Susan McGalla Sets the Pace for Women in Leadership

Research has shown that businesses that exercise gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to do better than companies that have employees of the same gender. Despite these statistics, only a small percentage of companies have women sitting in their boardrooms. Women are still struggling to reach high-level positions in organizations. For women such as Susan McGalla, their journey through the ranks has not been easy. That is why they are determined to help other women get there.

When Susan McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters, all the company executives were men. By the time she was exiting the company, Susan was the president. Later on, she established P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, McGalla is the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy for the Pittsburg Steelers. How Susan rose through the ranks is no surprise, considering that she is innovative and determined. She chose to work in companies that allowed her to give a shot.

Susan McGalla’s early life and career

Susan’s upbringing has played an instrumental role in the kind of woman she is today. Her father was a football coach, and her two siblings were male. In this environment, she was not excused for anything simply because of her gender. Therefore, she learned how to play fair in a male’s world. Her parents always advised her to work hard towards her goals and speak her mind regardless of the audience.

It is that fear-free and determined spirit that she carried on during her career. Susan joined American eagle as a divisional merchandise buyer for ladies’ wear. At the time, the company’s executive was dominated by men. So, she worked through the ranks in various managerial roles until she became the company’s chief mechanizing officer and president. In this role, McGalla oversaw the launch of 77 kids’ brands. She worked in the company from 1994 to 2009. Since then, Susan has served diligently as a manager in various organizations.

Recent news on adoption and being a parent to adopted child

Adoption is a life process whereby parents involved in the process allows a child or children to live permanently with them according to the law and guidelines. Latest news on adoption covers a variety of exciting stories. The New Mexico foster and adoption guidelines. The most recent report on adoption and fostering of children includes a range of regulations. One should be able to have the necessary licensing requirements. This involves an approved home study done through the Children, Youth and Families Department of the New Mexico state.

One qualifies to become a foster family in New Mexico if they are of 21-year-old and above, healthy if they are willing to attend parenting classes and can provide for the new member of the family. Adoption requires one to fill the application entirely about personal details also they should be willing to attend local adoptive parent orientation program.

Recent news shows that about 25% of households in the UK with dependent children are headed by single parents. Single parenting is healthy; in fact, research has shown that children raised by single parents offer the best parental care. In the case of an adoption as a single parent one is required to weigh options in some things this includes employment, life goals and also in having romantic relationships.

Adoption as a single parent comes with a couple of advantages for you and the adopted child. First and foremost your child will have maximum time with your child. Your child will acquire all the necessary attention and thus strengthens the bond between you and your child. One does not have to consult or negotiate with anyone on how well to raise your child one, therefore, has the best chance to raise up their children in the best ways possible.

Adoptive parents are guided on the right moment of telling their children about the adoption. Parents are encouraged to inform their children on confirmation at an early age. These ages range between 2 and four years. This enables the child to be comfortable with the term rather than waiting for too long to inform them this might terminate the strong bond between you and your child altogether.

Who Is Shiraz Boghani In Hospitality?

Shiraz Boghani is an accountant and the current CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group. He is an accountant with a lot of experience and knowledge that inspires most of the young people not only in the UK but also in all parts of the globe. Shiraz Boghani has secrets that help him to succeed in every organization he serves. For instance, Splendid Hospitality group has thrived because of his continuous efforts that come about as a result of the following secrets.

Shiraz Boghani’s Educational Background

Shiraz Boghani is an internationally certified accountant who has the highest quality skills in running any organization. He left Kenya in 1969 for the U.K to have advanced training in his career of accounting. He then learned to account and practiced its principles at Chartered Accountant Firm before later joined Thomson McClintock where he sharpened his innovation skills.

What Experience does Shiraz Boghani have in Accounting?

Shiraz Boghani has a great deal of adventure into the field of business as well as management. He is currently the chairman of Splendid hospitality Group in which he won the Asian Business Award in 2016 being the best hotelier of the year. However, Shiraz Boghani did not just start winning awards last year; he has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Being the most dynamic entrepreneur, he owns more than 19 hotels which he also manages successfully.

The Achievements of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani had had great success in his accounting career since 1990 when he (together with some few people) founded service branded hotels in London. He also launched and developed a £121 million Hilton Hotel in London. He supports the Aga Khan Foundation both in spirit and in material funds. In 1985, he became a founding partner of the Sussex Health Care Foundation that assists the needy in the society. The Sussex Health Care organization also helps in caring for the elderly and the disabled by providing both in-home and out of home services. Shiraz Boghani has not only a human heart to care for the needy in the society but also the desire to uplift the living standards of people in London, UK and the world at large. Through the support from Shiraz Boghani, Sussex has grown to a point where it serves more than 18 care home, and it also has the capacity of over 300 beds. The renowned entrepreneur, accountant, and CEO have even lifted the Splendid Hospitality Group to the level in which it currently has its counterpart, the Sojourn Hotel LLP in London.

Shiraz Boghani will ultimately provide solutions to any hospitality related issues both in and out of London.


Boy Shares Touching Adoption Story

Martin Cardenas is a 9-year-old boy whose life has been changed forever because of adoption. He does not remember much about his birth family. He was taken away from his mother when he was just three-years-old. Martin has a brother who is two years younger.

Martin and his brother went to live with their foster parents on November 22, 2013. He admitted that he was nervous about moving in with the new family. However, Martin was happy that his brother got to go with him. It took a long time for Martin and his brother Adrian to be adopted. Their adoptive parents had to keep going back to court.

Martin and Adrian had to miss several days of school because they had to go to court. When they found out that they were going to get adopted, they were thrilled. Martin came home from school one day and saw two suits on the bed. He knew that when he saw the suits, the adoption had been made official.

Martin was so nervous that he could not read the letter. His adoptive mother had to read it for him. Martin and Adrian were able to celebrate their adoption by attending several parties. Martin stated that being adopted is a dream come true.

Martin is now in the third grade. He has been with his family since he was in kindergarten. Adrian is in the first grade. He admitted that he and his brother do not always get along. However, he still loves his brother dearly. Martin also stated that Adrian is funny.

Martin now understands the true meaning of family. He stated that family is love.

Family Adopts Seven Children

Danielle Dickson finally has the family that she has dreamed of. She and her husband recently adopted seven children. Danielle’s parents were adoptive parents. She has eight brothers and sisters who were adopted. Her husband was also a foster child.

When Danielle married her husband, they both agreed to adopt children. The couple has one biological child in addition to the seven that they adopted. They have also had 25 foster children. All of the children were adopted from the Ennis Center for Children. Joleen Beagle is the program director. She stated that the goal is to keep the children together, but that does not always happen.

Unfortunately, many children do not have a happy ending. There are currently 2,600 children in Michigan who are waiting to be put with a family. Eighty to 100 of the children live in Genesee County. Joleen stated that the Ennis Center for Children is encouraging more people to be foster and adoptive parents.

Cost is one of the things that deters many people from adopting a child. However, Joleen stated that the state will pay for most of the cost. If you want to be an adoptive or foster parent, then you will need to undergo a background check. You will also need to be a loving and caring person.

Danielle also encourages people to be an adoptive parent. She stated that if you truly love children, then you can be a good adoptive parent. You can also get the family that you have always wanted. If you live in Michigan and are interested in adopting, then you will need to contact the Ennis Center for Children Inc.

North Carolina Adoption Program Is Helping Find Homes For Older Children

The Children’s Home Society of North Carolina is located in Greensboro. The company recently announced that they will be expanding their program to help find homes for older children. The Children’s Home Society has teamed up with the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Sharon Barlow works for the Divison of Children’s Services in Guilford County. She stated that it is extremely important to find homes for older children. She stated that foster children who are given homes are more likely to graduate from high school and go to college. They are also more likely to get jobs and have a stable life.

Nick is a 15-year-old boy who has been in foster care since he was 5. He is hoping that he can be placed with a family soon because he does not want to be in foster care until he is 18. Nick loves camping, fishing and sports. He wants to be a mechanic and design cars when he grows up.

Nick is described as being a polite and kind child. He enjoys going to the church and YMCA. Rebecca Starnes is the vice president of Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. She stated that expanding the adoption program will make it easier for children like Nick to find homes.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids is focused on serving children who have been in the foster care system the longest. Most of the children are over the age of 8. Thirty percent of the children have been in six or more foster homes. Rita Soronen is the president of The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. She stated that the children in foster care are just like every other child. The only difference is that foster children have had a rough start.

Creating A Safer World: Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the leaders in civil and criminal justice solutions. These solutions are very advanced in their actions, and they cover a wide range of industries. Here at Securus, we take safety and security to another level. This field of work is our actual forte. Preventing and solving crimes is what Securus is all about. Corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety all benefit from what we bring to the table. To simply state it, we serve over 3,450 institutions across the U.S. Yes, these are actual statistical figures that posses a solid reputable backing. On top of that, we connect and serve over 1.2 million inmates.


Securus Technologies is producing much better results than in the decades of the past. These technological solutions are efficient, are effective, and they are consistent. What does Securus actually do and who benefits from the services? Well, this question can be answered by saying that Securus provides services/products for investigations, incident management, emergency response, inmate self-service, public information and for many more sectors of business. This is safety service management for the 21st century. County jails and correctional facilities both benefit from our advancements. There is no organization that is too small, and there is no organization that is too big for us to deal with.


Time, patience, expertise and testing goes into the development of the products. For those who have invested in our products, you surely have received a great return on investment. The situation and the solution is rather simple. One of the best quotes of all-time states that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Just by reading between the lines, you’ll see that there is a method to the madness. In conclusion, Securus Technologies is the ultimate in inmate care, and it’s a stress reliever for law enforcement.


How to Trust a Company – Learning with Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Reviews are the best way to ensure a company can be trusted. The quality of a product is usually very noticeable by the positive (or negative) feedback regarding that brand on the internet. Although companies that try to scam their clients typically try to delete those reviews and commentaries, there are plenty of websites out there that keep these reviews and businesses with a bad reputation cannot survive the overwhelmingly bad reviewing. There are plenty of ways to know if a company is authentic or not through these websites.

Being the age of the information, these false brands, created by entrepreneurs who just want to win extra bucks with scams and without taking their creations to the long run, it is much harder for them to scam people now than before, but there are still many American citizens that haven’t learned the art of “search for reviews before buying” yet and read full article.

Let’s take Freedom Debt Relief for example. This company was created to assist all kinds of people with debts that they’ve acquired with their credit cards, as the name suggests. The idea behinds the service is a great one, and some might say “too great to be true,” and the way to find out is searching in any search engine “Freedom Debt Relief Reviews” to discover what customers are talking about the brand.

Freedom Debt Relief is the “good example” kind, as you will find out that the reviews of the company are overwhelmingly positive.

Many clients have already experienced debt relief by hiring the services of the Freedom Debt Relief and their Facebook.

With thousands of different reviews, there are more than 90% positive ones, and the other percentage of clients that have found some sort of trouble with the service provided is always contacted by the staff of the corporation and most of them have their issues resolved and

In fact, the Freedom Debt Relief is not only about written testimonials and reviews of their services, but you can find recorded reviews as well throughout the internet. This adds to the consistency and the credibility of the group, as, even if they were scammers who hired people to submit positive feedback, the ratio of content clients is overwhelmingly higher than any negative feedback in a company that is very famous for its service across the U.S. The numbers add up and

Why Indie Beauty Brand Lime Crime Proves That Makeup Is An Art

Some people think that makeup is a frivolous pursuit. The act of beautifying oneself can seem to lend itself towards vanity or being overly concerned with keeping up with trends but in actuality, makeup can mean so much more than that. Some might argue that makeup is actually an art.


Creating looks using products such as highlighters, blush, bronzers, lip color and mascara is not as easy as it looks, it often requires many hours of practice to be able to apply makeup in a way that achieves either a customer’s desired look or the look that the makeup artist is going for. It can be a painstaking process to apply smokey eyeshadow in such a way so that it does not appear to be sloppy and makes the wearer look sophisticated versus looking as though they simply did not get enough sleep the night before ( It takes effort to ensure that someone’s mouth is the right color of red that gives them a smile that is camera ready and the envy of other beauty afficionados.


Some people could probably even argue that applying makeup is an art in its own right. This is because the application of makeup requires skill and like all good art well applied makeup can evoke positive emotions in people. People can find themselves captivated by a face of beautifully applied makeup in the same manner that they can find themselves being moved by a master artist’s oil painting of the night sky above a quaint medieval village. The only difference is that while most people will have to make a trip to an art museum to experience the art that is created by a painter or a sculptor they can experience the craft of makeup simply by taking a stroll down the street or looking to social media to see the ways that amateur and professional makeup artists are pushing the boundaries of what makeup can achieve. One might say that makeup is actually an art form because makeup can also evoke positive emotions in the person that is wearing it and what is the purpose of art but to move the people that are experiencing it? This means that the work of companies that are in the beauty industry is not as frivolous as some might think and that companies such as Lime Crime are actually contributing to society and ideas about aesthetics in a very important way.


Lime Crime is a beauty company that was founded by Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere. Doe Deere actually first got her start in the world of music and later on transitioned into the worlds of makeup and beauty. According to a report she moved to New York City to work as a musician and was once part of a band. As many people know being a musician is not easy at all. It requires a lot of persistence and the ability to learn how to market oneself and how to build a brand. Doe was able to apply everything that she learned while she was committed to pursuing a career as a professional musician to her decision to build an independent beauty company. Doe Deere was able to successfully translate the lessons that she had learned from her pursuit of a music career into knowledge that would help her build a beauty brand that has a following all around the world.


Losing Weight Made Easy With These Tried and Tested Tips


People with Type A personalities are known not to like changes in their regime because they are punctual, organized, and have all the characteristics of a leader. Type A people are result-oriented, and if they put their mind and heart to anything, they do not sway from it until they get the results. Similar is the case when they start following a weight loss program because when they are following a weight loss program, they will lose weight and achieve their goal by all means. However, if they do not see the results that the weight loss program promised them even after following the same diligently, then it is natural with the people having Type A personality to get frustrated.


The problem with most of the weight loss programs is that they are not personalized to meet the specifics or the body types of the people, and therefore, the results vary vastly. With weight loss, there should not be one size fits all approach as it doesn’t lead anywhere and hardly get results. Different people get different results when they follow the same weight loss program, so assuring them all of the same results is unjustified. The Type, people, are very rigid and determined when it comes to the following something, and when they join a weight loss program, they are committed to follow it religiously and get results. However, one should be careful not to be too strict with their diet or workout sessions as a little bit of flexibility should always be there. Without flexibility, it would be difficult to sustain and follow the weight loss program for loss. It is this kind of restricted nature of most weight loss program why many people leave their weight loss journey midway.


So, if you are following a weight loss program and going to a birthday party, do get a slice of cake for yourself that you so badly want. It is okay to be out of routine at times as it allows you to stay disciplined rest of the times. People who are very strict with their diet and weight loss program and do not give themselves enough room for flexibility, they eventually lose their way. It is why; many people start off their workout and weight loss journey with total enthusiasm, but most never reach their goal as the restrictive nature of the weight loss program gets to them. If a person is confident about their body, then it is not essential to be too strict with diet and workout all the time, and getting out of the regular routine once in a while won’t make a big hole in the progress made through the weight loss program.


When people with Type A personality follow a weight loss program that includes high-intensity workouts, they do it even if it is painful and tedious for them. However, it is essential that people give themselves a mental buffer to imagine that it is just a workout and taking a break once in a while is okay. One can fall out of routine at times as it is what would help them stay on the track for longer. Without cheat days, it is impossible to maintain a method in any kind of weight loss program. One can even reduce the intensity of the workout program if the body is not able to take exhaustive workout mentioned. For People With Type A personalities, Nutrisystem has the best weight loss program as it would help the body get proper nutrition while ensuring that the person is filled and not feeling hungry all the time. PureHealthyLiving tells us that Nutrisystem for men teaches its members to control their portions but allows them to have six small meals a day.


People who are following a weight loss program think that if they go for parties or social gatherings, their diet would be ruined. However, one should not restrict themselves from socializing, but they can watch what they are eating and may even choose to eat before they leave for the gathering. Nutrisystem has a well-balanced diet formula that allows the person to understand how to cook small meals at frequent intervals without spending a lot of time. Nutrisystem is perfect for the Type A people as it delivers results and doesn’t have side-effects.