field trips. The couple plans to help foster parents get medical training in order to take in special needs kids.

Couples Life Changes For The Better After Adopting Child With Down’s SyndromeL

Carlo and Laurie Mendoza always wanted to have children. However, they encountered problems while trying to conceive. They tried to conceive with IVF for four years, but it did not work. They eventually came to the realization that they would not be able to conceive children naturally. That is why they decided to adopt a child.

During the application process, they were asked whether they were open to adopting a special needs child. They thought that it would be wrong to exclude a special needs child, so they stated that they would be willing to adopt one. In October 2010, they drove to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. They met with children who the adoption agency had problems placing with a family.

The couple was overwhelmed. They did not know which child was right for them. However, four-month-old Liam caught the couple’s eye. His family gave him up for adoption because they could not care for him. After the couple left the convention, they were sent letters. Every letter had information about Liam.

The couple was told that Liam will likely need physical therapy and speech therapy. They were also told that he will likely have behavioral problems. Liam will need to have neck surgery at some point in his life. However, the couple was still up for all of the challenges.

Liam was officially adopted in December 2010. He was like any other baby, but the effects of his Down’s Syndrome became apparent when he became a toddler. He has had speech delays, but he has made progress since he started going to speech therapy. The couple recently adopted another child, who is two-years-younger than Liam. Jamie has taught Liam a lot.

The couple realizes that Liam is different from most children. He is 7-years-old, but he cannot complete a lot of simple tasks. He also needs an educational assistant in school. However, the couple loves watching him reach milestones. They want him to graduate, get a job and live an independent life just like every other child.

Market America Can Help With Retirement

Changes in the economy has brought forth changes in many different aspects of life. For one thing, the cost of living has gone up. Jobs have also become harder to find with advancements in technology. Therefore, as these changes happen in society, people are also facing changes in retirement. People are having to think a lot harder about when they are going to retire. This is one thing that is important to realize. People are either not going to be able to work forever or they are going to have to find some kind of way to be able to support themselves if they do not have enough for retirement.

Fortunately, there is one thing that is going to help people not only retire, but retire early as well. This one source of income is the unfranchise known as Market America. One of the reasons that Market America should be considered for people who want to retire early is the income. One thing about the income is that it is not only passive, but is also unlimited for people who know how to use their time wisely. People just have to learn a set of skills for marketing so that they can attract the customers they need to make profits.

One of the best things about working with Market America is that the income depends on the amount of work they do. It also depends on the customers they attract. Therefore, if they are able to build a good reputation for themselves, then they will be able to make tons of money from Market America. To top it off, the income they get is passive. Therefore, they have to do a minimal amount of work in order to bring in the money after they have set up the amount of money they want to make.



Brandt Sisters Competed for USA and Korea

The Brandt sisters of Minnesota made their dreams come true – they both got to play in the Olympics. Their story is different than most others, though, considering that Hannah played for the U.S. and Marissa suited up with the Korean team.

In 1992, Marissa Brandt was born in Korea as Park Yoon-Jung. In 1993, when she was just four months old, she was adopted by Americans Greg and Robin Brandt. Right before she arrived in the U.S., the Brandts found out that they were pregnant with Hannah.

The two sisters, at less than a year apart, grew up as best friends. As young girls, they took figure skating lessons together, and once Hannah switched over to hockey, Marissa soon followed. The two played together on their high school team and both went on to find success on the ice in college. Marissa played for Gustavus Adophus and Hannah for the University of Minnesota. Hannah went on to play professionally and has been part of several national teams.

In 2015, Marissa got a call from one of the South Korean assistant coaches. She flew to her birth country for a tryout, and she’s been with the team since. The Korean team is unique, including athletes from both North and South Korea as well as North American-born players. The team is led by coach Sarah Murray, who is Canadian.

In one sense, Marissa and Hannah turned out to have very different Olympic experiences. The Korean team only managed to score a few times and didn’t come away with a win. The Americans beat Canada in dramatic fashion to earn their first gold medal in 20 years.

The two sisters from Minnesota, though, got to share an incredible experience with each other and their families, realizing their Olympic dreams.

Kentucky Lawmakers Making Adoption Easier

Kentucky Lawmakers are making some changes to the adoption and foster care laws in the state. Glenna Bevin is the first lady of the state. She stated that the changes that are being made are one of the most beautiful things that she has seen in a long time. Governor Matt Bevin stated that he supports the laws.

The bill states that children who are taken by the Department of Children and Family Services must be reunited with their family or put up for adoption within 15 months. The sponsored bill has been sent to the House. Representative David Meade is one of the people who introduced the bill. He stated that the goal is to reduce the number of children that are in foster care.

The number of children in Kentucky being taken from their homes due to neglect or abuse has increased drastically. Last year, there were 11,387 children in Kentucky living in foster care. Sixty-seven percent of the children in foster care are eventually returned to their homes.

Terry Brooks is executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates. She stated that the bill shows that the state is committed to the well-being of children. It also shows that they want to strengthen support for children who have been hurt by neglect and abuse.

The bill requires that social workers’ caseloads be reported to the Department of Community-Based Services. Unmarried men will also be required to register with the state if they want to have a say in whether or not the child is put up for adoption. Additionally, the bill proposes that social worker pay be increased and more social workers be hired.

Fortress Investment Group: Growing a Financial Company

Fortress Investment Group is a New York City-based investment management firm which was established in 1998 by businessmen and entrepreneurs Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wesley Edens. The investment management firm debuted at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in February 2009, and the company was recognized as the first gigantic private equity firm in America to be publicly traded. Today, the Fortress Investment Group is actively managing a lot of investments and assets, amounting to more than $70 billion. It includes assets in private equities, credit funds, and hedge funds. Since the company’s establishment in 1998, it has undergone several changes, and they are pursuing to still become one of the best investment management firms in the United States.

When conceptualizing about the next firm that they will be introducing to the public, the group of three businessmen – Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wesley Edens – thought that putting up an investment management firm would be the best idea for a business. The three founders of the Fortress Investment Group had previous experiences with the financial sector, is a former partner and a managing director at the Blackrock Financial Management, Inc. The founders of the company realized that putting up their own business would yield more profits for them, and so they went on to their journey and founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

After its introduction to the public, information about the investment management firm quickly spread, and their investments and assets grew tremendously. The value of the company’s private equity fund has reached an all-time high of 39.7%, and many experts agree that the company will soar higher under the management of its founders. During the 2008-2009 financial crises, the Fortress Investment Group experienced a little issue with their revenue, and they had to cut expenses and to think of a more dynamic approach to the economic recession that is being experienced by so many countries, and his Linkedin.

The recession ended after 2009, and the Fortress Investment Group is slowly getting back on track. They received several awards in the 2010s decade, including the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award that was given by the Institutional Investor. He was also given the Management Firm of the Year award, and HFMWeek gave it. Aside from the major awards, the Fortress Investment Group is also receiving minor recognition for their excellence in keeping the company intact despite the threats from external occurrences, and what Fortress Investment Group knows.

In 2010, the company was involved in an issue concerning the construction of the athlete’s village for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The company was on a brink of bankruptcy when the Olympics are just a few months away. Fortress Investment Group was named as the main lender to the Millennium Development Group, but the company had declared bankruptcy, and there are no ways on how they can provide the money to create the athlete’s village. The government of Vancouver stepped in and paid the contractor the money that they wanted. The athlete’s village was completed just before the Olympics, and the whole property now belonged to the Fortress Investment Group, and read full article.

New Services Matches Families And Children

A couple in Boca Raton has developed a service for families wishing to adopt. It is a lot like the dating website Eharmony. The name of the service is Family-Match. It connects the hundreds of children looking for families to prospective parents.

It matches families based on common values and interests. Chris Johnson is a pastor who has adopted seven children. Five of the children were adopted as teenagers. He thinks that the Family-Match service is a great idea. Children can find families who love what they love. Both the children and families will have an easier time finding the right matches.

Adoptive families are typically matched based on gender, age and ethnicity. Prospective parents are shown pictures of children who are looking for adoption. Elizabeth Wynter is the executive director of Selfless Love Foundation, which is one of the organizations that helped create Family-Match.

Parents who have been approved for adoption will fill out a questionnaire about their parenting style, interests, expectations and personalities. Foster parents, caseworkers and therapists will fill out similar forms for the children. The children are between the ages of 4 and 17.

This program is available for people who are in the state of Florida. Thea Ramirez is the founder of Adoption-Share, which is another program that helps people match children and families. She felt compelled to do something when she saw a 15-year-old boy named Davion on television begging for someone to adopt him.

Thea knew that there had to be a better way to pair children and families. Davion was adopted in 2015. Ashley and Ed Brown are the couple who helped launch Family-Match. Ashley knows firsthand what it is like for a child to feel unwanted because she was adopted. She stated that she felt compelled to help other people because she had wonderful parents.

Ohio Woman Finds Her Family

Mary Sullivan was forced to leave her newborn behind in the 1950s. She left her daughter with a Catholic church. The church ended up selling the baby to a family in the United States.

Mary’s daughter, Kathleen, was born in Dublin, Ireland. The Catholic church had a built a home that housed unwed mothers. After the women gave birth, they were separated from their children. The children are also given up for adoption without the mother’s consent. Mary came to the home in 1953 after she got pregnant out of wedlock. She gave birth the following year.

Kathleen was sent to America because the Catholic church felt that she would have a better life. However, Kathleen had a life that was filled with isolation and loneliness. She found out that she had been adopted when she was young. She felt distraught because she believed that her birth mother did not want her.

Kathleen did not feel like she fit in with her adopted family. Her father always referred to her as an adopted daughter. Kathleen asked her father on his death bed whether he really wanted her. He told her that he did not want her.

Kathleen had a hard life, but she was eventually able to marry and start her own family. She did not feel like she was a part of a family until she had her own family. Kathleen was still determined to find someone who was a part of her mother’s family. She found out that she had a cousin named Maureen Sullivan. They are first cousins.

Kathleen also found out that she had five siblings. She is hoping that she will eventually be able to meet them. Kathleen and Maureen talk on the phone once a week and plan to meet face-to-face soon.