The Business Guru, Jeffrey Schneider.

Jeffry Schneider started his business quite early after he graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Through this, he was able to get acquainted with different professional skills related to the business field like connecting well with his clients and knowledge of investment strategies. On working for Paradigm Global Advisors, he was able to learn how to analyze managers. A skill that summed up enough experience to help him set out on his own in the financial field. He is now the founder of the Austin-based Ascendant Capital LLC which seeks to ensure there is a diverse range of marketing, education, sales and operational services and an innovative approach to financial restructuring. The company helps raise capital for established and emerging asset fund sponsors like private banks, family offices, broker deals and the like around the world.

The company has experienced tremendous growth under his leadership from two to more than twenty employees over the past five years and raising almost $1 billion on behalf of some managers. The capital has been used to purchase assets like real estate and auto dealerships. The company seems to be at the top of their game, and after such profits, Jeffry Schneider and his team are only aiming higher, and if we are to be specific, they are looking forward to making more than $50 billion monthly. The Ascendant Capital works with more than fifty broker-dealers, 250 investment advisors, and many family offices. The capital culture of the company plays a significant role since it develops a sense of trust between the team members and open dialogue. One of the company’s traits that Jeffry holds with high esteem. He believes that to reduce volatility, it is better to settle for other investments. Jeffry also understands his employees and makes sure they have a conducive working environment.

Apart from being so good at his job, Jeffry is quite an athletic person who takes pleasure in keeping fit and eating healthy having been part of a marathon and half ironmans. He is also a triathlete. He is adventurous and has traveled much around the globe and his love for charity involving himself in liberal movements such as Cherokee Home for Children and many others. Jeffry is also a dad and a husband and is quite passionate about that as seen in his tweets talking about being a parent and a business guru. He firmly believes that no parent can be too busy for his/her children. Something that many entrepreneurs should figure out. Reading business books is also a culture for him and might just be one of the things making him as successful.

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Helping Others: A Mission Kevin Seawright Has Made His Own

Do you want to make a positive impact on the world around you? If so, Kevin Seawright is a great person to learn from. He has done a lot of good work with his business and his clients. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Not only that, but he is also able to help others in a variety of ways through the local community. Giving back is a huge area of focus for many in business today.

Early Life

From the time he was young, Kevin Seawright always wanted to be in business for himself. His drive for success is one of the biggest reasons that he is so good at what he does.

He is always willing to work hard for what he has. Not only that, but he is also willing to take things to a new level for a variety of reasons. Market Wired revealed to us that as a small business owner, Kevin Seawright constantly has to be willing to innovate in order to drive value for his company. This is one advantage that small companies have over larger ones.

Future Plans

According to, in the coming years, Kevin Seawright wants to invest in his business in a variety of ways to drive growth and value. A lot of small business owners today look up to the success that he has had in a short period of time.

Not only that, but they also want to help others on the level that he has. He is the perfect example of someone who is impacting the world in a positive way through his business.

Arizona tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope Donates Big To Worthy Causes

Jason Hope, the Arizona tech entrepreneur famous for founding mobile content provider Jawa, has been recognized in a special ceremony for his massive $500,000 contribution to the SENS Foundation, to be used in the study of atherosclerosis and its underlying disease processes. This is not the first time the prolific philanthropist has made a big donation. But Hope says that this donation marks a shift in his view of the direction in which medical research should go in the 21st century.

Echoing a growing medical consensus, Hope reflects on the fact that the current ethos driving the medical establishment, especially in the United States, is one that has emphasized treating diseases which have already appeared. In an unfortunate number of cases, these diseases are only caught in the advanced stages, when even cutting-edge treatments are less effective. Hope sees the best way forward not as going after diseases that have already appeared but preventing them from ever occurring in the first place.

A silent killer deadlier than most know

Atherosclerosis is among the deadliest killers in its own right. Each year, more Americans die of coronary disease than of any other illness. Most of those cases are the direct end result of atherosclerosis. However, Jason Hope recognized that this disease’s claws dig much deeper into the health of the nation.

The underlying process that generates atherosclerotic plaque is implicated, at least in part, in almost every major degenerative disease associated with aging. In atherosclerosis, fibrinous plaques form when phospholipids and other substances flowing through the bloodstream attach to the walls of blood vessels. These cause small imperfection in the vessel wall, which the body recognizes as damage. An inflammatory response is then set in motion in which the body sends in its natural repair kit to cover up the injured spot and return the vessel wall to its normal state. However, the fibrinotic scar tissue, or plaque, only covers the damaged area. After many of these plaques form over and over, the blood supply can be severely restricted. If a plaque ruptures, a clot will form, which can cut off blood flow completely. This causes a heart attack.

Julie Zuckerberg is a New York Based Expert Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a New York-based famous recruiter. She is known for her expertise in talent acquisition and management. Since 2014, she is working at Deutsche Bank as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Very often she gets to work with business leaders of different sectors. She guides process improvement and develops recruitment strategies. Many companies approach her for developing and negotiating top management offers. In addition to this, she coaches recruiter teams and counsel leadership and executive committees. Zuckerberg served at Talent Acquisition as an Executive Recruiter. Her job was to deal with business relationships and taking care of contract governance. She has an outstanding career of fifteen years. She used to work at New York Life Insurance Company before joining Deutsche Bank. She was the Corporate Vice President and Senior Recruiting Lead. Her job was to manage the recruiting process and analyze customer needs with the management.



Before serving at New York Life Insurance Company, Zuckerberg has worked as Vice President and Executive Recruiter for more than six years at Citibank. Her role was to negotiate senior level complex job offers, advice on recruitment strategies, and international sourcing of talent. Julie Zuckerberg worked at Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement before joining the Citibank. She had involvement in various activities such as recruitment of case managers, temporary support staff, paralegals, and attorneys. Different corporations, financial institutions, and legal firms hired her for recruiting temp-to-hire positions. In addition to this, she headed conflict resolution and counseled & coached employees. Her sound work ethics and the great educational foundation are the reason behind her successful career.



Julie Zuckerberg initially decided to study philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. During the study, she changed her mind and applied to New York Law School. As a result, talent acquisition became her area of interest and career. When it comes to teachers and mentors, Zuckerberg has always been very lucky. She worked with many extraordinary people who became her mentors during the initial phase of her career. She is a famous recruiter today because of those people. They broadened her skill set to higher levels. Today Julie Zuckerberg is a shining star of the corporate world. She is a versatile professional with outstanding skills like human resources, conflict resolution, employee training, coaching, acquisition & management, sourcing, and team leadership. She takes great interest in all those technological advancements which are helpful for increasing the efficiency of different industrial sectors. With so many activities in her professional life, Julie Zuckerberg also takes out time for herself. She is a true resident of New York City which is known for its vibrant culture. She enjoys everything that New York City offers to its residents and visitors. Her colleagues and friends believe the reason why she constantly comes up with new ideas and amazing strategies is due to her city. Another amazing side of Julie Zuckerberg’s personality is advocating for the rights of human beings, animals, and historically underprivileged communities.

Exemplary Life of David Osio

Out of the efforts of David Osio, he has seen himself grow professionally as the founder and the current hief executive officer of Davos Financial Group of Companies located in Venezuela. Apart from his professionalism, David Osio is a financial advisor. With these quality abilities, he has seen Davos Financial Group of Companies climb to new levels of profitability. David Osio attained a degree from the Catholic University of Andres Bello in Venezuela. Later, he successfully engaged on the specialization of International Banking Law, which deals with the Advanced Management Program.

Back in the year 1981, David Osio started his career in a coffee export program under OPED Enterprises where he was the president. Later, he gladly joined an executive position at Letco Commercial Companies. His role in Letco Commercial Companies was in the expansion of its marketing programs of the products of the company. His exit from Letco Commercial Companies saw him join the Caracas Law Firm, MGO. Here in the Caracas Law Firm, David Osio enthusiastically embarked on banking law. As a result, he was in charge of the corporate clients. At this juncture, he had a lot of experience in both legal advice and the banking sector out of all the above jobs he undertook. He joined the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI) as Vice President of the company. Under his leadership, the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International got the global recognition due to successes in its operations.

In 1993, David Osio started his company which he named Davos Financial Group of Companies. The success of Davos Group is attributed to Osio’s expertise and ability in the field and also its social responsibility hence not only focusing solely on maximizing profits. He maximized on clients expectations, needs and understandings, therefore making the company populous among the customers. Davos Real Estate Group is an independent affiliate company that makes up the Davos Financial Group. Its role surrounds coming up with investment strategies. Davos Real Estate Group managed to launch its new real estate mobile application in the United States of America. It’s known as Davos CAP Calculator. It enables clients to value rent that conforms his income. The new invention is established on the latest technology platforms hence it’s operational on iPhone and all Android devices. David Osio saw the application as an approach to guiding customers in when investing in real estate.

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What Is The Purpose Of A New FreedomPop Wifi Box?

The FreedomPop name has become synonymous with the value and network quality they have built over the past few years. They began with inexpensive cell phone plans, and they have continued with a wifi service program that is perfect for businesses, individuals and anyone on the go. This FreedomPop review explains how the company name ensures every customer has a strong wifi signal they may use as often as they like.


#1: What Is The Unlimited Wifi Service From FreedomPop?


The FreedomPop network supports quite a lot of wifi access, and they sell a simple box that offers Internet access when needed. They have given their customers a look at the world from a new perspective, and every customer using the box may set it up in any location. The portable nature of the box makes it quite easy to use, and the box allows every user quite a lot of bandwidth as they surf the web.


#2: Who Make Use The Boxes?


The wifi boxes from FreedomPop are quite simple to use, and they are often put to use in an office with a few workers, in a cafe or in a home. The reach of the signal is far enough for close quarters, and the box offers unlimited access to the Internet. Anyone who is seeking better access to the Internet will find it with the box, and they may allow everyone in their vicinity to use it.


#3: How Does The Company Provide Cell Phone Service?


FreedomPop has a network designed to offer cheap cell phone service to every customer, and they ensure their customers may afford the phones they use. There is a free phone service from the company, and they allow customers to pay more if they need. Customers who pay extra for more data pay far less than on traditional plans, and they use smartphones just as other users do.


#4: Where Is The Company Operating?


FreedomPop is now operational in the UK, and they are willing to move into other parts of the world with their inexpensive service. The company understands the plight of its customers, and they will ensure every customer may reach the world around them for less money. FreedomPop has a volume business that ensure they may expand to yet more countries.


The FreedomPop wifi and cell phone plans ensure cheap access to the Internet. Anyone who wishes to save money will find what they need when visiting the FreedomPop website.

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Oncotarget: Advancing Medical Science By Quickly Publishing Scientific Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs in medical science are taking place every day that can advance cancer prevention and care and lengthen and improve the lives of millions of people. Unfortunately many of the people that need that information to heal themselves or their patients do not know where to find the information. Weekly peer-reviewed medical journal Oncotarget is working to change that. The open access publication enables physicians, scientists and researchers to quickly publish their findings after a rigorous review process. Through Oncotarget scientists working on radically different areas of cancer and aging can share information that can have a positive impact on their work.

The multidisciplinary traditional journal is available online or in a printed version. This helps to give more people access to the groundbreaking information on the journal’s writers reveal through their papers. That matches perfectly with the publication’s goal to make the results of scientific study, research and clinical experience available to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This enables exceptional new discoveries to begin being used to save and improve lives. Oncotarget is helping to increase the impact new medical science information has on people who need it right now.

When it first began publishing Oncotarget was focused only on news related to cancer treatment and research on As part of its mission to eliminate borders so people with different medical specialties can share biomedical findings with each other, Oncotarget now accepts papers on aging, cardiology, endocrinology, cell and molecular biology, metabolism, gerotarget, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, neuropathology, neuroscience and more. This helps to link biomedical scientists and lead to rapid growth and application of new disease fighting basic and clinical science solutions.

The publication’s leadership are prominent scientists. Oncotarget currently has co-editors-in-chief. They are Mikhail Blagosklonny an oncologist and college professor and pre-eminent cancer researcher Andrei V. Gudkov. Their work has helped the researchers whose work they publish make measurable contributions to modern scientific progress as mankind works to eliminate disease and prolong life. The publication at recently released important information from two recent studies. One study dealt with e-cigarettes and gum tissue damage. The other was about the identification of MET amplification as a gastric cancer therapeutic target.

Oncotarget helps to make a difference in people’s lives and medical research and treatments through the rapid sharing of breaking medical science news. This has earned the publication an Impact Factor of 83 and the thanks of many people.

Discounts, Offers and Networking in one magic Black Card

There has been an increased Buzz and popularity about Magnises and their new black card. The card and Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland a few months ago. Since its launch, the card has changed the way people see and deal with credit card. The whole idea of the credit card came to Billy McFarland like magic. He was with his friends, and they were discussing how the American Express had done a great job in marketing its cards to high-end clients. However, the card remains somewhat irrelevant to anyone that is aged 22 to 35 years. They never get the chance to have the network and community aspect of the card. After discovering this, Billy McFarland decided to change it. He launched the black card created mainly for millennials.

The Magnises Company will tell you that the credit card is less about the card and more about the community that comes with the card. The whole idea is about creating a better social experience for young people. The card finds interested parties from different walks of life and connects them through a credit card. Everything about the card has been created to become relevant and applicable to one’s daily life.

Read more: Magnises Is The Black Card That Helps Millennials Build The Best Network

The card initially started through a series of social events. Members with Magnises enjoyed an exclusive membership to interact with other people from different industries. Members holding the card were able to form a robust network. The annual membership fee of $250 is something small compared to the perks and benefits that come with holding the card. After paying the $250 fee, you get a heavy black card that contains information of credit cards on their banks. The link with one’s different credit cards was the reason for the first initial hype for the credit card. Magnises has since gained its popularity due to its multiple offers on The black card comes with a variety of offers such as discounted tickets to exclusive restaurants, events, and concerts. Most of the offers received by the company are straight from brand leaders such as Samsung.

According to the company CEO, Billy McFarland, the real benefit of holding the card is the power one gets with the community. Any young professional wants to meet other professionals too. Brands that the company partners with prepares the millennials for offers and special events.

Apart from the direct benefit of holding the card, members can enjoy a host of experiences and benefits through the card. Magnises has created a unique set of professional and cultural event in line with their current membership interests. The experiences vary from private members concerts, exclusive previews at different galleries and foodies with notable chefs.

Such perks include getting an access to the hottest clubs, obtaining discounts on concerts, shows, sporting events and get travel bookings across the world. Magnises has grown to become a huge sensation where millennials can enjoy several perks and an excellent network community.


Focus on Malini Saba and Helping Women & Children At-Risk

Malini Saba, the founder of Stree, gave her story on the 1000+ stories campaign about the foundation. Malini founded Stree to help at-risk women and children found in the developing world. Malini has worked so hard to get to where she is currently and wishes to make the world better. She chose to assist women and children as they are the future by ensuring they have access to educational opportunities, healthcare and safety keeps their future bright. Malini defines success as doing what one loves and achieving the set objectives while smiling. Malini considers getting her daughter as the biggest success in her life as it unraveled the reason why she started the Stree foundation.

Philosophy and Role Model

Malini’s philosophy has been to always reflect on what happened in the past (in personal life or business) and learn from it since it cannot be changed. Her biggest challenge in the foundation has been dealing with the governments in developing countries. Lastly, she identifies Mother Theresa as her most important role model due to taking positive action to assist marginalized people while other people just spoke about it.

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba is without a doubt one of the top philanthropists and investors in the world from South Asia. She is the Chairman of Saban and has various investment interests in the United States, gas and oil properties in China and real estate ventures in India and Australia. She is a philanthropist and started Stree in 2001 to change the way at-risk and low income women and children perceive themselves and the role they hold in the society. Her efforts have been supported by Queen Noor of Jordan and US President Bill Clinton. She offers women access to legal empowerment, healthcare and forum to grassroots movements to public policy connection in India, Central America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

About Stree

“Stree: Global Investments in Women” was founded by Malini Saba in 2001. It is a non-profit organization aimed at assisting women and children who are at-risk and low income earners. The philanthropy assists children in the developing world access to educational opportunities, healthcare and a safe haven to live. The foundation has supported orphanages across Laos and Sri Lanka to ensure they have a brighter future. Stree has in 2016 donated $373,000 to Ecuador Earthquake victims, over 1,000 blankets and tents to the NYC homeless and $5,000 in scholarships to Ghana’s school-aged girls.

Digital Reputation Company Named Among Fortune 500

Digital reputation company, Status Labs, was ranked #339 in the Fortune 500 list compiled by Inc. magazine. Not only was Status Labs recognized for their incredible 1099% growth that occurred between 2012 and 2015, but they were also hailed as a forward-thinking and outstanding management firm handling both online image and public relations. In addition, they were lauded for their innovations to the marketing industry.

CEO and President, Darius Fisher, sits at the helm of Status Labs and has been an integral part of the development of new services, working hard to establish clientele within the Fortune 500 sphere. Also included on the prestigious list this year are companies like Domino’s Pizza, Yelp, Dell and Zillow. Fisher was awarded the Gold Award and title, “Business Development Individual of the Year” by PR World Awards.

Darius Fisher expressed gratitude at being named among the Fortune 500, saying that it was an honor to have been listed among such this group of, ‘fastest growing companies’. He also said that being on this is confirmation of the increasing demand for digital reputation management and for, ‘strategic digital Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing campaigns’.

In today’s growing internet marketplace, Status Labs helps their clients to make the best possible first impression via Google and related search engines. Dealing in Search Engine Optimization, as well as in helping clients effectively market their brands via social media, Status Labs understands the art of building — and keeping — your good reputation intact.

Considered the premier firm dealing in digital reputation management, Status Labs has offices located in Austin, New York, Los Angeles, as well as in São Paulo. They are experienced in building strategies to help their clients do their best with online marketing and with public relations. In total they have worked with more than 1,500 clients residing in over 40 countries.

Twitter: @statuslabs